5 Best Auto Tracking Security Camera: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Auto-tracking security cameras are becoming increasingly popular for both residential and commercial applications.

They provide an extra layer of security to monitor your property, both indoors and outdoors, from any location.

As technology advances, it can be hard to decide which camera is right for you.

To help narrow down your search for the best auto-tracking security camera for your needs, this blog post will outline five of the most reliable brands on the market today.

We’ll discuss features, benefits, and why each camera might be a good fit depending on what type of surveillance you need.

Read on to learn more and find the perfect auto-tracking security camera for your home or business.

Which are the Best Auto Tracking Security Cameras?

Here Are My Recommended Top 5 Best Auto Tracking Security Cameras:


I got this camera for my house to look after my pets from school and it’s safe to say it’s the best auto-tracking security camera I highly recommend everyone to get it for their home.

This camera provides the best footage with the clearest and high-resolution pixels which give you an in-depth view. 



If you’re looking for an outdoor security camera that offers 360° views and pan/tilt functionality, the BOAVISION Security Camera is a great option.

This camera also features motion detection, auto tracking, two-way talk, and HD 1080p resolution for clear night vision.

Plus, it’s easy to install and can be controlled remotely via your smartphone or tablet.

The camera can follow moving objects thanks to motion detection.

When activated, the camera will automatically begin recording and tracking any moving objects.

Once motion has been detected, the software will send you alerts that you can access instantly from your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Integrated advanced mic and speaker make it possible for you to scare the uninvited guests away, give instructions to pets, and even allow you to say hi to welcome visitors.

The floodlight may be programmed to turn on whenever the object movement is detected in the day or at night.

You could also set the audio alarm to create a loud siren whenever the moving entity is detected.


This camera enables you to watch live footage in a resolution of 1080p (1920×1080) during the day or at night featuring 4x optical zoom and a field of view of 350° or 120°.

The camera has night vision settings in B&W, color, and automatic (intelligent).

Give you the freedom to create the ideal night viewing experience.

The camera supports all types of smartphones (be it iOS or Android), tablets (iPad or Android), PCs, and 2.4GigaHertz Wi-Fi (Mac, OS, or Windows).

The most well-known NVR, NAS, and third-party surveillance systems, including Blue Iris, Tinycam, Ispy, QNAP, Synology, and 2K/4K NVR, are all compatible with this home security camera.

What Makes It Best:

The integrated speaker or microphone of this home surveillance camera system allows you to listen in and respond using your smartphone be it an Android or iPhone microphone.

Take advantage of the ease of communication when you’re working or relaxing.

The ultra-long-range infrared Light and floodlight LED included in this camera may be completely controlled via an application on a mobile device, allowing it to switch between standard quickly and easily, intelligent, and full-color nighttime vision modes.

This surveillance video uses AI Humanoid identification to differentiate between individuals and animals, decreasing false alarms from insects, flies, rain, and leaf by 95%.

The camera will also monitor you and generate notifications to your cell phones via emails or push notifications (iOS, Android).


This is the best camera that you can get your hands on to keep an eye on the activity happening around that too with ease and comfort. 

  • A lot of night vision settings.
  • No false alarms.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Push notifications.
  • Bit pricy.


This camera works as the best auto-tracking security camera and it gives you value for money.

Which a lot of cameras from different brands are unable to provide.

That is why this camera stands out the most in the market and outperforms the competitors.



For a versatile, more reliable, and better Wi-Fi connection, the Wi-Fi camera utilizes both the 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz frequencies.

Simply put it in and link it to a wireless connection to complete the setup quickly and easily.

Crisper than 1080p, this security camera records films in clear 2560×1440 (4 megapixels) quality.

You can see your infant or animal easily in dim lighting thanks to the infrared LEDs, which also provide great night vision up to 40 feet.

355° diagonally and 50° vertically swiveling support.

On the user-friendly Reolink program, you can easily pan or tilt to see every inch of your house.

You may hear and communicate with your family or guests in real time thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker.

This animal camera is voice-activated and hands-free thanks to its compatibility with smart home gadgets.


Monitor your children or pets in 2K 4MegaPixel resolution for greater sharpness and the most minute details.

You can select between 24/7 continual, motion-activated, and scheduled filming with this indoor security camera.

Recordings can be kept on the micro SD card (up to 128 Gigabytes, not supplied) or Reolink NVR.

This camera supports simultaneous live viewing by up to 12 family and friends.

By choosing the date and swiping the timeline, you can find significant occasions quickly.

Create recording plans for the camera that correspond to your daily activities.

Make preset spots for the camera to swiftly move to crucial monitoring locations.

What Makes It Best:

I recently purchased 2 Reolink cameras to keep an eye on a family member who has some health issues.

I am so tremendously happy that I choose this product, astounded, and pleased.

The installation of each security camera was quite easy.

On my Android smartphone, identifying and downloading the mobile application was simple.

The monitor’s superb resolution makes monitoring easy during the day or at night.

Additionally, while the sound was on, I could hear every conversation that was occurring in the room.

Two-way audio allows me to reply to communications.

Because they no longer experience any loneliness, my family member now feels safer than ever, which also makes me feel at ease.


This has to be the best camera to monitor the activity of your kid and your family members from a distance as it provides the best and most high-quality video and pictures very efficiently. 

  • Has several storage options.
  • It has movement detection.
  • Features two-way audio.
  • Volume should have been made better.


This camera was gifted to us by my father’s friend he said it’s the best auto-tracking security camera in the world.

Since my father wanted to keep an eye on the activity happening around our house, my dad loved this gadget and appreciated its functionality. 



This camera can give excellent 8-megapixel full-color night seeing in addition to 4K High Definition, which is 1.6X crisper than the 5-megapixel cameras.

You can also zoom in for finer things and zoom out for a wider view with the 5X digital zoom.

Improved person/vehicle recognition using cutting-edge detection algorithms assists in identifying real hazards and appropriately filtering playbacks.

Additionally, it continuously tracks movement activities and watches out for suspicious activity on your behalf.

Start making time-lapse videos to see a day’s worth of changes in just a few seconds or minutes.

24/7, planned, or motion-activated films can all be stored on the Reolink NVR, the Server, or an SD card (maximum to 256GB but it is not included).


The integrated alarm and spotlights may be activated when the camera notices something unusual, and two-way communication enables you to warn any suspicious individuals.

You can immediately fend off the unwelcome thanks to instant updates and email notifications that appear instantly.

This 4K PTZ PoE camera will concentrate on minute details in nooks and crannies thanks to its 360° pan and 90° tilt capabilities.

It could accommodate up to 64 preset locations in total and patrol up to 16 of them at once before returning to its guard station for the day.

What Makes It Best:

This is the most versatile camera that can record in both bright and dim light.

The night vision is exceptional which allows you to keep an eye even in the darkest setting and the fact that you can zoom into even the slightest detail is among the best features of this camera. 


For watching your pet’s activity or watching your family members’ well-being this camera is the best to perform all these functions that too very efficiently. 

  • It is waterproof.
  • Night vision is great.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Bit expensive.


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When my mother was traveling to another city she installed this camera in our front yard and she was so happy about this decision.

My mother told us that it’s the best auto-tracking security camera she has gotten.

She was able to view things in great resolution and stay acknowledged of all the activities. 



This industrial-grade PoE+ cable IP camera can track moving objects in three different ways: line crossover tracking, perimeter monitoring, and preset tracking, all of which are operated by high-speed motors to provide smoother tracking.

The camera has a free client application for Mac and Windows and may be watched on a PC desktop using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

The 25x digital zoom lens automatically uses the camera’s zoom setting depending on how far away an object in motion is, day or night.

The camera produces 1080p@30fps in H.264/H.265 and has a 1/2.8-inch Sony Starvis Sensor.


Sunba Illuminati, in contrast to other IP cameras that only offer RTSP streams, also offers RTMP streams and can upload live stream events straight to YouTube (H.264/AAC only) without the need for third-party software or servers.

This camera is equipped with an industrial-grade waterproof casing to withstand harsh weather.

The camera includes two audio options: an integrated microphone to pick up everyday audio activities and an external mic that can be connected by simply swapping a wire within the camera body for users who prefer higher-quality sound.

The camera works with popular H.264-format third-party NVR/Client brands such as Blue Iris, Milestone, Security Spy, and QNAP. 

What Makes It Best:

The camera will monitor any items that pass it in any direction after the user draws a virtual line using the camera view, and it will then switch to the previous camera view after the predetermined amount of time has passed.

When a person draws a virtual polygon with the camera view, the camera will follow any objects that enter the polygon and will switch back to the initial camera view whenever the predetermined tracking time has passed.

Any mobile object in a setup (predetermined camera view) will be detected by the camera, which will then follow it until the monitoring duration period is over.

Following that, the camera switches back to the preset camera view until another tracking event takes place.


This is the best camera that you can possess to have peace of mind by monitoring and knowing every single detail about your house. 

  • Easy to install.
  • East to set up.
  • Provides in-depth view.
  • Has the most efficient zooming feature.
  • Delivery takes a lot of time.

5. AVer:

I got the best auto-tracking security camera on recommendation of my friend’s recommendation.

This was the best purchase I made this year as it helped me keep track of a lot of things from my workplace and it kept my peace.



With one-touch facial targeting, AVer’s innovative SmartFrame technology makes it simple to quickly produce beautiful video content.

This enables you to quickly adjust the FOV to thoroughly and effectively fit each individual on the screen so that you can record presentations, seminars, and much more with a single touch.

To showcase your topic or subjects of interest in the classrooms or on stage, follow the established content zones.

PTZ cameras can perform precise and fluid pan/tilt rotation motions with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees.

You may be completely in charge of the adjustable speed settings, producing smooth and stunning pictures for any kind of production.

Enjoy different angles of full HD 1080p at 60 frames per second.

Through VISCA using RS232 and RS422, preset choices with up to 255 distinct locations are available.


A signal over time will be sent to the phone’s Application whenever the safety camera detects the movements of your baby or pet while it is activated, and the subject will be automatically followed till it exits the camera’s field of vision.

The 4PCS infrared LED perfectly meets your demand for your kid’s safety by providing a clear picture in even complete darkness up to 32 feet which enables you to observe what your kid is doing.

Enable the privacy options or designate a specific area to stop the camera from filming, alarming, or live to stream, preserving your privacy and providing you peace of mind.

What Makes It Best:

This security camera with sound and Wi-Fi allows keeping an eye on every room in your house from anywhere at any time.

The crisp image in complete darkness up to 32 feet is provided by 4PCS infrared LEDs, precisely meeting your needs for the baby’s protection.

You can see everything clearly inside your house with this indoor security camera during the day, and even at night, with improved night vision, it can record your baby’s slightest move.

One I purchased I utilized for a month.

The majority of my needs are met by it. For instance, I can utilize it to watch over my cat while I’m at work.

It offers both SD as well as HD picture modes, with HD being clearer.

I’m a little shocked that it includes a mobile tracking feature. The picture quality is also pretty clear.


This is the best camera that you can get for your baby and pet to watch over their moves to ensure their safety and to keep yourself at peace. 

  • Night vision is great.
  • Offers efficient privacy mode.
  • Has an app for push alarms.
  • The app might sometimes lag.


What is an auto-tracking camera?

Recording without a camera controller is the goal of auto-tracking.

A speaker, teacher, or instructor is automatically tracked by an auto-tracking camera.

It follows them as they move to and from across a classroom, stage, training area, or seminar venue.

Do surveillance cameras record motion?

Motion detection is a feature that most video surveillance cameras have, however, not all of them perform it properly.

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