The Best 360 Degree Cameras: (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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360-degree cameras are worth buying for the ones owning a property.

A 360-degree camera will prevent crime and provide evidence if something unusual happens.

You are making it one of the best ways to monitor your property from every angle.

Any 360-degree camera has the feature of capturing wide-angle images because it can prevent theft and monitor your property.

Installing a webcam will make sure to detect any anonymous user appropriately.

Get a camera with night vision capability that performs great during the day and night.

Tilt Cameras have a 360-degree field of view, enabling you to regulate movement.

The best 360-degree cameras are available from different brands.

You should pick the best camera that is simply your choice.

We experimented with some 360-degree cameras to find solutions to the security concerns listed below. 

Here Are The Top Picks | Best 360 Degree Cameras

1. Owl 3 |Best 360-Degree Smart Video Conference Camera

A good quality 360-degree camera system is crucial, and meeting Owl 3 is the perfect example of a 360 degrees camera.

Since I have had Owl 3 cameras for years, the quality of this product is the same.

This is an excellent collaboration camera, and it’s perfect for capturing images with a sharp focus.

I adore the easy connectivity, which allows you to connect it to the power and USB for video conferencing.

The camera is easy to use and functions well.

It functions well with the USB – C connectivity; you can manage your online video calls or conferencing.

Also, you can quickly focus on 4 people simultaneously.

If you want a decent 360-degree camera, it is worth it with the best reviews.

As an expert camera person, I have been recommending these devices to anyone. 


Better Collaboration:

It helps you capture 360 degrees videos in 1080p, and the audio is captured for 18.0 ft.

The meeting owl quickly focuses on who is interested in active collaboration and participation while showing the full view of the room 360 degrees. 

Plug/Play Simplicity:

You can unpack your first meeting in seven minutes.

For that, you just have to connect the power and USB.

This way, you can start using your favorite video conferencing platform, and your meeting starts.

Plus, it helps you manage your meetings through a laptop or smartphone. 

Universal Compatibility:

This meeting owl camera is compatible with virtual conferencing platforms.

It includes Zoom or Google Meet.

Moreover, the owl intelligence system focuses on people 4 times quicker.

You can enable this system to get updated with software improvements. 


I am glad with how simple this 360-degree camera would be to use.

Its 1080p video quality is preferable, and it understands what you are looking at.

The mic expansion option allows you to speak whenever and wherever you want to and can be shared with your loved ones.

The updated OIS software works well.

In terms of the camera, I am satisfied with the results. 


Brand Owl 3
Measurements of the products 4.37 x 4.37 x 10.72 Inches
The model number of the product Is MTW300-1000
Minimum focal length 140 Millimeters
Lens type Zoom
Compatibility Laptop
Resistance level Not water resistant 
Reasons To Buy
  • 1080p video quality with 8 mics and 3 speakers.
  • USB – C connectivity.
  • Mic expansion option.
  • Updated OIS software. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Concerns about security vulnerabilities.
  • High price. 

2. Insta360 ONE X2 |Best Budget 360-Degree Waterproof Action Camera

I am a camera expert and have reviewed hundreds of devices till now, and for you, I have the most impressive device that will impress you with its high quality and working.

Insta360 is the best 360-degree camera that comes in a pocket-friendly design.

I captured my whole room and loved the result and quick focus.

It makes sure to give you a stabilized image with a flow state stabilization feature.

Not only a stabilized picture, I feel best for using it underwater while swimming.

After capturing it, I got a smooth, detailed image with the best resolution. 


Pocket Camera Equipment/Flow State Stabilization: 

This single useful device helps you shoot in each direction with 360 capture, and you can choose your favorite angle too.

You can also choose a single lens with a stable camera mode for stabilized and wide-angle footage.

Moreover, the flow state stabilization has advanced algorithms and horizons that level up to keep your shots constant.

It does not need a gimbal. 

Invisible Selfie Stick/Waterproof: 

You can also shoot with an unseen selfie stick and see how it disappears in your edit.

It helps you capture simple angles like drone and third-person perspective with the movement of your wrist. 


Meet the best 360 images in Insta360 with a touchable display that can easily be used for a quick capture.

Cut down the capturing time with its quick autofocus and enjoy the work in one gadget. 


Brand Insta360 One X2
Measurements of the products 4.45 x 1.82 x 1.17 Inches
The model number of the product Is CINOSXX/A
Included components Insta360 ONE 360-degree waterproof camera, 5.7 K 360, stabilization, touch display, AI editing, live streaming, webcam, voice control
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer (Type of battery required)
Reasons To Buy
  • Easy to use Touchable display.
  • Amazing image stabilization.
  • Voice control.
  • Steady cam mode.
  • Huge battery capacity.
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • Affordable price. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Spherical lenses get scratched quickly.
  • Size and shape are not accurate for a pocket-sized camera.
  • The editing process takes time. 

3. Ricoh Theta SC2 |Best 4K 360° Camera Under $300

After witnessing break-ins, a mart owner contacted our firm to suggest a 360-degree camera in his store. 

I recommended the Ricoh theta SC2 360-degree camera, which can record your whole view in a single shot and apprehend what’s happening on your property.

The cameras function well, and using the theta SC is great. 

You should invest in a good quality camera to monitor your whole property. 

I’m very happy with this device.

A 4k video camera setup is user-friendly. 

I have no doubts about the Ricoh Theta camera; you will also receive night vision. 

This camera has excellent quality images and dual-lens exposure.

Also, a feature to capture your images in a stabilized manner. 

Overall, I advise everyone to purchase a Ricoh Theta camera to monitor their property simultaneously. 


Immersive Images In High Quality:

The Ricoh Theta helps you capture immersive images with high performance.

It enables you to record stabilized images and 360-degree natural videos in high resolution.

The image stitching is more accurate than other 360 degrees cameras. 

4k Movie with Night Vision:

It enables you to capture high-quality 360-degree images with 4k videos through image stabilization technology.

Thanks to the night vision that comes with preset mode.

It allows you to capture excellent night views with a wide dynamic range.

Plus, you can apprehend amazing portraits with face-detection features. 

Dual Lens Exposure:

The advanced preset way automatically regulates the AE for the front and rear cameras in views with extreme contrast differences.

This feature works great when shooting videos indoors with strong sunlight. 


Theta 360 is the finest purchase of all.

The comfort and convenience of this camera provide peace of mind. 

The adjustable angle setting is functional and helps you adjust your image accurately.

This amazing device has night vision, dual lens exposure, stabilization, and more. 


Brand Ricoh Theta
Measurements of the products 5.14 x 0.9 x 1.78 Inches
The model number of the product THETA SC2 – WHITE
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer required, included
Captured video resolution 1080p, 4K
Reasons To Buy
  • Adjustable angle setting.
  • Amazing handlebars grips.
  • Easy to use.
  • Theta SC works very well.
  • Affordable price.
  • Lightweight. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Don’t work well without a cell app.
  • Dis connectivity issues. 

4. GoPro MAX |Best Waterproof 360 + Traditional Camera with Touch Screen

A restaurant owner asked for a suggestion of a 360-degree camera to capture his whole restaurant in a single shot. 

I recommended this GoPro Max 360 camera system to give him a feeling to capture the whole restaurant in a single click. 

The image is sharp, and I appreciate that it captures your whole property in one shot.

The 3 in 1 feature allows you to show your creative skills freely. 

To check its microphone performance, you can Vlog with this camera.

You’ll receive the best result with its front display and shotgun microphone. 

You can mount these 360 cameras anywhere as they are weatherproof and can withstand sun or rain. 

This 360-degree camera setup is the best 360-degree camera system for restaurants I have ever used. 


3 – in – 1 Camera/Live Broadcast:

It helps you maximize your creativity skills freely.

With MAX, I can easily record hero-style films and images in 360 – degrees.

Also, I can easily vlog with a shotgun microphone performance and front display. 

Moreover, it gives me stabilized images using 180 degrees capturing as the best buffer.

While I’m there, I can shoot film-style videos quickly.

Thanks to the GoPro application that helps me live stream in 1080p and get Max HyperSmooth stabilization.

The images are instantly saved to the SD card. 

On the other hand, in hero mode, it captures a smooth and silky video that gives a cinematic look. 

PowerPano/Digital Lenses: 

This camera works amazingly in capturing panoramic photos and video interruption of 270 degrees without inspecting the horizon.

It can also capture power pano selfies and other levels of images.

Its six microphones capture 360 audio and offer the best sound. 

Furthermore, it has four digital lenses in hero mode to get the images.

It captures videos and pictures in narrow, linear, comprehensive, and maximum vision.  


The setup wasn’t challenging and easy to use.

The fantastic touchable display and cameras are exactly what I have been searching for, and I’m glad.

You can take it with you anywhere because of its portable design.

This does not get overheated if you use it for a long time and gives a wide range of versatile modes. 


Brand GoPro Max
Measurements of the products 2.52 x 0.98 x 2.72 Inches
The model number of the product Is CHDHZ-201
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer required, included
Captured video resolution 1080p
Included components GoPro MAX Camera, Rechargeable Battery, Curved Adhesive Mount,2 Protective Lenses,2 Lens Caps, Microfiber Bag, Mounting Buckle + Thumb Screw, and USB-C Cable
Reasons To Buy
  • Doesn’t get overheated.
  • 360 footage and stabilization.
  • Touchable screen.
  • Portable design.
  • Versatile modes.
  • Durability is amazing. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Expensive.
  • Rubbery surface finishing.

5. Insta360 ONE X |Best Affordable Action Camera with Stabilization

An owner wanted to put 360-degree Cameras in the work area of her office to record what every employee was doing in her presence. 

I recommend the Insta360 camera.

They work wonderfully and are incredibly easy to use.

The recorded videos are essential in helping you recognize your workers. 

This 360-degree camera records 5.7k resolution videos to make your recordings presentable and clear.  

The stabilized 360 camera offers gimbal-like stabilization and freedom to shoot in cinematic slow motion making it a perfect high-quality 360-degree camera. 


Leading Image Quality And Time Shift:

The insta360 camera has a 5.7k resolution that makes your movies look presentable and quick.

On the other hand, 18 megapixels images offer impressive photographic quality.

You can activate the 50 fps mode to make your videos smoother.

You can also control the time and perspective.

It lets you highlight key moments with cinematic slow motion and speed things with stabilized hyperlapse. 

Flowstate Stabilization with An Invisible Selfie Stick: 

It gives stabilization like gimbals without the use of a gimbal.

Flowstate makes your images and videos smoother.

The traditional action chambers are left to tremble.

Moreover, you get the third-person view too.

You can pair one X with your invisible stick, which is gone instantly.

You get the flying camera without any noise or hassle. 


The insta360 camera offers an excellent view with incredible pictures and internal memory. 

The WiFi connectivity is quite impressive.

It is genuinely well-generated. 

Sharing on social media is quite easy, and undoubtedly you can purchase more.

It’s easy to use and works well for me. 


Brand Insta360 One X
Measurements of the products 4.53 x 1.77 x 1.18 Inches
The model number of the product Is CINONEX/A
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer required and included
Captured video resolution 5.7K
Included components Insta360 1 x 1 (includes battery) defensive bag, 1 USB to micro USB cable, 1 Lightning to micro USB cable, 1 USB Type-C to micro USB cable, 1 micro USB to micro USB cable, 1 micro USB to micro USB cable, 1 Bullet Time accessory (swing line + 1/4-inch screw)
Reasons To Buy
  • Super convenient in small size.
  • Affordable price.
  • It helps in uploading easily on social media.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Internal memory is excellent.
Reasons To Avoid
  • Lacks a long-lasting battery life.

6. Samsung |Best 360 Real 360° High-Resolution VR Camera Under $200

After a terrifying incident at my friend’s office, the owner wanted to install a 360-degree camera to avoid further robberies. 

I recommended the SAMSUNG Gear 360 camera to identify the robbers and submit an insurance claim. 

The pictures show a wide image of vision 360 degrees from top to bottom and left to right. 

I have never experienced connectivity issues, and my videos were impressive and sharp while using this device. 

Enhanced 4k quality videos, live stream recording, and compatibility are all appropriate.

It is trustworthy and has the best 360-degree camera.

It’s excellent for what you need it for. 


Telling the Whole Story:

You can capture the whole view with impressive clarity of 4k videos and 15 megapixels images.

With a 180-degree dual lens, it provides you with a 360 degrees angle image so you can capture all the perspectives of the images. 

Get Back to The Moment: 

The Samsung VR immerses you in the moments you capture with Gear 360.

Plus, you can upload your images and videos to experience Samsung VR in virtual reality.

It can also be shared with your loved ones. 


It’s an affordable option with 360-degree cameras.

Through the cameras, you can get a wide vision of everything. 

It is simple to use and set up while using its instructions. 

The sensors produce pictures of excellent quality. 

These cameras are excellent, and I suggest them to everyone. 


Brand Samsung
Measurements of the products 1.78 x 1.81 x 3.96 Inches
The model number of the product Is SM-R210NZWAXAR
Included batteries 1 A necessary including
Technologies for communication Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Direct
Screening features Wireless
Reasons To Buy
  • Enhanced 4k quality videos.
  • Affordable price.
  • Compatible with iOS and mac-OS.
  • Live stream recording.
  • Lightweight and compatible. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Can’t withstand submersion.
  • Big 4k files.
  • Non-removable batteries. 

7. Theta Z1 |Best 4k 360 Degree Spherical Camera with Dual 1″ Sensors 

My sister runs a clothing store in a busy area of the city. 

Over the years, she had developed trustworthy clients, and her clothing store was known for its ambiance and polite behavior with clients. 

One day she discovered a broken door. 

I advised her to set up the Theta Z1 360-degree cameras inside so that she can see everything clearly in a 360 degrees view to prevent crime. 

The design of this camera is incredibly elegant.

It covers all the areas perfectly. 


23 MP Resolution:

The 23 MP resolution comes with 360 degrees stabilized pictures using a huge sensor and unique types of lens units.

The camera has two illuminated CMOS image sensors on the back.

This system incorporates two units that support 65.6 ft effective pixels and helps you achieve high-resolution images.

Plus, it supports high-sensitivity ISO shots that show its strength in dark indoor shots. 

Renewed Image Processing Algorithm: 

It helps you achieve algorithms to obtain low and high sensitivity with high resolution in your pictures.

Moreover, the dynamic range is perfect for normal shots that reduce black shadows effectively and enhance outdoor brightness. 

360 Degree 4k Videos: 

This camera system has added 3-axis process stabilization while recording videos for superior image stabilization.

It lets you record high-resolution and 360 degrees videos with automatic exposure aperture. 


I can see everything because of improved view angles and advanced night vision.

Theta Z1 connectivity does not cause problems.

I can use most of its functions conveniently. 

This is an excellent, adaptable camera all around. 

This camera is an excellent package when you consider the functions and features. 


Brand Theta Z1
Measurements of the products 4.05 x 7.05 x 2.85 Inches
The model number of the product 910778
Included batteries 1 Lithium Ion is required and included
Reasons To Buy
  • Excellent low-light images.
  • Sturdy and easy-to-use design.
  • Qualitative videos.
  • Third-party plugin increase functionality.
Reasons To Avoid
  • Expensive.
  • Storage can’t be expanded.
  • Requires two applications for editing.

Buying Guide:

360-degree cameras have been trending these days, available for filmmakers.

There are several justifications for purchasing 360-degree cameras and some of the top references to remember for any kind of 360-degree camera you get.

Some of the major explanations why many people are veering around to 360-degree cameras are: 

Inclusion of VR Tech: 

More users around the globe are embracing VR tech more than ever back.

With VR tech utilized with smartphones and overall VR devices like PlayStations, there is an enormous need for this type of content. 

Instructing it with Video Hosting: 

Many video hosting spots utilize 360-degree camera technology.

You can capture and edit 360-degree movies and post them on social media platforms like YouTube. 

The Future of The Film:

Three hundred sixty-degree cameras show the advances in film technology, and with better video recorders using these techniques of cameras, we see extraordinary cinematic works.

Many Hollywood managers are now utilizing these high-quality cameras in their filmmaking tasks and making more immersive movies than ever before.


Are 360-degree cameras worth it?

Even with the latest smartphones or DSLRs with a wide-angle lens, it is hard to apprehend the whole area in one shot.

A significant benefit of 360-degree cameras is being able to record the space around you and glance back at it in a different immersive manner.

What is the most expensive 360-degree camera? 

Insta360 Titan is the first camera that never had such sensors integrated into a 360° camera.

Made of aluminum alloy, the Insta360 Titan is about 23 cm in diameter, weighs 5.5 kg, and includes 9 slots for SD cards.

Sold for more than $15,000, it is nowadays the extensively pricey 360° camera on demand.

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any 360 cameras you used that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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