6 Best Canon Cameras for Northern Lights: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Have you ever heard of the Northern Lights?

Like nature’s dazzling light show in the sky, they are called the Aurora Borealis.

People are amazed when they see these lights dancing in the night sky.

To take pictures of this magical show, you need a special camera that works really well in the dark and takes super clear images.

In this article, we’re going to learn about cameras from a company called Canon.

These cameras are made just for capturing the incredible Northern Lights.

Canon has different kinds of cameras, big ones, and small ones too, that are great for people who are just starting out or for experts.

Let’s discover the best camera choices that can capture the Northern Lights’ magical beauty and keep it forever.

Which are the Best Canon Cameras for Northern Lights?

Here are my recommended top 6 Best Canon Cameras for Northern Lights:-

1. EOS R6: (Best Canon Camera for Northern Lights Photography)

Are you wishing to have a camera that can take incredible pictures of the Northern Lights, those amazing colors that light up the night sky?

Well, that’s exactly what the Canon EOS R6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera can do.

Let’s take a closer look at why it’s so awesome, what makes it great, and a few things you should know about it.


Super Clear Photos:

The Camera has a unique sensor that helps it take really clear pictures, even when it’s dark outside, and the northern Lights are shining.

Speedy Snaps:

This Camera is lightning-fast! It can take up to 12 pictures in just one second when you press the regular button.

And guess what? There’s a quiet button that can take up to 20 pictures super quietly.

Smart at Focusing:

This Camera is pretty smart.

It knows where to focus so that your pictures of the Northern Lights and everything else look really sharp.

Tracks Moving Things:

The Camera can even follow people and animals automatically.

So, if something is moving, the Camera stays focused on it. 

Awesome Videos:

It’s not just for pictures.

You can use it to make videos of the Northern Lights, too, and they’ll look amazing.

Final Thoughts:

The Canon EOS R6 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera is like a magical key to capturing the beauty of the Northern Lights.

It’s quick, it’s clever, and it can help you keep those amazing moments forever.

Just remember to keep an eye on the Battery and your wallet.

With this Camera, you’ll not only see the Northern Lights but also make them a part of your own incredible story.

  • Even in the dark, this Camera takes fantastic pictures. It’s like having a superhero camera for nighttime adventures.
  • You won’t miss any extraordinary moments of the Northern Lights because this Camera takes pictures super quickly.
  • Imagine having a clever friend who helps you take pictures that aren’t blurry. That’s what this Camera does.
  • You can even make movies of the Northern Lights in super clear quality. It’s like having your own movie studio.
  • This Camera uses up its Battery pretty fast, especially when it’s doing all these incredible things. So, having extra batteries with you is a smart move.

2. EOS R5: (Best Mirrorless Camera for Northern Lights Videos)

Our second recommendation is if you are dreaming of having a super cool camera that can capture those colorful lights in the sky called the Northern Lights.

The Canon EOS R5 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera is like a special tool just for that.

So, without any delay, let’s dive into what makes this Camera awesome and why it’s perfect for taking those stunning Northern Lights pictures.


Works Even in the Dark:

The Camera has an extraordinary brain, like a super smart helper, called a DIGIC X Image Processor.

It helps the Camera take great pictures even when it’s really dark outside.

So, you can snap photos of the Northern Lights even at nighttime.

Takes Pictures Really Fast:

Imagine being able to take lots of pictures super quickly.

This Camera can capture up to 12 pictures every second when you press the button or even up to 20 pictures silently.

Smart at Focusing:

Have you ever taken a picture and it turned out blurry?

This Camera knows how to focus on exactly what you want to capture, like magic.

Follows Moving Things:

If you want to capture things that move, like people playing or animals running around, the Camera can keep them in focus.

This is really handy for taking pictures of the Northern Lights as they dance across the sky.

Stops Shaky Hands:

Sometimes, our hands shake a bit when we’re excited.

But guess what? This Camera has a unique power to stop that shaking, so your pictures turn out clear and sharp, even if you’re thrilled about snapping the Northern Lights.

Takes Super-Detailed Shots:

There’s a special mode that lets you take pictures with tons of tiny details.

This is great for things like capturing artwork or signs on buildings.

Final Thoughts:

The Canon EOS R5 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera is an amazing tool that helps you take the most incredible pictures of the Northern Lights and other amazing things.

It can make your pictures super clear, even when it’s dark outside or your hands are a little wobbly. So go and grab your one.

  • Takes pictures that show off all the beautiful colors of the Northern Lights really well.
  • It can capture lots of pictures really fast, even when it’s pretty dark outside.
  • The Camera is smart and knows how to focus on things that move, like the playful Northern Lights.
  • You can store a bunch of pictures without worrying about space.
  • Even if your hands are a bit shaky, the Camera can help make your pictures not blurry.
  • Since the Camera is really special, it might cost a bit more than regular cameras.

3. Canon EOS R50: (Best Mirrorless Vlogging Camera for Content Creator)

The Canon EOS R50 Mirrorless vlogging camera is another amazing piece to help you capture amazing northern lights.

It comes with amazing features which will boost your photography to a new level.

So, Let’s take a closer look into features and how they can make your photography amazing.


Cool Size, Awesome Power:

The Canon EOS R50 is a bit small and lightweight, but don’t let that fool you.

It’s got a super smart 24.2 Megapixel camera sensor, and a thing called the DIGIC X processor that makes your pictures and videos look amazing.

Movies That Rock:

This Camera can record really sharp 4K videos at up to 30 frames per second.

And guess what? You can even slow things down with Full HD High-frame rate mode to make videos look extra cool at up to 120 frames per second.

Magic Focus:

The Canon EOS R50 has this trick called Dual Pixel CMOS AF II that’s like a super-smart helper.

It keeps your subject in focus, no matter where it moves – like magic.

Multiple Pictures:

It can take up to 12 pictures in just one second – that’s super speedy.

And if you’re feeling even more adventurous, it can do 15 pictures in just a second with a different trick called the Electronic Shutter.

Final Thoughts:

The Canon EOS R50 Mirrorless Vlogging Camera is your magical tool.

Whether you’re a beginner or just starting out, this Camera’s easy-to-use features, like the smart focus and stunning video quality, will make you feel like a pro.

So grab your EOS R50 and get ready to capture amazing photographs of the Northern Lights in all their glory – it’s like making your own piece of art.

  • This Camera makes taking pictures so easy. It does a lot of the work for you, making sure your photos look awesome without any fuss.
  • There’s a special mode called “Advanced A+ Assist” that lets you take really cool pictures, even if things are a bit tricky. It’s like having a photo expert with you.
  • If you’re into making videos – like vlogs or cool stuff for YouTube – the EOS R50 has your back. It can make super-sharp 4K videos that look like they’re straight out of the movies.
  • The Camera has a big screen that you can move around, so you can take pictures from high or low angles. It’s like a big touch-screen phone, but for taking awesome pics.
  • The only thing to keep in mind is that the Camera can record videos for about 1 hour at a time. So, if you’re planning super-long videos, you might need to take a break.

4. Canon G9 X Mark II: (Best Compact Digital Camera for Northern Lights)

The Canon PowerShot G9 X is like a trusty companion that helps you to capture amazing photographs.

In this article, we’re going to explore what makes this Camera special, talk about the good things it can do, and also mention a few things to keep in mind.

So, let’s dive in and find out why this Camera is perfect for taking pictures of the Northern Lights.


The Canon PowerShot G9 has a special “eye” called a 1.0-inch, 20.1-megapixel high-sensitivity CMOS sensor.

Imagine this sensor as a super observant friend who can see really well, even when it’s dark outside.

This is fantastic for capturing the Northern Lights in all their glory.

And you know what else? Inside this Camera, there’s a brain called a Digic 7 image processor, which helps make your pictures look extra amazing.


The Camera is not only smart but also small and lightweight.

It’s like carrying a magical photo-capturing buddy in your pocket.

If you’re in a hurry to take a picture, don’t worry.

This Camera can quickly focus on what you want, just like magic.

Multiple Pictures

This Camera is super fast! It can take up to 8.2 pictures in just one second.

So, if the Northern Lights are putting on a colorful dance in the sky, you won’t miss any of the fun and vibrant moments.

Conveniently Sharing:

And if you’re someone who loves sharing your photos, this Camera has a cool trick up its sleeve.

It can talk to your phone using Bluetooth, making it a piece of cake to show off your incredible Northern Lights snapshots to your friends and family.

Final Thoughts:

The Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II is an amazing camera, especially if you’re eager to capture the marvel of the Northern Lights.

It’s not just for experts; even beginners and young photographers can enjoy its benefits.

It’s like having a trusty sidekick that helps you collect the wonder and enchantment of the Northern Lights through your lens.

These memories will be with you forever, thanks to your pocket-sized camera friend.

  • This Camera is like having night vision goggles. It can capture beautiful pictures even when it’s dark outside, perfect for the Northern Lights spectacle.
  • It’s tiny and light, so you can carry it wherever you go without any hassle.
  • Just like a quick thinker, this Camera can focus on things really fast.
  • You can easily show your friends your wonderful pictures using Bluetooth.
  • Although the Camera comes with a battery, it’s not the kind you can recharge.

5. EOS R7: (Best Canon Video Camera for Northern Lights)

The Canon EOS R7 camera can take your photography to new scales with its amazing features and specs.

It can be proven to be your go-to choice for every kind of photography.

Let’s explore what makes the Canon EOS R7 special and how it can help you capture the mesmerizing Northern Lights.


Super Smart Image Processor:

The Canon EOS R7 has a special brain called the DIGIC X image processor.

It’s like a super brain that helps your photos and videos look extra clear and awesome, even if it’s super dark outside.

Mega Pixels Sensor:

This Camera has a special sensor with 32.5 million tiny dots.

It’s like a super-duper eye that sees lots of details in your pictures, even when it’s a bit dark outside.

Works with Different Lenses:

It can wear EF-S, EF, RF, and the cool new RF-S lenses.

This means you can choose the best lens for taking pictures of the Northern Lights.

Super Fast Shooting:

The Camera can take lots of pictures really quickly – up to 15 pictures in just one second!

Steady and Clear Shots:

This Camera has a magic trick called 5-axis image stabilization.

It helps keep your pictures still, like magic, even when you’re excited or the wind is blowing.

Bright and Clear Screen:

The Camera has a screen that shows your pictures and videos really clearly.

It’s like a magic window that makes everything look great.

Small and Light:

The EOS R7 is not heavy and fits easily in your bag.

So, you can take it with you everywhere you go, like a trusty sidekick.

Final Thoughts:

The Canon EOS R7  With its smart brain, lots of dots in its sensor, and super-fast shooting, it’s like a magic wand for photographers.

Even if your hands shake a little, this Camera’s trick keeps your pictures still.

And don’t worry about running out of Battery during the Northern Lights show – it can keep filming for a long time.

It’s easy to charge, has a clear screen, and you can carry it around everywhere.

So, if you’re ready to capture the Northern Lights dance and want a camera that’s like a best friend on your adventures, the Canon EOS R7 is the way to go.

Grab this Camera and start creating memories that will light up your life.

  • While the Canon EOS R7 is amazing for taking pictures of the Northern Lights, it might take a little practice to understand all its cool features.
  • Fast Shooting.
  • Mirrorless.
  • Autofocus.
  • No video record limit.
  • Image Stabilization.
  • Buffer could be better.

6. Canon EOS R8: (Best Affordable Camera for Northern Lights)

Those colorful lights dancing in the night sky are called Northern Lights; they’re like a magical show nature puts on.

To capture these amazing lights, there is another amazing camera like the Canon EOS R8 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera.

Let’s learn about its cool features, good things, not-so-good things, and why it’s perfect for capturing the Northern Lights.


Big Picture Beauty:

The Canon EOS R8 is like a magic box that takes super-clear pictures.

It’s great at catching tiny details and making colors look fantastic.

It’s like having a pro photographer in your hands.

Super Smart Focus:

This Camera is smart.

It knows where to focus, even if things are moving.

Imagine you’re taking a picture of a friend with the Northern Lights behind.

This Camera will make sure your friend looks sharp and clear.

Amazing Videography:

The EOS R8 can also make awesome videos.

It can record really clear videos with beautiful colors.

So, if you want to capture not just pictures but moving scenes of the Northern Lights, this Camera can do it.

Final Thoughts:

So, if you want to catch the Northern Lights’ magic and make it last forever, the Canon EOS R8 Camera is like a friend you want to take on your adventure.

It’s easy to use, takes awesome pictures, and makes cool videos.

Just remember to have an extra battery in case it gets tired.

So, get ready to capture the Northern Lights like a pro with the EOS R8! and go and grab your piece.

  • Light and Easy: This Camera is not heavy, so you can carry it around easily.
  • Smart Focus: It’s great at making sure your pictures are not blurry.
  • Cool Videos: You can make videos that look amazing.
  • Special Modes: It has modes for special colors and different looks.
  • Battery Time: Sometimes, the Battery doesn’t last super long, so you might need an extra one.
  • One Battery Only: You can only use one Battery at a time, so if you’re out for a long time, be prepared.


To capture the northern lights is the inner appeal of every photographer.

Imagine you’re on a magical adventure to capture the Northern Lights, just like a dream come true.

Canon has some amazing cameras like EOS R6, R5, R50, PowerShot G9 X Mark II, EOS R7, and EOS R8.

These cameras are like special tools that can fit different people with different skills.

Whether you like making videos, exploring new places, or taking pictures like a pro, these cameras are here to help you save the incredible beauty of the Northern Lights forever.

It’s like capturing the enchanting light dance in the sky and keeping it with you always.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What makes Canon cameras suitable for capturing the Northern Lights?

The Canon’s cameras are excellent to capture in low light conditions, so they are a perfect fit for the northern lights.

Can I use Canon EOS R6 for both photography and videography of the Northern Lights?

Yes, you can use Canon cameras for both video and photography.

Which Canon camera is best for travelers looking to capture the Northern Lights?

In this regard, the Canon PowerShot G9 X Mark II is an excellent choice.

Are the Canon EOS R7 and R8 suitable for professional photographers?

Yes, both the Canon EOS R7 and R8 offer features that cater to professional photographers.

Can I rely on Canon’s subject detection for capturing the fast-moving Northern Lights?

Canon’s subject detection technology is designed to track subjects, which can be beneficial when capturing the Northern Lights ‘ dynamic movement accurately.

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