The 11 Best Security Camera for Pets: (2024 Expert Testing & Reviews)

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In addition to alerting, you of burglars inside your house or about unusual activity, security cameras may also assist you in keeping an eye on the pets while you’re away.

Many cameras can now recognize dogs and distinguish them from humans as well as other movable objects depending on their heights, weights, and thermal signatures, it’s all due to artificial intelligence, or AI.

So, the question arises which cameras are the greatest for pets?

We evaluated many cameras before settling on twelve that stand out among the rest for capturing furry pets.

Let’s begin immediately.


Which are the Best Security Camera for Pets?

Here are my recommended top 11 Best Security Cameras for Pets:-

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1. Blurams |Best Affordable Camera for Pets

I was going away for a week, and I wanted to see my pet’s activity from there to ensure their safety.

That’s when my friend who had already tried this camera recommended I get the best security camera for pets and I couldn’t been more grateful. 

Key Features:


Whenever motion is detected by a security camera, blurams begin tracking it. 

If you want to maintain your privacy, enable privacy mode.

If a human movement or unusual sound is detected in your home, you will immediately be notified on your phone.

The camera Creates a video alert that lasts between 10 to 15 seconds and that gets uploaded to the cloud.

On the Google Assistant and Alexa device with a screen, as well as on your smartphone or tablet, to access the live feed of the Blurams baby monitor, you are supposed to only use the voice command and the job will be done.

Any collection of smart gadgets that integrate with IFTTT can be linked, allowing you to create a more relaxing environment in your home. 


You can send and receive a two-way message or communicate from any location at any moment.

The camera only operates on 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections. With 4/7 CVR, this indoor security camera is capable of continuously uploading recordings on the cloud and reducing the chance of losing video data from the SD card.

You will be able to find a certain event rapidly, by sorting it by time, incident type, or device name.

This camera accommodates SD cards up to 128Gigabytes, but you must get it separately.

What Makes It Best:

Blurams make life easier by enabling easy communication, linking the things that matter most to people, and offering users peace of mind.

Zone, as well as detection sensitivity, can both be changed.

With the help of this camera, you can see the videos and see what your puppy or baby is up to in real-time An easy and stable conversational atmosphere is provided by the integrated anti-noise speaker and microphone of this security camera.

When predators sneak into your home, this interior camera captures each moment—even in complete darkness—and activates the loud alarm to startle the intruder.


This IS the best camera that you can buy for your pets to keep an eye on them and to ensure their safety because no one wants to lose their pet. 

  • It is easy to install.
  • Accommodate both Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • Great night vision.
  • It is a bit expensive.

2. Galayou |Best Security Camera with Alexa 

This is hands down the best security camera for pets and I did not know until my friend got me this for my birthday present as she knows that I am very close to my pets and always want to have them in front of my eyes.

And I must say I couldn’t be more grateful. 



Galayou wireless camera’s 2K High definition resolution offers you a crisp, vibrant picture quality, and with its 6X zoom lens, it can record more specifics of your house anytime, be it day or night.

This interior security camera features improved night vision featuring a 33-foot effective range.

This interior security camera for the house only works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

To watch over your child, pet, or elderly relative, the baby camera features movement detection with a push alarm.

Galayou security camera system will send a warning notification to your smartphone to let you be aware when your child is getting out of the cot or if your pet is clawing the couch.


When you are away or busy, you can use the integrated microphone and speaker to remain connected with your kid, pet, or family members by remotely operating the Wans view Cloud Application.

With its audio capability, this Wireless internet camera for house security can deter a surprise invader and keep your home secure.

All Galayou subscribers get access to the 24/7 continual filming feature without any additional costs.

Up to a 128Gigabyte MicroSD card can be used with the Glayou interior camera to store video clips locally.

Users who do not wish to take the chance of having their cards lost or damaged might consider using cloud storage as another great choice.

AWS Cloud would use encryption and full protection for all video recordings.

What Makes It Best:

Both Alexa as well as Google Home are interoperable with this security camera.

You just simply have to provide an audio command to this camera to see the camera’s live stream.

Your home system is made smarter and more dependable thanks to the Galayou camera’s seamless interaction with your gadget.

You may immediately recognize occurrences by using the text alert to receive the notice when the camera detects motion.

To notify the individuals or pets from the camera side when an emergency occurs, this camera will also play a loud alarm.

You don’t have to worry about missing any moments with two recording settings.

On the Cloud Application, the 24/7 continual recording is now possible to be manually activated.

The privacy option on your phone’s application can be manually enabled to protect your privacy.


This camera provides reliable help to ensure your pet’s and family members’ safety you can also watch at any place at any time. 

  • Works with both Alexa and google.
  • Has a built-in mic and speaker.
  • Works efficiently. 
  • The packaging is not great.

3. Mubview |Best Budget Indoor Camera for Pets

With all the amazing features that this camera offers it is safe to say that it is the best security camera for pets that not only works efficiently but also provides value for money and I realized it when I got it for my pets. 

Key Features:


This security camera for the home is simple to plug in, gets connected to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, and can be used as a baby monitor and as a Wi-Fi house camera with audio that allows you to view your baby sleeping using an application on your smartphone.

It’s a lovely present for a new parent.

High-quality footage is available in your hands from this home surveillance camera with 2K FHD clarity.

To move and adjust your kid’s camera’s view angle in real-time, you just simply have to swipe your smartphone upward, downward, left, or right.

You can watch every movement your child or pet makes at night thanks to the pet camera’s four IR lights.

If the motion is detected, the Mubview surveillance camera for the home immediately tracks the movement.

The Mubview Application will notify you in real time when movement is identified so you won’t miss any important activities.


The wiring length of this innovative indoor camera is around 59 inches which is 1.5 meters.

You may also mount the indoor camera system on a ceiling to get the greatest possible view of your infant.

You may utilize the two-way microphone to talk to and calm your kid in addition to hearing their voice over it.

This camera is ideal for you to observe at home when you are away at work or if you are busy running errands.  

Your entire footage is kept secret and safe.

To give you the highest level of confidence, the military would encode the video that was captured.

What Makes It Best:

Fantastic cameras, and excellent image quality for a camera in this price range.

I purchased one to observe my dogs when I occasionally had to leave my dogs at home alone, but I was so pleased with it that I immediately ordered two more the same day.

I have set up one camera inside the house near, my window where my dogs usually play. 

I can ensure that my dogs are fine, and they are not in danger or at risk of harming themselves which gives me peace of mind.

The night vision movement detector is amazing.

The capacity to differentiate between humans and other objects and the way cameras warn you when they detect someone is extraordinary.

You can communicate with others through webcams and hear what they are saying with so much ease. 


It is the best camera for keeping an eye on your pet as it provides the best image quality and enables you to monitor the activity happening with so much ease. 

  • It has two-way audio.
  • Offers motion detection.
  • Tracks human activity efficiently.
  • Takes time to deliver.

4. E1 Pro |Best Security Camera with Two Way Audio

This best security camera for pets was given to me by my mother on my graduation and I must say it I the best gift I have ever gotten which allowed me to keep my pets in front of my eyes 24/7, and that gave me peace of mind as well. 



For a versatile, more reliable, and better Wi-Fi connection, the Wi-Fi camera utilizes both the 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz frequencies.

Simply put it in and link it to a wireless connection to complete the setup quickly and easily.

Crisper than 1080p, this security camera records films in clear 2560×1440 (4 megapixels) quality.

You can see your infant or animal easily in dim lighting thanks to the infrared LEDs, which also provide great night vision up to 40 feet.

355° diagonally and 50° vertically swiveling support.

On the user-friendly Reolink program, you can easily pan or tilt to see every inch of your house.

You may hear and communicate with your family or guests in real-time thanks to the built-in microphone and speaker.

This animal camera is voice-activated and hands-free thanks to its compatibility with smart home gadgets.


Monitor your children or pets in 2K 4MegaPixel resolution for greater sharpness and the most minute details.

You can select between 24/7 continual, motion-activated, and scheduled filming with this indoor security camera. 

Recordings can be kept on the micro SD card (up to 128 Gigabytes, not supplied) or Reolink NVR.

This camera supports simultaneous live viewing by up to 12 family and friends.

By choosing the date and swiping the timeline, you can find significant occasions quickly.

Create recording plans for the camera that correspond to your daily activities.

Make preset spots for the camera to swiftly move to crucial monitoring locations.

What Makes It Best:

To keep a watch on my family member who had experienced some health concerns, I recently bought 3 Reolink cameras.

I am incredibly satisfied, amazed, and overjoyed that I chose this product.

Each camera’s installation was quite simple.

Finding and installing the phone application on my Android smartphone was simple.

The monitor’s excellent resolution makes daytime or nighttime monitoring simple.

I was also able to hear every conversation taking place in a room while the sound is turned on.

I can also respond to communications thanks to two-way audio.

My family member now feels safer because they don’t feel lonely at all which also keeps me at peace knowing that they feel more secure now than ever.


This has to be the best camera to monitor the activity of your kid and your family members from a distance as it provides the best and most high-quality video and pictures very efficiently. 

  • Has several storage options.
  • It has movement detection.
  • Features two-way audio.
  • Volume should have been made better.

5. Aosu |Best 2k Security Camera for Dogs

My brother and I got him this camera as he moved into the new house and since he has dogs this camera worked best for his needs he claimed that it’s the best security camera for pets looking at the features and functionality of this gadget.



Aosu house security cameras offer touch-to-talk in addition to excellent two-way sound.

Your children and senior citizens can use the phone icon on the Aosu interior camera to contact you right away if they require assistance.

This very versatile home security camera system may be installed with ease mention this indoor security camera facilitates 5GHz/2.4GHz Wi-Fi.

This 360-degree surveillance camera in the indoor monitoring system features an automated tracking feature that enables it to follow and capture moving items whenever it detects motion.


To gain a clear picture of the entire room, this efficient 360-degree camera may tilt 155 degrees vertically and revolve 360 degrees horizontally.

With the 360-degree round-look capability, you may easily and swiftly examine the areas you wish to observe.

It can record significant areas in the room.

This house camera has a 2K QHD quality and connects with Alexa so that Alexa can give you a view of your baby’s nursery as well as any other room you got this aosu baby monitor installed in.

It also displays live video that is incredibly clear and fluid.

Enjoy anytime, anywhere real-time communication with your family members.

Even under low light conditions, you can see every detail.

Share the view with as many people as you like.

Support five users viewing one camera online at once.

What Makes It Best:

Since our dogs like to climb up on the couch while we aren’t home, I purchased these to keep an eye on them.

It was wonderful to be capable of keeping an eye on my dogs when I needed to leave the room.

Movement detection is incredibly accurate.

The application is simple to use, and installation only took a few minutes.

The 360-degree coverage is fantastic, and the camera responds quickly to different angles.

The camera is a good size and doesn’t stick out that much while it’s on the bookshelf.

For primary use, they are very effective.


This has to be the best purchase that I made this year, and I am so proud to get this camera as it has made my life easier in so many ways from keeping an eye on the dogs to being able to monitor other activities this camera has been wonderful. 

  • Camera angle rotation is very smooth.
  • Gives a wider view.
  • Features one-touch call.
  • The speaker should have been louder.

6. Truwelby |Best Security Robot for Beginners

This camera is very efficient and that’s why whoever has used this camera claims it is the best security camera for pets.

Its features and performance are not only unique but also very easy to use, and even my grandmother was able to operate it. 



The ideal option for preparing regular home checks or Livestream monitoring for your family is the one and only Ebo SE.

When suspicious activity is detected, the Ebo program will automatically alert you via the Ebo Application.

Even in the darkness of the night, Ebo SE offers dazzling visuals.

You may communicate with your family members in real-time thanks to the high-definition camera’s 1080p resolution and its powerful microphones and speaker.

With the Ebo SE Pet Camera, your loved ones will be able to communicate with the children and pets, allowing for uninterrupted and long-distance engagement.

Ebo SE supports multiple users. 

Ebo constantly engages your children and dogs with his eyes, motions, and sounds that replicate real-life play.

Ebo SE can modify its voice and actions in response to its surroundings.


When Ebo has to be recharged, it goes back to its dock immediately.

Ebo can identify a variety of impediments in front of it using cutting-edge ToF technology, and it stops abruptly to prevent accidents.

Auto-Cruise or Fixed-Point film recordings are supported by Ebo SE.

Patrolling the home whenever and wherever.

The info on the Ebo is all private.

All camera images are solely live-streamed, and people can decide whether or not to keep the data.

IPhone, as well as Android smartphones, are supported with a user-friendly application.  

To make it easy for you to share great memories with the world, the Ebo application has a ton of editors and social tools.

What Makes It Best:

I own two homes and am looking for a secure alternative to fixed cameras.

This gadget appears to be a sensible inexpensive choice.

I can program it to operate as a fixed-point surveillance camera or to do scheduled “security patrols” that involve the robot conducting a somewhat arbitrary, “Roomba-like” inspection.

Also, I can maneuver it around the house.

The only issue I have with it is how poorly it handles thresholds and carpets.

A feature that allows you to save a pre-programmed plan is among the best features of this camera.

This is a fantastic security robot for beginners.


This safety camera fulfills the purpose of the best security camera and provides you value for money while giving you peace of mind. 

  • Offers to the way communication.
  • Gets self-charged.
  • Night vision is amazing. 
  • Might sometimes get stuck in things.

7. EZVIZ |Best Pet Detection Security Camera

Since I am a working woman I have to leave my pets behind but I always keep a check on them so I got the best security camera for pets I realized that I was missing out a lot and ever since I got this camera my life got so much easier. 



The C6 camera specializes in providing vibrant and crisp images of everything.

Each detail is rendered in 2K+ quality, picture overexposures are significantly decreased, and colored imaging is available in even extraordinarily low light.

To track a moving item and capture both the big image and its intricacies, the camera may instantly zoom in a maximum of four times.

You could always turn on the AI feature to look for and follow exclusively body motion.

The C6 camera uses AI-powered human or Pet Detection to alert you when your presence is required.

It also warns you if the volume abruptly changes, whether that’s due to your baby crying or an emergency alarm.

Initiating a video call on your smartphone by merely waving at the camera is another option available to your family.


Create the camera system, either remotely or using wires.

For a robust Wi-Fi connection, you can link the camera to both the 2.4 and 5 GHz2 bands.

For completely encrypted, limitless cloud storage, you may either join the EZVIZ CloudPlay or store your recorded films locally on a MicroSD card that is 256 GB in size.

Effectively eliminates picture overexposures while rendering every detail in high 2K quality.

A user-friendly program supports both iPhone and Android cellphones.

This camera program features a ton of processors and graphical interfaces to make it simple for you to exchange wonderful experiences with the world.

What Makes It Best:

The video is of excellent quality.

The best camera vision is at night, while daytime visibility is somewhat better.

You can entirely zoom in on little areas to catch some and leave out others.

Controlling the camera and playing back is easy.

The cameras are easily and instantly subject to your control.

If I’m working in the garden and don’t want my cameras using up battery for hours, I just open the application and turn the cameras off.

It takes place quickly.

In a similar vein, I can easily start the app and change to live view if I hear something strange at night so I can examine the entire house.


The EZVIZ 4MP Indoor Camera is a versatile and high-quality surveillance solution for homeowners looking to monitor their homes, pets, or baby.

With its advanced features such as AI Human and Pet Detection, Voice Activity Detection, and Waving-Hand Recognition, it offers a more personalized and interactive monitoring experience.

However, it may require technical expertise to set up and may produce false alarms, so it’s important to weigh these factors before making a decision.

  • A High-resolution 4MP camera with a starlight lens provides clear and detailed video quality.
  • AI Human and Pet Detection accurately identifies and alerts when a human or pet is detected.
  • Voice Activity Detection detects sounds and sends alerts to users.
  • Waving-hand recognition allows users to interact with their pets through the camera.
  • Dual-band Wi-Fi connectivity provides more reliable and faster network speed.
  • Pan and Tilt functionality provides wider coverage and easier control of the camera’s field of view.
  • Some users may have difficulty setting up the camera, especially with Wi-Fi connectivity.
  • AI detection may produce false alarms, leading to inconvenience for users.
  • The camera may have limited storage options for saved footage.

8. SKYMEE |Best Camera for Keeping An Eye on Your Pet

My husband’s friend recommended this camera to us as he knows that we own pets, and we often have to leave them while we travel or when we go to work so on his suggestion we got this camera and I must say it’s the best security camera for pets.

Not only we but our pets also have a fun time with this little gadget. 

Key Features:


Use an application to remotely control the Owl Robot to go around the house and locate pets for a play of hide and seek.

Several action modes are activated automatically by infrared detection to engage with the pet and encourage activity.

You would be able to watch your pets clearly day or night thanks to the 1080p High Definition Pet Camera’s 4x zooming feature and night vision, save high-quality photographs or videos, and operate Owl Robot in a variety of ways.

To entice your interested pet, you may have Owl Robot roam and leave a food trail.

When it is being cheeky or anxious, you can instantly console it with your voice and give it its preferred snacks (4mm–16mm in the size), which will cheer it up.


Owl Robot will instantly respond by twitching and recognizing animal movement.

And after loading a TF card, footage may also be done automatically.

This assists you in keeping an eye on the situation at home every day of the week.

8 hours per day of frequency.

The use is made friendlier by the two connecting modes.

You are still able to utilize the owl in AP style even if the phone is not connected to the internet (remote controlling requires house 2.4G Wi-Fi, but it’s not interoperable with the 5G Wi-Fi).

3 lithium batteries are already there and can be used continuously for 6 to 8 hours.

To meet your everyday demands, you just need to recharge it once or twice a week.

Additionally, the Skymee application offers a low battery alert.

What Makes It Best:

I have two owls in my house. 

We frequently travel and enjoy being able to spend time with our three cats.

One for the upstairs and one for below.

Once we open the app and switch on the camera.

They wait impatiently for the owl to activate so we may give them some snacks.

In the past, we could monitor them using security cameras.

But was unable to locate the cats.

We can now clearly see all three of my pet cats.

The video and camera quality are nearly 4K.

In addition, we can shoot stunning photographs and record videos with good resolutions. 

The battery seemed to last for weeks on end.

Nevertheless, we usually charge the battery up before a trip.

But we’ve never experienced a life issue.


This is the best camera for keeping an eye on your pet not only your love but also your pet. So definitely try it out.

  • Remote control.
  • Offers high-quality images.
  • Works efficiently.
  • It was a bit expensive.

9. REOLINK |Best 4k Security Camera for Outdoor

This gadget fulfills the need to make sure that your pets and your family members are at ease, and they are safe.

This best security camera for pets lets you monitor your pet’s activity with so much ease and there’s hardly any con to buying this camera. 



This outdoor camera gives you a wider picture than ever before with a 180 degrees wide field of view and 4K quality by combining images from different lenses as one view.

Predators can’t hide anywhere.

At night, this outdoor security camera provides you with a crisp, full-color image.

In the interim, you can physically dim or switch off the lights.

This IP camera uses shape analytics technology to provide precise detection, drastically reducing false alarms.

The camera can provide a more reliable net connection and quicker data transmission because it supports both 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands.


The Wi-Fi security camera allows for motion-activated, scheduled, or 24/7 continual filming and Micro SD card storage of videos.

Reolink NVR is an excellent option to run many cameras and record 24/7 videos.  

When linked to the 8-/16-channel Reolink NVR, the image quality can reach 6MP, and it can reach 8MegaPixels with an RLN36.

If you have problems with the display, you can physically switch to 6MegaPixel.

The Real-time 2-way chat is made possible by the built-in microphone and speaker, allowing you to record and playback audio-only videos and communicate as though you were there.

You have control over the house thanks to smart home technology.

You only need to provide an easy voice command to activate the camera for the live stream.

What Makes It Best:

This is the most versatile camera that can record in both bright and dim light.

The night vision is exceptional which allows you to keep an eye even in the darkest setting and the fact that you can zoom into even the slightest detail is among the best features of this camera. 


For watching your pet’s activity or watching your family members well being this camera is the best to perform all these functions that too very efficiently. 

  • It is waterproof.
  • Night vision is great.
  • Two-way communication.
  • Bit expensive.

10. Google Nest |Best Easy-to-Use Camera for Pets

When I moved into my new house and when my husband was leaving for another city that’s when he installed this camera in our house and couldn’t be more grateful to him.

He was able to monitor each and everything from this best security camera for pets with so much convenience even I had the pleasure of doing so. 



Without a subscription, Nest Cam’s integrated intelligence can distinguish between a human, an animal, and a moving vehicle as well as deliver notifications right through the app for Google Home.

Having 3 hours of complimentary event video recording and 1080p High dynamic range video featuring night vision, you can easily look in from anywhere, around the clock.

You can also purchase a Nest Aware membership (available separately) for a maximum of 60 days.

Nest Cam will sustain an hour and a half long of recorded activities if your Wi-Fi drops out so you can view what you missed.

Act right away if something unusual happens by calling your local emergency services straight from the app for Google Home or speaking and listening using the built-in speaker and microphone on your security camera.


On suitable smart tv, entertainment Systems, and laptops, you can stream the live feed of video hands-free using Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

With a variety of shades and an integrated stand that allows you to set it on a table or shelf, Nest Cam is made to complement any home’s décor.

To prevent any video from being broadcast or captured until you exit, set the camera up on Home & Away Routine settings to turn the Nest Cam off immediately when you are home.

This will also save battery. 

What Makes It Best:

I installed this nest camera in a prominent location so I could readily monitor my cat while I was away and communicate with it which is very cool in a way.

I also realized that because the camera streams to my smartphone, I don’t need to get out of bed in the middle of the night to assess when “things go wrong in the night” as I can view it on my phone. 

Simply checking the camera in the middle of the house allows me to see exactly who or whatever might be there in the darkness along with when it is bright.

So, this gives me a lot of peace of mind to know that my family and, my pets are doing fine without the worry of getting up and checking for myself. 


This is the best camera to watch over your pet or your family members with its great features which are also very easy to use. 

  • Very easy to use.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Two-way audio.
  • Takes time to be delivered. 

11. Aqara |Best Security Camera Under $150 

If you’re looking forward to getting the best security camera for pets without wasting any time you should get this camera.

You won’t be disappointed in any way as it serves the purpose and values your purchase. 



This camera offers 1080p High Definition live streaming and recording for security.

Your living area’s 135° horizontal field of vision gives you a clear picture of everything going on inside and outside.

180-day battery capacity on a single charge allows for half-year protection instead of requiring numerous trips to get the camera charged.

Excellent night vision allows you to see who is there even at night by allowing you to examine records or live video in crystal-clear detail.

Using human detecting technology, the camera can accurately identify patterns in the body and face.

Guaranteeing that you only receive a warning when an individual, not a stray cat or anything irrelevant comes close.

It is made to withstand the environment and has an IP67 waterproof rating.


Obtain a brighter, better view of the subjects during the day and nighttime.

Integrated AI technology recognizes and concentrates on people.

Even in dim light conditions, the integrated spotlight brightens the entire region and lets you see the entire scene with color richness.

There is also a setting for infrared.

The amount of erroneous alarms you get is decreased by human detection.

This automatically distinguishes between people and objects.

You can choose where the camera will look for movement.

To ensure that you only get the alerts you want, customize the area to your house.

Your film is kept secret during storage and transmission thanks to AES-128 encrypting data.

Use two-way communication to communicate immediately with anyone who visits your home.

For total control over the monitoring, link your equipment to Amazon Alexa.

What Makes It Best:

This camera offers significantly better image quality, but its superior field of vision is what matters most.

As a result, I was able to put it nearer to the front door while still seeing the same coverage area.

This improved movement detection.

The quality of nighttime images has been somewhat improved.

The AI in this camera could be configured to exclusively notify people, preventing any erroneous alerts.

Given that they are recording over 2,000 20-second video snippets over that time, the battery lasts 180 days.

I can watch videos for free anyplace which also makes a lot of things easier for me since I can check the activity from any place.


This camera is truly the best and offers great security features that improve quality of life since you have more sense of security, and you feel more protected. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Offers wider views.
  • Has plenty of security features.
  • Enable watching videos from any place.
  • Is not water resistant.

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