Best 8-Channel Security Camera Systems: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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The best eight-channel security camera systems are extensive surveillance solutions designed to protect your home or office.

These systems include recording units and eight cameras, offering a solid security network.

With features like high resolution, night vision, motion detection, and remote access, they provide trustworthy monitoring and peace of mind.

Whether you require a security system to protect your property or loved ones, an eight-channel security camera system offers a versatile and adequate solution to meet your security needs.

Which are the Best 8-channel Security Camera Systems?

Here are my recommended top 6 Best 8-Channel Security Camera Systems:-

1. ZOS: (Best 8-Channel Home Security Camera System)

My colleague, who is a pet enthusiast, was trying to find some reliable eight-channel security systems.

I, who is a security expert and has tested many cameras, suggested the ZOSI H.265 security camera.

I bought this eight-channel security system to monitor my cat’s access points from indoors.

It’s compatible with all cameras and has the option to set the camera via the app.

You can also install these eight cameras in your home indoors or outdoors.

This is the best 8-channel security camera system, and I would be pleased to buy more as they just worked consistently. 


AI Detection and Notifications:

This security camera benefits us from advanced AI detectors to monitor people and vehicles while having the advantage of flexibly customizing motion detection zones for every camera.

It reduces false alerts from natural motions and helps you obscure private areas from view.

You will receive instant notifications and send emails with screenshots whenever the camera monitors any motion, ensuring peace of mind.

Moreover, it comes with eight channels and a 3k feature with four weather-sealed cameras with 80 ft night vision and a 90-degree view angle.

It features CCTV cabling, providing you with power and videos to give more stable and reliable security cameras. 

Remote Access and Playback Time: 

You can consider and handle your camera by attaching the system to a system without WiFi or through ZOSI software on phone devices remotely.

On the other hand, ZOSI DVR offers four types of recording ways to fulfill your requirements.

You can continuously shoot video during the scheduled time.

Every camera is customized with recording modes and downloads recording files. 


This is an incredible product with eight cameras.

It is my first purchase of that kind, but I am delighted with the setup and ease of use.

The price was also reasonable.

So far, there have been no problems.

The alerts and audio are excellent. 


Brand ZOSI      
Measurements of the product  ‎18.08 x 8.25 x 12.18 inches
ASIN   B00NBT224O 
Mass of the item   8.5 ounces
The model number of the item    ‎8VM-106B4S-00-US  
Manufacturer of the item   ZOSI
Color of the camera  ‎Wired-4Cams-0TB
Source of power used   ‎Corded Electric
Dimension of the product   ‎18.08 x 8.25 x 12.18 inches
Operating system    Linux    
Purpose of the item   surveillance 
Devices compatible     cameras     
Reasons To Buy
  • Good value for the features.
  • The picture quality is excellent.
  • Night vision works well.
  • Easy to install.
  • Performance is great.
  • Motion detection is perfect. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Connectivity must be improved. 

2. REOLINK: (Best Budget 8CH Security Camera System for Outdoor)

We set this reolink 8-channel security camera in our office to monitor the progress of employees.

We cannot trust our new hires because they are unaware of the work and need more attention.

So, we needed a simple and inexpensive way to monitor them and guide them.

The installation is easier and quicker than any WiFi device we have set.

You get another layer of protection for continuous recording.

The app allows you to control everything.

We have moved this camera a few times to test it in different light conditions.

Day and night footage quality is excellent.

This 8-channel security camera is excellent. 


Excellent HD and Intelligent Detection: 

You can record clear and smooth videos for day and night with 5 MP HD cameras.

The 18 pcs LEDs that help you to get excellent quality night vision help you protect your property at night.

The IP cameras can recognize humans and instruments while reducing false notifications like persons and highlights.

Cameras can also be configured to determine the kind of monitoring when mailing you notifications. 

Plug and Play System:

Using one networking wire, you can attach an IP camera to NVR for supply capability and video communication.

It makes structuring much easier for newbies.

Plus, the mic of this reolink camera can pick up sounds clearly and helps to add another layer of protection apart from accurate shooting throughout the day. 


This camera and picture quality are friendly, and the design is user-friendly.

The software is well-equipped and easy to use.

At the office, we adore it.

I had some problems with the system, but I talked to customer support, and they resolved my issue.

They have excellent customer service that is kind and competent. 


Brand Reolink 
Connectivity technology  Wired 
Captured video resolution  5MP, 2560 x 1920
Unique features  Easy installation, water resistance, car monitoring, activity Sensor
Channel names  8
Storage capacity  2 TB 
Color  White 
Source of power  DC 
Compatibility for the device  mobiles, laptops, tabs, Cameras
Format for signals  Digital 
Other functions   rear, front 
Less light technology  Infrared night vision 
Reasons To Buy
  • Ease of installation.
  • The image quality is excellent.
  • The camera quality is great.
  • The brightness of the camera is acceptable.
  • Good value for the functions. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Performance has to be improved. 

3. Swann: (Best Affordable 8-Channel Security Camera Systems)

We wanted a security camera for a double-story house to keep a watch on while I’m out for work.

But the question arose: are security systems worth buying?

After discussing it with my husband, I got the Swann security system to monitor our home.

The image and sound quality are excellent, and the zoom is fantastic.

It has regularly worked for us in many ways.

We can place it in the main gate to monitor who’s coming and going.

I can use my smartphone to view what’s on the display.

So far, this is the best security camera with eight channels. 


1080p DVR Camera: 

This security camera provides you with surveillance of your property and this 1080p coax cable system.

The spotlights determine intruders and provide night vision throughout the day for up to 32 ft or in black and white.

Moreover, you will also receive alerts when a motion is detected.

You can look, save, and playback your recordings from your camera on your phone with this multi-camera live streaming. 

Continuous Recording: 

Using this pre-installed 1 TB, you are provided with an option of continuous recording for the day, and Swann detects heat and motion detection, even only shootings; you will get stored video with accurate detection for a year.

This security camera can withstand any weather, and you can speak to see through ‘hey Google’. 


This Swann has superior image quality, better WiFi connection, and cameras’ accurate motion detection for people and vehicles rather than paying for a cloud subscription.

The notifications are fast and accurate.

It also has a night vision feature that works best for night views. 


Brand Swann       
Dimensions of the product  11.6 x 14.7 x 11.02 inches
Mass of the item   17.8 ounces
The model number of the item    SWDVK-845808WL-US
Manufacturer of the item   Swann
Color of the camera  Gray 
Power source used   ‎Corded Electric
Dimension of the item   11.6 x 14.7 x 11.02 inches
Low light system    night vision     
Uses for product   surveillance 
Compatible devices     cameras     
Reasons To Buy
  • Performance is excellent.
  • Easy to install.
  • Good value for the functions.
  • The image quality is fantastic.
  • The quality of the camera is fine.
  • Night vision works well. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • The sound quality has to be improved. 

4. Smonet: (Best Wireless Security Camera System with Night Vision)

We got a Smonet wireless security camera for our house since I was going on vacation to Australia.

It offers tremendous peace of mind to check in from anywhere.

The devices feature AI human detection for accurate monitoring.

This is a fantastic camera; I am pleased with the resolution quality, ease of use, and connectivity.

Being able to get accurate results is a plus.

I can receive alerts when a motion is detected at my house.

The beautiful features at such a modest price make it the best security camera system with eight channels.

It has a clear image and surprisingly excellent night vision.

This allows you to check the camera from almost anywhere.

It’s a super choice for everyone looking for the best 8-channel security systems.  


Cable-Free Security System: 

This Smonet surveillance camera is not charged by battery or solar.

This wireless security system doesn’t need NVR connectivity with a wire.

Still, an energy reserve is needed to switch on the cameras and NVR to get recordings throughout the day.

Moreover, the 3 MP in this camera provides 1.5 times clearer than 1080p.

This bullet camera has a 3 pcs array of infrared light that enables you to see even in the dark through night vision.

This Smonet security camera can be used indoors and outdoors utilizing waterproof metal material.

You can also record audio that makes you listen around your house.

It’s the best option for protection.

This 8-channel system supports 8 wireless cameras.  

3 TB Drive: 

This Smonet wireless camera has waterproof metal material.

It can be used in different temperatures inside and outside.

This built-in camera also has a 3 TB drive that does not require additional cloud storage.

You just need an internet connection to get access without a monthly fee.

On the other hand, it supports video previews, records, backup, and AI detection and sends you alerts.

You can also get access to different devices anytime with a smart device.

You will never miss a moment.

AI human detection helps you reduce false alarms and send alerts while motion is detected. 


You don’t need any expert; you only need to plug into this setup.

I would recommend this to a friend or family member or gift it to a loved one.

And pricing is perfect, so go ahead and purchase it if you are concerned about your security. 


Brand Smonet        
Measurements of the product  ‎12 x 11 x 6 inches
Mass of the item   10.85 pounds
The model number of the item    SMUS-W883M3TA-XM
Manufacturer of the item   Smonet 
Color of the camera  white  
Power source used   ‎Corded Electric
Dimension of the item   12 x 11 x 6 inches
Low light system    night vision     
Uses for product   surveillance 
Compatible devices     cameras and mobile phones 
Reasons To Buy
  • The quality of the camera is excellent.
  • The performance is perfect.
  • Ease of installation.
  • The picture quality is impressive.
  • Good value for the features.
  • Night vision works great. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Connectivity must be improved. 

5. OOSSXX: (Best Surveillance WiFi Camera Systems Under $400)

I have been looking for an 8-channel security system for every corner of my house’s every corner while I’m in the office.

The convenience has been that I can take a mobile device anywhere.

The view can be shown on the phone’s display, and alerts are sent too.

I came across the OOSSXX security camera, which I had never heard of before.

I reviewed their websites and reviews and contacted their support service, which responded quickly and notified me of everything happening at my home.

So I bought it and tried it, and it was terrific.

It is practical to monitor my house from anywhere.

Overall an excellent product and the best 8-channel security camera system. 


Dual antenna with AI human detection: 

This device’s wireless signal is significant.

If wireless signals are weak, the video will be blurred, so the cameras must be updated to real dual antennas.

The span will be revised, and the recording will be clear and precise.

Moreover, with the assistance of updated monitored algorithms, the OOSSXX will notify you in real-time if abnormal actions are detected.

Corresponding to the traditional PIR or detection, AI can avoid false alarms. 

Improved Night Vision and 60-day Video Storage: 

The camera is made from long-lasting metal that works in severe environments, too.

Whether it’s too hot or too cold, this camera can be set inside and outside.

The camera works well 24/7, and the device has an IR cut filter and can be used conveniently at night.

On the other hand, it has a 4 TB hard drive installed and can store long videos and footage.

You won’t miss anything important, and it does not need to build an additional hard drive to conserve your time. 


This one is by far the quickest to set up, has the best quality, keeps everything saved on the SD card, and provides night vision for videos in the dark.

The image quality and motion tracking are excellent.

Excellent customer support and amazing value for money.

I’ve tried many cameras, but this is the best security camera with 8 channels in quality and features. 


Connectivity technology  Wireless 
Video resolution while capturing 2048×1536, 3.0 Megapixel
Unique features  AI Human Detection, 2-Antennas Enhancement
Channel names 
Storage capacity  4 TB 
Color  White 
Source of power  AC/DC 
compatibility for the device   mobile phone, laptop, tabs, Cameras
format for signals  Digital 
Other functions   AI Human Detection, 2-Antennas Enhancement
Low light feature  Infrared night vision 
Reasons To Buy
  • Ease of installation.
  • Performance is excellent.
  • The picture quality is excellent.
  • The camera quality is great.
  • Good value for the features.
  • Night vision works well.
  • Easy to operate. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Signals get dropped sometimes.  

6. Lorex: (Best 4K Security Camera System)

We bought it to keep an eye on my house while running errands, but we have used it for so long.

I can keep an eye on my house while I’m not home with motion detection, and when my kids are home alone, I can keep an eye on them too.

The photo quality and zooming feature is fantastic.

I’ve only been using it for a few weeks but so far, so good.

I was concerned that it might be distorted, but it accomplished exactly what it was supposed to do.

It’s doing a great job for me. 


4k Ultra HD:

With this camera’s strong 8 MP photo sensor, you can experience the difference that 4k resolution makes when you talk about security.

There is also a motion-activated warning light that can be set to a schedule or only activated when a motion is detected.

Also, there is a triggered siren that can be controlled by the Lorex app.

This camera also features color night vision which produces full color video with the help of external lighting of the camera. 

Weather Resistant: 

This durable security camera can be installed anywhere indoors and outdoors.

They are manufactured to be weather sealed, so they work all season monitoring that never stops.

It also has face recognition that notifies you of motion events when a device is detected.

Person and vehicle detection enables you to identify more objects entering the field of view. 


I bought this Lorex surveillance security camera and was extremely pleased with it.

These cameras are easy to set up.

Everything I need to see is visible to me.

It also features facial recognition for more clarity.

I like how adaptable it is and how it comes with unique accessories.

So I feel much safer with the best 8-channel security camera system! 


Brand Lorex       
Measurements of the product  20 x 18 x 10 inches
ASIN   B0BB8696JD 
Mass of the item   18.76 pounds
The model number of the item    D87182B-8DA6-E 
Manufacturer of the item   Lorex
Memory of the camera  2 TB 
Power source used   ‎Corded Electric
Dimension of the item   20 x 18 x 10 inches
Other features    Front    
Low light technology    night vision  
Compatible devices     cameras     
Reasons To Buy
  • Incredible 4k resolution for sharp and clear videos.
  • Flexibility to add more cameras.
  • Its metal body enhances durability.
  • The advanced detection feature to identify faces.
  • Warning light for potential intruders.
  • Two-way audio system for communication.
  • Color night vision.
  • Weather sealed. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Expensive.
  • Storage limitation. 

Buying Guide:

Camera Resolution:

Go for cameras for at least 1080p resolution for more explicit images and better detailing.  

Night Vision:

Make sure the camera has an infrared LED for night vision. The night vision will help you see everything clearly at night. In the dark, it helps you view everything. 

Domain of View:

A wide field of view can cover more area but may sacrifice detail. You can choose the camera according to your needs. 

Weather Resistance: 

If you use cameras outdoors more often, make sure they are weather-sealed or have the best reviews for outdoor use. 

Motion Detection:

Go for cameras with motion sensors that can trigger recording and alerts. It helps you notify at every point. 


Decide between local storage or cloud storage based on your preferences. 

Remote Viewing: 

Make sure your camera can view footage remotely through a smartphone app or a web portal. 

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the best 8-channel security camera system

Do you guys have experience with the best 8-channel security camera system? 

What are your thoughts on them?

Are you using any security cameras with 8 channels that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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