6 Best Security Cameras For Schools: (2024 Expert Guide & Reviews)

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Do you own a school?

Could you consider installing a security camera for its protection?

Here I have figured out the most suitable cameras for schools. 

When we talk about school security the protection of the students comes first.

So to ensure their safety and protection, we have to install security cameras inside the school.

On the other hand, cameras are too expensive, so the cameras I have listed are expandable so that you can install more than one camera. Isn’t this amazing?

Are you curious to know about the cameras? 

Let’s dig right into the article to learn more about the best security cameras for schools.

Here Are My Recommended Top 6 Best Security Cameras For Schools:


Last year I decided to open a school for orphans.

So for security purposes, I needed a security camera. 

One of my friends told me about this reolink security camera which works amazingly for security purposes. 

The installation was straightforward, and hence it was easy to use.

It always notifies me and detects everything around my property. 

The night vision feature helped me see at night too.

I can also determine my property at night with clear and sharp images. 

It’s the best security camera for school. 


Impressive Night Vision with Motion Detection:

Even if it’s day or night, I can capture sharp pictures in 5 megapixels in this superb HD camera.

Its 18 infrared LEDs allow me high-quality night vision for around 100 feet.

It helps me protect my school even at night too. 

It’s newly launched human and vehicle monitoring and detailed detecting settings.

This camera’s functions allow me to detect sensitivity levels, detect areas, and record time.

It never shows false alarms, and I can enjoy smooth detecting for the day and the night. 

Plug System with Improved Recording:

This reolink camera has one network connectivity wire.

I can also pair every camera’s IP to reolink NVR to supply capacity and video transmissions.

This process makes the installation easy to do on my own, which is best for beginners and enthusiasts. 

Furthermore, it has microphones installed in this reolink camera with a 16-channel system which picks sounds smoothly and helps add more security other than continuous recording for the day. 

Limited Warranty:

Two years warranty is featured for this reolink camera and gives support to the customers.

If I go through any issues, I contact the company through email or message them. 


I recommend using this reolink security camera for installation in school.

It works amazingly for security purposes.

With a 24-hour scale, this camera is moveable.

I love using this masterpiece for my school.

I can keep an eye on everything happening around my property.


Measurements of the product: 14.49 x 11.61 x 13.98 inches

Mass of the product: 24 pounds

Product’s model number: RLK16-410B8-5MP

Supply of power: Wired supply of power

Compatible devices: Cameras 

  • Cable connection installation.
  • Night vision in HD quality.
  • User friendly.
  • Movable 24-hour scale.
  • Not so handy.
  • Not water resistant. 

2. Gwsecu:

I installed this Gwsecu security camera at my school.

I loved using this.

I can operate this camera remotely from anywhere. 

The images and videos are provided in HD quality with fantastic configuration.

Its unique features helped me manage everything perfectly. 

For everything happening around my school, this camera notifies me.

As I own this school, I needed an affordable camera. 

It fits my budget perfectly and did a fantastic job. 


Impressive Detection Alarm and Remote Access to Viewing:

This Gwsecu camera has the feature to detect humans with the elimination of unusual objects like animals and shadows.

These cameras can be configured to suspect the type of monitoring when alerts are sent to me, and I can keep an eye on the screen. 

Moreover, I have installed a guard viewer application on my smartphone, where I receive motion alerts through notifications from the camera.

I just need an internet connection, and I can view anything anywhere.

However, The audio security allows me to access more information on-site, which extends security coverage. 

HD Screen and Configurations:

This high-quality camera gives me a detailed image with 3840 x 3160 and night vision detection for around 100 feet.

It provides a sharp and clear video with live viewing and capturing.

I can enjoy sharp videos day and night. 

This security camera has advanced PoE technology, a network that gives fuel and video transmissions to the camera.

It’s provided between 16-channel camera and IP, allowing this PoE camera to get attached anywhere without power. 

Storage and Guarantee:

This unique camera comes with a 4TB installed storage and expandable storage of 20 TB, which helps me secure my home 24/7 with reliable video recording and securely stores everything without charging additional charges. 

The best part is that this camera offers a two-year warranty with technical support.

If I ever face a problem, I contact the company through email or phone. 


I recommend this security camera if you want to protect your property.

This security camera always helps you monitor everything roaming around my property.

Also, it notifies me through notifications.


Measurements of the product: 269.28 x 170.04 x 259.8 inches 

Mass of the product: 49.9 pounds 

Product model number: 16CH-8MP-B 

Compatible device: Cameras 

Features of the product: Video 

  • Affordable price.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Sharp and clear images.
  • A big storage box is available.
  • Two years of warranty available. 
  • They need a PoE switch to power it.
  • Not waterproof. 

3. Hiseeu:

Last month I installed this Hiseeu security camera in my school, which can be expandable to 8 cameras.

It did a fantastic job. 

With its vast storage box, I can securely store all my data.

It also features eight expandable cameras that I have installed in most parts of the school. 

Moreover, this camera features WiFi connectivity, making this a unique piece. 

I loved installing this multipurpose security camera at my school.

I can keep an eye on everything happening in the school. 


Easy Configuration and Unidirectional Audio:

This Hisseu camera doesn’t have a touchable screen, but a 12-inch screen detection provides me with 1080p full HD screen sharp images and comes in a wide angle.

During factory settings, the camera is automatically paired by just connecting the camera with the NVR power supply. 

With its three infrared LED arrays, I can see up to 65 feet from night vision.

The camera can be used inside because of its waterproof metal housing.

I can also hear and see people in my school remotely. 

Ample Space and Expandable to 8 cameras:

I can keep around 60 days of videos with its pre-installed 3 TB storage for four cameras without overwriting.

An application featured for iPhone and Android EseeCloud app by which I can play videos remotely stored in the camera. 

This wireless camera works with eight cameras compatible with audio and other cameras.

It satisfies all my needs. 

Dual WiFi: 

I have to connect this fantastic camera to a wired internet network.

The internet connection allows the installation away from the router.

However, The WiFi connection doesn’t need cables. 


This hiseeu security camera has a fantastic feature of connectivity which makes this camera a unique masterpiece.

This product is accessible because of its affordable price.

I love using this camera. 


Measurements of the product: 12.6 x 7.09 x 10.63 inches

Mass of the product: 10.03 pounds 

Model number: WK-12V-4HB612-3T

Format: Digital

Advanced Technology: Night vision

Lens type: Fixed 

  • Great for the price.
  • Infrared night vision.
  • No monthly charges for viewing.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Amazing storage.
  • Expandable system for eight cameras. 
  • Tech support isn’t great.
  • The Esee app is very slow. 

4. YI 4pc: (Best Security Camera for Schools)

One of my friends organized a school for needy people.

She has to install a security camera inside her school to keep its security updated. 

I was already using a security camera for my home, so I recommended this YI security camera for her school. 

This multipurpose camera is fantastic for security purposes.

It provides me with explicit videos.

Also, I get notified anywhere about what’s happening near my property. 

I love every feature of this camera.

It’s the best security camera to protect the property. 


1080p Recordings and Motion Detection:

I love every bit of this camera.

But the first one is it gives 1080p for recordings and provides sharp and clear images.

The quality it provides is fantastic.

Moreover, it always gives me motion and cry detection alerts with its unique state-of-the-art technology.

Throughout the day, it keeps me notifying anything happening around my property.

Compatibility and Security:

This masterpiece is compatible with the YI cloud, so I can’t lose any data stored in my memory card.

It makes sure that all my videos and pictures are protected.

However, the memory card for it is sold separately.

It’s compatible with memory cards having 32 GB. 

It provides the highest data protection to secure my images and videos.

I’m obsessed with its protection features.


We conclude that this YI security camera works best for maintaining school security.

The night vision feature helps the user see at night too.

It always provided me with clear and sharp images. 


Measurements of the camera: 3.23 x 3.23 x 4.53 inches

Mass of the product: 4.2 ounces

Model number: YYS.2016

  • 1080p resolution.
  • Night vision capability.
  • Clear and detailed footage.
  • Two-way audio feature for communication.
  • Solid product at a reasonable price. 
  • QR code doesn’t get scanned sometimes.
  • No network reset options. 

5. Swann:

I installed this Swann security camera at my father’s school.

It did everything security had to do. 

I have stored most of my videos and images safely with its massive storage box.

This multifunctional camera is fantastic for protecting properties. 

It’s the best security camera to be installed to protect the property.

I loved using this. 


Excellent Storage and Smart Compatibility:

This camera is wired, and it offers security for my school.

It has 1 TB pre-installed, which doesn’t require additional charges, and by linking my DVR to my Dropbox account, I can also quickly upload images to the cloud. 

Moreover, This camera is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant intelligent devices.

It offers live viewing from several cameras and websites.

I get notified and other things on my smartphone with the Swann security application. 

Easy Detection and Installation:

This camera detects heat and movement, which reduces fake triggers.

The DVR detects moving objects like people and notifies me quickly so I can quickly take action.

The artificial stimuli save most of my time, and I can select areas for images. 

This wired camera sees specific people and packages and protects on a lousy weather day.

It has a 90-degree angle with a night vision of 100 feet in the dark. 


It offers one year of warranty, and a year warranty backs this camera system for camera and accessories.

For all queries, customer service is available. 


I recommend using this Swann security camera which is easy to install and use.

It provided me with clear and sharp videos and images to keep an eye on my property.

Night vision is featured in explicit videos at night too.


Measurements of the camera: 11.6 x 14.7 x 11.02 inches

Mass of the product: 17.8 pounds

Originated Country: China

Model number: SWDVK-845808WL-US 

Size of the product: 8-pack

Batteries included? No

Colour: Gray

Features of the product: Front 

  • Easy to install and set up.
  • Crisp, explicit videos.
  • Easy playback and accessing specific parts of the videos.
  • Night vision is installed.
  • Excellent for the price. 
  • DVR doesn’t work well without access to the internet.
  • The app has to be improved.


Last month I started using this ONWOTE security camera for a friend’s school.

She wants me to operate her school for a month as she is staying in a foreign country. 

This security camera took my heart.

For such an affordable price, it did a lot for me. 

Such a fantastic masterpiece it is. 

I highly recommend using this camera if you own a property that needs to be looked after. 


Impressive Detection and Viewing:

This camera features a fantastic detector for AI humans and vehicles, which also helps me save most of the storage.

I love that this camera detects everything roaming around my property and quickly notifies me so that I can take quick action. 

The videos provided are in 4k quality with 8 megapixels.

The view is covered through 100 degrees of a wide angle so that everything is seen clearly.

How unique is this feature?


Body And The Power:

The body of this camera is made from metal aluminium from the exterior and the interior, making this masterpiece durable.

I can install this anywhere. 

Moreover, this camera gets into action through Ethernet by plug n play.

The NVR provides power to the camera so that it can work properly. 

Compatibility and Storage:

It’s compatible with 16 cameras with additional add-on options.

This is the best feature of this camera.

It gives so many options for the installation of the cameras. 

If we talk about the storage, it has a 4 TB pre-installed hard drive for storing video recordings with 16-channel playback option.

I love that this camera gives ample space to store my data. 


Here comes the final part.

This ONWOTE security did a fantastic job of protecting my property.

It’s easy to install as well as set up.

Also, it provided me with crisp and excellent videos and images. 


Measurements of the package: 22 x 18 x 12 inches

Mass of the camera: 30.8 pounds

Model number: PKA801608S-4TB 

Operating system: IOS, Android, MAC OS, windows

Other features of the product: human AI monitoring, commercial grade

  • Worth the money.
  • Excellent and crisp videos.
  • Easy to install.
  • Amazing support.
  • NVR software installed.
  • Unintuitive software.
  • With a mobile app, the user can’t view motion detection. 

What type of cameras do schools use? 

Infrared cameras are the best for schools, so that dark areas must be monitored at night too.

You must go for a 1080p camera that provides clear and crisp images. 

Is 2k or 4k better for security cameras? 

The higher the resolution, the better the quality of the image.

4k security cameras are mostly preferred as compared to 2k quality cameras.

It provides you with high-quality photos and videos. 

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any cameras used for school security that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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