7 Best Camera for Surf Photography: (2024 Expert Guide & Reviews)

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“When words become unclear, I shall focus on photographs.

When images become inadequate, I shall be content with silence.”

– Ansel Adams

Surf photographers face several problems.

When they enter the ocean waves they must be physically and mentally in shape. 

The camera must be waterproof to be used for oceanic sceneries.

If water gets up on it, the camera doesn’t get damaged. 

If you buy a wide-angle camera, it allows you to capture the whole scenery in a single click rather than clicking different shots. 

Surf photographers must have a perfect image quality camera to get a picture that is to the point with a single capture. 

Where can you find this type of camera?

No worries.

Here I’m mentioning the best cameras for surf photography down below.

Here Are My Recommended Top 8 Best Camera for Surf Photography:

1. RICOH WG-6 |Best Waterproof Camera for Surf Photography

At a cafe, I met a friend. 

Along with me, he began learning photography. 

He then had to relocate to a different city. 

When we met and I inquired about his work, he informed me that his camera was having trouble and he was having a hard time focusing. 

He claimed that his camera has numerous issues, including lousy resolution pictures, low-quality design, not being waterproof, and doesn’t record movies. 

He claimed he wanted to upgrade his camera but can spend money on it. 

I advised him to purchase this ‘Ricoh WG-6 Webcam camera I had previously owned and found quite reliable. 

The best camera for surf photography. 

While using this camera to do surf photography, I had a great time with this camera. 


High-Resolution Images:

As a photography freak, I need my pictures on point.

With Ricoh WG-6, I get 20 megapixels image resolution. 

Not only this but here we get low noise and a wide dynamic range combined to sharpen the picture. 

This way, you are awarded the best-resolution pictures. 

Outdoor Design:

Furthermore, it has a unique outdoor design and can cope with extreme weather conditions. 

It has a rugged body which is fantastic for dealing with harsh weather conditions. 


When we talk about weather conditions, the most important thing is is this camera waterproof.


It has features to keep them waterproof. 

It can be used at a depth of 20m underwater with zero worries. 

Advance Movie Recording:

When buying a camera, make sure it can shoot highly realistic movies while avoiding shaking because of its shake-reduction feature. 

Used As A Webcam:

It can become a webcam and stay connected to a computer. 

Live streaming of small objects can be shared using a ring light and macro shooting function. 

It allows you to take pictures as close as 1 cm from the object. 

Bright Ring Light:

Its lens is surrounded by six variable brightness, which lightens up the pictures. 

With their unique features, LEDs can be controlled individually to Host in several ways, such as enhancing the entire object. 

It eliminates extra shadows and deepens the shadows during macro photography. 

Microscope Mode:

This camera has a digital microscope WG-6 to take impressive pictures that capture the object’s features that cannot be resolved with the naked eye. 

The 6-LED ring light feature prevents blur with a fast shutter speed. 


I highly recommend using ‘The Ricoh WG-6 webcam’ for surf photography. 

Six variable brightening features surround its lens to lighten up the picture. 

Also, it can be used as a webcam and stay connected to computers.

  • Durable.
  • Better imaging.
  • They can survive more brutal drops.
  • Microscope mode is fantastic.
  • Clear images. 
  • Expensive.
  • Battery life needs to be improved. 


2. Exprotrek |Best 4k Action Camera for Photography

I discovered my old camera while organizing my wardrobe. 

I remember my skills in photography, videography, and other things back then. 

Due to my love for photography, my recent interest developed in surfing photography. 

As I informed you earlier, I began working as a professional photographer and videographer as I developed my interest in surfing photography. 

I bought this ‘Exprotrek 4K action camera’ to reignite the spark, so I can experiment with surfing photography. 

I bought it because I also wanted to continue with my professional photography, and this laptop is ideal for all types of photographs. 

Because surfing photography demands a powerful machine to support water-resistant, clear images and a fantastic battery, I bought this camera myself. 


4K HD Camera:

For professional pictures, it’s the perfect camera.

It has 4K 60fps and 2.7k 60fps videography features with 20 megapixels of photos. 

Great photos are provided in just 30 seconds.

That means four times the resolution of HD cameras. 

Also, it’s supported by a 128GB micro SD card. 

Waterproof Camera:

This 4K action cam with waterproof housing is fantastic.

It’s durable in water at up to 130 feet. 

It’s fantastic for watery sports like swimming, surfing, etc.

Also, it comes with a variety of accessories. 

This camera can transform into indoor and outdoor extreme activities. 

Remote Control/Wireless:

It has a 2.4G wireless remote control to use the camera without a hand. 

This can control the camera, which makes frame recording and video recording more convenient just by pressing the remote control button. 

It provides full sports support with a remote control, and you are good at capturing your world in it. 

Rechargeable Battery:

This camera has two rechargeable batteries, so you don’t have to panic about capturing pictures. 

It has two rechargeables and 1350 mAh batteries. 


Install the application on your mobile phone or tablet to connect it to the camera. 

Without using wires, WiFi can be connected over 8-15 meters outdoors. 


The Exprotrek 4K action camera highlights all the top features of a perfect camera with a touch screen and rechargeable battery. 

It’s 4K 60 fps and 2.7k 60fps videography with 20 megapixels and wireless remote control, which makes the frame recording and video recording more convenient just by pressing a single button.  

  • Dual screen.
  • Easy to use.
  • Good working applications. 
  • 4K quality needs to be improved.
  • Only the witch case is waterproof. 

3. iShare |Best Cheap Camera Under $100

I have to use a camera constantly for my work. 

It was fulfilled on my previous camera, which is a little old and outdated due to frequent use several times. 

I needed a new one because the previous camera got stuck while using it and started acting oddly. 

I researched before deciding, and the ‘4K digital camera’ exceeded my expectations regarding wide angle lens, reviews, features, and high resolution. 

Overall I’m glad and pleased with almost every aspect of the machine. 

This camera’s 16x digital zoom allows me to capture the whole picture in a single click, and I don’t have to put much effort into capturing photographs repeatedly.

And this was the primary reason for buying this camera. 


Zoom/Wide Angle Lens:

With 16x digital zoom, distant pictures can get captured with high quality. 

It has a wide-angle lens and can be used to capture scenery at a wide angle. 

The wide-angle design is perfect for capturing pictures outdoors. 

Furthermore, it’s great for landscape and portrait pictures and vlogging. 

Clear Pictures:

This amazing vlogging camera supports 4.0K or 30fps video resolution.

It also captures pictures with 48-megapixel image resolution. 

It has incredible photography and video graphing effects. 

More realistic and natural pictures are captured with high-quality recording features. 

Sharing Your Moments:

The WiFi feature allows you to capture photos and videos through your phone.

Install the XDV PRO application to control the camera remotely and capture photographs. 

This way, you’ll get images instantly on your mobile phone.

Also, it helps you to share photos and videos on social media. 

By using camera mode, it works as a webcam, so you enjoy video chat and live streaming. 

Suitable for Amateurs:

It had a 3-inch LCD screen with 180 rotation.

It makes selfie-shooting more accessible and more fun. 

With its anti-shake feature, clear pictures can be captured.

Moreover, it has slow-motion and time-lapse features. 

Perfect As a Gift:

This digital camera has a unique appearance.

It is mini and lightweight, easy to carry and use, and can record pictures and videos. 

It is a fantastic camera as a gift for birthdays, vlogging, graduation, Christmas, etc.

The SD card supports 128 GB of extra storage. 


I highly recommend using a 4K digital camera for surfing photography lovers. 

Its anti-shake feature provides a clear picture and has a slo-mo and time-lapse feature. 

Also, it allows capturing pictures and videos from mobile phones by installing XDV PRO. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Best camera for beginners.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to carry.
  • No zoom.
  • The battery needs to be improved. 

4. Canon EOS R |Best Budget Camera for Surf Photography

My friend is the head of the school.

He added new courses to his co-curricular activities, including photography. 

He knew that the younger generation needed to seek out these skills as technology advanced and the world became more digital. 

He asked me to teach students photography to beginners and students as he knew I was a skilled photographer. 

I enjoy doing it because it’s a lot of fun. 

I informed my students to buy this ‘Canon EOS R mirrorless camera which I have personally used and believe it’s the best for learning photography. 

Due to ease of use. 

I recommend this camera for beginners as well as for surf photography. 


Image Processor:

This camera has a 30.3 megapixel CMOS sensor in full frame and also has a DIGIC 8 image processor. 

CMOS Sensor:

It has dual-pixel autofocus CMOS with 5655 and also manually selectable autofocus. 


With Canon registration 4K 30p and 10-bit, your camera becomes dust and drip-resistant. 


The integrated EVF with 3.69 million points, a variable angle, a touchable screen, and an LCD panel. 


The approximate magnification is 0.76 with an infinite lens. 


I recommend using the Canon EOS R mirrorless camera for surf photography.

This camera is dustproof and drip-resistant because of the 4K 30p canon registration. 

It also has a CMOS sensor and manually selectable autofocus. 

  • Affordable.
  • The LCD screen on the back.
  • Bright image.
  • Amazing tilt.
  • Accurate autofocus.
  • Eye autofocus doesn’t work in continuous mode.
  • I can’t look through without turning the lens. 

5. EOS Rebel T6i |Best Surfing Video Camera Under $500

My friend was having some financial issues after paying his household bills, his camera got out of order, and he wanted to buy a new one as he still needed to work as a photographer and capture surfing pictures. 

He felt a little too short on money after paying his household bills. 

In addition, I thought he was wasting too much cash on ineffective cameras all this long. 

I advised him to buy this ‘Canon EOS Rebel T6i camera because I thought it would be worthwhile and is the best camera for surfing. 

Finding the right candidate took a long time, but this Sony was it. 

Thanks to its CMOS sensor, full HD EOS movie mode, controlling brightness, continuous shooting, cross-type autofocus, and the EOS webcam, this camera has it all and is best for money and surfing. 


CMOS Sensor:

This Canon camera has a 242-megapixel CMOS sensor with ISO 100-12800. 

It helps you capture high-quality pictures. 

Full HD Movie:

With EOS, full HD movie mode captures perfect images in MP4 format. 

Brightness can be controlled and can be adjusted in seven levels. 

Continuous Shooting:

High-speed continuous shooting can be up to 50 fps and helps you click pictures quickly. 


19-point all cross-type autofocus helps me capture perfect pictures with superb autofocus performance. 

EOS Webcam:

It has EOS webcam software to make your compatible camera into a high-quality webcam. 


I recommend using ‘canon EOS Rebel’ for surfing photography. 

It has cross-type autofocus, which helps capture a perfect picture with excellent autofocus performance. 

Also, it has a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor for better picture quality. 

  • The screen is functional.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Quick autofocus.
  • Performs best on a tripod. 
  • WiFi functionality needs to be improved.
  • The software is flaky. 

6. Sony a9 II |Best Camera for Surfing Photos

Photography is my younger brother’s hobby. 

Whenever I see him capturing pictures like surfing photos and other types of images, I’m always astonished at his photo skills. 

Despite my contentment for him, I was concerned about how much time he spent capturing a single photograph. 

I wanted him to learn new skills since he was already sixteen. 

Because of this, I reasoned ‘’why not teach him professional-level surfing photos?’’ 

I got his consideration by promising him the best camera, the ‘Sony a9 ll mirrorless camera’, in return for his agreement to learn the professional level of surfing photography. 

Camera, he could use this to capture amazing pictures in less time. 

To accept the offer, he was delighted. 

His present from me was this camera.

Surfing photography can be amazingly done on this camera. 

This Sony a9 has a 1378 fast speed with 24.2 megapixels CMOS sensor and integrated memory. 


About SONY A9:

It is a professional camera that is perfect for sports photography and photojournalism. 

What’s in the Box:

Several products are included in the box, such as a power cord, battery, cable protector, charger, strap, body or shoe covers, suction cup, and USB cable. 

Type of Viewfinder:

It has an electronic viewfinder. 


The entire frame is created of 1378 in faster speed with a 24.2 megapixels stacked CMOS sensor with integrated memory. 

Fast Autofocus:

This camera has speedy autofocus for up to 20 fps with a high resolution with 60 autofocus detecting calculations per second. 

Subject Recognition:

It has real-time monitoring and real-time eye autofocus which is made for humans, animals, and movies. 

Memo Function:

Voice memos can connect with photo files and use voice to message for IPTC data. 

Brightness Viewer:

It has an accurate OLED search engine with 100% frame coverage without dulling. 


This camera has high speed of WIFI with Ethernet up to 1 Gbps and FTP transfer. 

4K Recording:

Interval shooting can be done with s&q movement and 2.4x oversampling.

It has full pixel reading without storage. 


This camera has unique features, including a touchscreen, Bluetooth, flicker proof, stabilization, and dual card slots. 


I highly recommend the Sony a9 ll mirrorless camera for surfing photography. 

Its fast autofocus for up to 20 fps helps it provide a clear and full-resolution picture. 

One thousand three hundred seventy-eight frames are created quickly with a 24.2-megapixel CMOS sensor. 

  • Amazing for all sorts of events.
  • Captures perfect pictures in low light.
  • Anti-flicker mode.
  • Fast autofocus. 
  • The battery needs to be improved.
  • Only for sports. 

7. Sony RX10 IV |The Best camera for Surf Photography and Video

My friend has a photography competition at his school.

His principal launched photography as a compulsory subject in the curriculum activities. 

He knew that the younger generation needed to seek out this skill as technology advanced and the world became more digital. 

The principal asked my friend to teach students photography to beginners and students because he knew my friend would handle it perfectly. 

He enjoyed doing it because it was a lot of fun.

He first advised the students to purchase a high-quality camera for all purposes.

The first topic of photography was surfing. 

I informed him to advise the students to buy this ‘Sony Cyber-shot’, which I have personally used and believe to be the best for students to learn surfing photography. 

Due to ease of use. 

It has a speedy autofocus of 0.03 seconds.

The image stabilization feature is perfectly designed for capturing pictures in low light and zooming. 

The students enjoyed using this Sony camera. 


Fastest Autofocus:

It has the world’s fastest autofocus, with a speed of 0.03 seconds.

Also, it has an image stabilization feature made by Sony that is perfect for clicking pictures and hand photos in low light and at end zoom range. 

Phase Detection:

This camera has 315 autofocus points covering 65% of the frame. 

It has a light measurement mode in multi-pattern mode, heavy center, end, medium-full screen, and highlight. 


It has an ultra-zoom lens with ZEISS Vario Sonnar. 


This camera is ideal for two SLR cameras with or without batteries. 


It has two compartments and pockets. 


I recommend using SONY cyber-shot RX10 for surfing photography. 

It plays the best role in phase detection, and autofocus is fast and detects the object in 0.03 seconds. 

Also, it has an image stabilization feature for capturing the best pictures in low light. 

  • High-quality stills and movies.
  • Telephoto ZEISS lens.
  • Eye autofocus is fantastic.
  • Designed for amateur videos.
  • 1-inch stacked sensor. 
  • Overexpose in auto mode.
  • Menus are hard to navigate. 

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