6 Best Digital Instant Cameras: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Are you deciding on getting a digital instant camera?

No worries.

We have brought you up with some best options for instant cameras.

Instant cameras are not just a blast from the past.

They are a great gift for people of all ages and an incredible way to capture memories.

You can purchase a new Polaroid camera again, and Fujifilm’s Instax has become a global phenomenon.

Some instant cameras have digital tech, too, that allows you to do things like various shots before picking which to print.

So for you, we have tested digital instant cameras on the market.

Which are the Best Digital Instant Cameras?

Here are my recommended top 6 Best Digital Instant Cameras:-

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Fujifilm: (Best Cheap Digital Instant Camera)

My friend wanted to buy her daughter a Polaroid camera on her birthday.

Neither Polaroid nor any other small-sized camera is available, so the instant camera was the best alternative.

So I recommended the Fujifilm Instax instant camera for her daughter.

Fujifilm is far superior to what we had anticipated.

I adore the quality and responsiveness of this best digital instant camera.

It captures beautiful coloured prints of the pictures.

The camera has an impressive design with different colours.

Since then, digital instant cameras have outstanding quality and provide high-quality images.

Amazing product. 


Built-In Selfie Mirror:

The name Instax mini instant camera says it all.

It’s a perfectly positioned camera with a zooming mode, automated control for flash, and the capacity to create quick pictures; the MINI camera is better than just a lovely mirror.

It is a picture enthusiast.

The MINI camera is created to stay with life, wherever your happenings may bring you, that’s why the mini camera has pretty easy-to-use controls for manageable use.

Curve the lens to switch on.

Bend further to use zooming mode.

Curve to switch off.

Iconic Design with Automatic Exposure: 

The MINI camera has an “inflated” design along with a unique style that makes the camera enjoyable to use.

And with a variety of colours to select from – Pastel Blue, Mint Green, Blossom Pink, Lilac Purple and Clay White.

It’s easier for you.

The instant camera has automatic exposure and flash power, so you can just intend for and tap.

You don’t have to adjust settings or memorise to switch the flash on; just have fun with tiny pictures every time.


What a fantastic instant camera.

It is a sturdy camera with a variety of colours.

I will purchase another one because it is so simple to use and print pictures.

It helps me have amazing perfect images even in less light.

I adore it, and it delivers on its. 


Brand Fujifilm
Measurements of the product  ‎4.1 x 2.6 x 4.8 inches
Weight of the product  ‎1 pound
The model number of the product   16806286
Manufacturer   Fujifilm 
Components included  Camera Body & Accessories 
Name of the model  FB AFJ MINI 12 LPL 
Colour of the film  Colour 
Devices compatible  Camera 
Exposure control type  Auto 
Shutter speed   ½ seconds  
Reasons To Buy
  • The twist mechanism is great.
  • Outdoor images are great.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Perfect in less light environments too.
  • Portable size.
  • Unique design. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Not durable for too long.

KODAK: (Best Digital Instant Print Camera)

Since I started food blogging, I need to capture pictures and print them out instantly.

I was dubious when I bought the Kodak instant camera.

This camera is one of the few things that left me so impressed that I have left me so impressed that I’ve recommended it to my friends.

It’s far superior to my expectation.

It is the best digital instant camera and works wonderfully.

The camera is good for the price and helps me capture stunning pictures.

Without a doubt, I’d suggest this camera. 


All-In-One Photography: 

The PRINTOMATIC Camera equips an influential sensor with a 5MP and broad-angle f/2 lens.

The instant camera is an excellent all-in-one solution for instantly shooting and transferring vibrant prints wherever you are.

This Point Shoot camera quickness lets you capture a fresh image while putting out the earlier capture.

It also comes with a light sensor that will quickly switch on the flash in dark scenes.  

Single-Stop Printing: 

The Kodak camera immediately puts out pictures in 2×3’’.

The camera utilises Zink picture Paper, so no ink cartridges, toners, or film are required.

The image prints are long-lasting, water-resistant, tear-resistant, and stain-free.

It features enjoyable activities with Bold Colors.

The compact design quickly fits in your pocket.

Easy to carry with you wherever you go ensuring you invariably keep Your Printomatic with you. 


I adore my camera since I can see it well and far away.

The quality is so much better than the Polaroids I know.

Excellent for outdoor pictures, and there is no wire to run.

It takes snapshots with excellent clarity and can be posted instantly too.

I suggest testing out this fantastic camera. 


Brand Kodak 
measurements of the product  ‎0.9 x 4.7 x 3.07 inches
mass of the product  ‎1 pound
the model number of the product   RODOMATICGR
manufacturer   C&A Marketing Inc. 
components included  Camera Body & Accessories 
name of the model  Kodak Printomatic Instant Camera 
colour of the film  colour 
devices compatible  camera 
exposure control type  auto 
shutter speed   ½ seconds  
Reason to Buy
  • The best alternative for polaroids.
  • Affordable price.
  • Enjoyable product.
  • Great quality pictures.
  • The directions are clear and helpful.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Sleek and fun design. 
Reason To Avoid
  • Not durable.
  • Only black-and-white printing. 

KODAK: (Best Digital Instant Camera for Kids)

A client contacted for an instant camera suggestion for her kids.

She was looking for a point-and-shoot camera because she wanted excellent-quality prints.

So I recommended the Kodak Smile instant camera; for this cost, you get a product with various functions.

I adore this camera utterly as the best digital instant camera.

They fulfil your requirements completely.

The software is excellent and you can capture and print images quickly.

It took me a few minutes to set up the camera.

Regarding digital instant cameras, Kodak is the name that can be trusted.

The software and camera are incredibly straightforward to use.

The company was simple to work with and responded promptly and politely.

I advise other people to buy this camera because the picture is fairly clear. 


Trendy Sliding Design:

The KODAK Digital Camera carries a bundle of joy to all camera settings.

The Camera does not use Ink Technology to Print HD Quality pictures on 2×3” Zink Sticky-Backed Photo Paper.

Like other heavy Instant Cameras, the Smile is perfectly Compact with an incredible Slide-Out safe Case; The long-lasting Poly Resin Casing Glides open and expand to disclose an 8-millimetre Lens with Automatic Focus. 

User-Friendly Features: 

Whether you’re an interested youngster or a snap-happy grown-up, the Camera makes it easy to capture, modify and post pictures anywhere.

The extras include auto flash, LCD viewfinder, built-in editor, 2 photo modes & improved focus.

You don’t have to face fewer battery timing issues now.

Your Instant Camera can be recharged again through the Included tiny USB Cable; you can capture up to 40 images with a single charge while also seeing & modifying pictures in memory or through an SD card.

Moreover, move further in fashion with a small camera-printer combination that weighs less and is thin & tiny like a mobile phone; When it’s not in your bag or pocket, you can carry it through a strap slot, then slide it open to shoot the precious moment instantly.

It also comprises five sticker frames. 


This device operates superbly in every way.

The picture is easy to print out and quickly charged to 100%.

There are no ongoing fees for using its applications, making them affordable.

It’s been functioning fairly well overall. 


Brand Kodak  
measurements of the item  ‎4.8 x 3.1 x 0.9 inches
weight of the item  ‎1 pound
the model number of the product   RODSMCAMWYAMZ
manufacturer   C&A Marketing Inc. 
components included  Camera Body & Accessories 
name of the model  KODAK Smile Instant Print Digital Camera
colour of the film  colour 
devices compatible  camera 
exposure control type  auto 
shutter speed   ½ seconds  
Reasons To Buy
  • Great quality pictures.
  • Small enough to take anywhere.
  • Micro SD card to store your pictures.
  • Excellent quality.
  • Long-lasting charge.
  • The film was easy to load. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Not good for heat set ID badges. 

KODAK: (Best Digital Instant Camera Under $150)

Based on my recommendation, my colleague bought this camera to capture cute pictures on his vacations.

The camera works great, and the operation could not have been simpler.

Your data is stored in the micro SD card so you can view and share it anytime.

You can capture pictures, and within seconds, they are printed out.

So far, the tech support and the best digital instant cameras have been beneficial.

With this instant camera, you can shoot and print a picture.

I’m overjoyed that we received it. 


Instant Camera with Less Photo Cost: 

The Kodak digital camera has a built-in picture printer, so you can put out your pictures or avoid them after you have put up with them.

With this digital camera, you can also print 2.1×3.4″ pictures instantly from the mobile gallery through Bluetooth.

Kodak Mini 2 is consistent with iPhone, iPad & Android devices.

On the other hand, Printing has never been manageable thanks to the Kodak Mini 2 Retro digital camera.

Pictures are even half the price if bought in a camera bundle!

Two Image Types: 

The Kodak Mini 2 uses 4PASS technology, letting you print perfect images in seconds.

As the snapshots are put out on layers of pigments and laminated, they are safeguarded against fingerprints and moisture.

Images have been durable for over 100 years.

Printing border and borderless images with the Kodak Shot 2 image printer is possible.

With this digital camera, you can produce enduring memories by writing down your remembrances in the border type.

You can print the borderless type of image if you want to get them in a bigger size.

Moreover, you can Download the picture printing application by Kodak and get snapshots from anywhere at any time.

It equips adorning functions like beauty, filters, frames, etc.

You can utilise the app to communicate your images.

The app and quickest image camera will do the remaining work for you.


Operation and printing are simple.

The images are crystal clear with excellent quality, just as I anticipated.

Very good tech assistance and easy operation.

With a straightforward set-up, I’m overjoyed with the purchase.


Brand Kodak 
measurements of the product  6.42 x 6.06 x 4.57 inches
weight of the product  ‎1.54 pounds
the model number of the product   CAR-C210RY
manufacturer   Prinics Co., Ltd.
components included  Camera Body & Accessories 
name of the model  Kodak Mini Shot 2 Retro 
colour of the film  yellow  
devices compatible  camera 
exposure control type  auto 
shutter speed   ½ seconds  
Reasons To Buy
  • Easy to operate.
  • The quality is great.
  • Affordable price.
  • Print quality is also excellent, with good lighting.
  • The colours are clear and sharp.
  • Long-lasting battery. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Customer service needs to improve. 

Fujifilm: (Best Hybrid Instant Camera for Photography)

We bought a Fujifilm Instax camera after I decided to pursue my photography career.

We can capture every subject because it covers wide angles.

The camera is easy to carry anywhere with a stylish design.

The camera quickly prints the pictures with a single tap.

I recommend the cameras to others when considering their performance and customer service.

It is one of the best digital instant cameras. 


Elegant Design/Easy Printing: 

This small-sized instant camera slips into your pocket easily and can be taken anywhere.

You can use the display to get your best shot and select the images to print.

Plus, you can convert recorded sounds into a QR code and add it to your picture.

Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to replay the sound and relieve the moment. 


Very convenient to use, and the films are used to print stylish pictures.

I am overjoyed with this product’s capabilities, setup simplicity, and customer service.

It functions perfectly, and I am quite happy with them. With this buy I am pleased. 


Brand Fujifilm 
measurements of the product  ‎5.79 x 4.06 x 3.39 inches
weight of the product  ‎9 ounces
the model number of the product   16631813
manufacturer   Fujifilm 
components included  Camera Body & Accessories 
name of the model  Fujifilm 
colour of the film  coloured   
devices compatible  camera 
exposure control type  auto 
shutter speed   ½ seconds  
Reasons To Buy
  • On-demand instant photo printing.
  • Compact.
  • Affordable price.
  • Mini-film is readily available. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • No in-camera editing.
  • Not great in less light. 

Zink: (Best Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera)

As a camera expert, I’ve used various instant cameras to instantly capture pictures and take prints.

This is the simplest and most dependable one for money.

I bought one Zink Polaroid instant digital camera as a photographer.

The whole thing was fantastic.

Both during the day and night, this instant camera provided superb photographs.

The camera comes with unique functionality that helps you print images instantly.

I heartily endorse these as the best digital instant cameras. 


Easy To Use with Instant Results:

The digital camera shoots everything with the joy of the legacy Polaroid camera in a straightforward, tiny container.

Just select and tap to photograph animated, high-quality images you can post; no wifi connectivity is needed.

The ZINK printing technology helps you to quickly snap colourful, smudge-proof 2×3 inches snapshots instantly when the picture is shot – no ink, ribbons, or cartridges; this lets you efficiently print and post pictures physically at the impulse of a button while keeping all your pictures for manageable uploading. 

Welcome Your Internal Photographer And Post Anywhere: 

Acquire capturing, shoot particulars with the strong sensor in 10 megapixels, put a microSD card to extend the storage, place your Zink paper and print quickly, and add a creative touch with the various modes of the picture.

Smile in front of the camera and capture a picture with the built-in selfie mirror or bring yourself and the group in the picture with the self-timer function.

The 2X3″ prints are prepared quickly; the sticky approval brings in better happiness and uncomplicated posting on most platforms.

Your images are also stored on the Polaroid Snap for quick uploading to your PC and social media platforms. 


This camera is excellent and has no problems that I’ve encountered.

I appreciate that they don’t have AA batteries, so I don’t have to worry about charging them repeatedly.

At night it helps me capture perfect photographs.

I adore this camera. 


Brand Zink Polaroid 
measurements of the product  ‎0.98 x 4.72 x 2.95 inches
weight of the product  13.4 ounces
the model number of the product   POLSP01W
manufacturer   C&A Marketing, (Inc) 
components included  Camera Body & lens 
name of the model  Polaroid Snap Instant Digital Camera
colour of the film  coloured   
devices compatible  camera 
exposure control type  auto 
shutter speed   ½ seconds  
Reasons To Buy
  • No AA batteries.
  • Memory card to enhance storage.
  • It doesn’t look like a toy good material is used.
  • Paper is affordable.
  • Cool filter available. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • You need to take off the Lens cover.
  • The eyehole is very sensitive. 

Buying Guide:

Digital instant cameras are not precisely instant. You have to show patience for 90 seconds for the image to “fill in” to consider the ruined outcome, but we often establish it with several minutes for the finalised pictures to completely bake, indicating richer pigment and stronger emphasis. 

Zink vs. Fujifilm Instax:

Some digital instant cameras utilise the Fujifilm Instax film cartridges in various sizes and combinations. This is the picture paper that Polaroid cameras have traditionally utilised: the paper is uncovered to light, and the chemicals react to create a picture. Other digital cameras use Zink paper, which manipulates heat to turn on pigments in the paper. The benefit to Zink is that you don’t have to get concerned about accidentally uncovering the paper to light, as you do with Instax film. However, we’ve got to know that Zink prints tended to be less animated overall.

Does it print everything you shoot:

With definitive instant digital cameras, all pictures you capture are printed out. That’s even the case for a reasonable number of current instant cameras, but given the expense of film, that approach can be very costly. However, some instant cameras now allow you to preview each picture so you can agree on whether you like to print it out. It could protect your money for an extended time. 

Digital Storage: 

While not adaptable, some recent digital instant cameras come with a microSD card slot and keep a digital copy of every picture you capture. This makes it straightforward to put together a double print, and you can also share that photo on social media more smoothly.


Is Instax 12 better than 11?

The greatest distinction between the two digital instant cameras is the lens. The Instax Mini provides a parallax lens modification function, which indicates the lens and viewfinder line up nicely.

Is Kodak or Fujifilm instant camera better?

Nevertheless, there are significant disadvantages to the Kodak Mini Shot 3. For one, the camera prints enormous, 3 x 3-inch square pictures on Kodak’s film — which handles lower quality and is weaker than Fujifilm’s and Polaroid’s.

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalised our discussion about the best digital instant cameras

Do you guys have experience with the best digital instant cameras? 

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any digital instant cameras you used that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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