The Best Security Camera System Under $500: (2024 Expert Guide & Reviews)

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An easy approach to monitoring what is occurring inside your house and keeping a close eye out for burglars is to install security cameras.

They offer exceptional value for the price because they are packed with security features.

Finding a model with additional features that distinguish it apart from the rest is essential, so you get the best quality. 

The price of a cutting-edge security system is considerable because you have to search around for numerous cameras with detectors and alerts.

Finding the most efficient system of security cameras doesn’t necessarily have to be pricey, either.

For many developers of security products, one of our goals is to offer choices to people from different socioeconomic backgrounds.

Everyone deserves to be able to protect the people safely and economically they care about.  

Many companies in the industry describe their products using ambiguous wording and exaggerated specs.

Due to the buyer’s lack of knowledge, they feel they have the right to increase their fees. 

For around $500, we found several excellent, efficient security systems that include everything.

These systems are very competitively priced and offer top-notch security features.

Which are the Best Security Camera Systems under $500?

Here are my recommended top 5 Best Security Camera System Under $500:-

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1. Blink: (Best Weather Resistant Security Camera)

My father was going out of town, so he was very skeptical about our family.

And especially after the recent tragedy in my neighborhood, he wanted to protect the family.

So, my father read about this camera setup, and he installed it in and outside the house. 

Key Features:

Style And Performance:

With dual AA rechargeable batteries that will last up to two years thanks to Blink’s patented chip technologies, this lets you monitor activity around and within your house without worrying about needing to replace the batteries all the time.

Utilizing HD real-time vision and infrared night-time vision, you can use the Blink application to monitor your house from anywhere.

You can hear and respond with two-way communication, making it feel like you’re at the house even when you aren’t.

Make your privacy and movement detection regions to ensure that you only notice the activity you care about.

Everything that is needed to get started is included inside the box, so you won’t have to waste time looking for outlets or paying a professional to install them.

Additionally, you may mount, hang, or place it wherever you want thanks to its wire-free structure.


A maximum of ten Blink cameras linked to the Blink Synchronization Module 2 may be stored directly in your house, where they may be viewed for free via the Blink application or PC by connecting a USB drive (available separately).

The camera is designed to endure the weather it is rain or heat, so you can safeguard your home indoors or out.

Utilize the Blink Monthly Subscription to save videos and photographs in the cloud, and a USB flash drive to store occurrences immediately on the Blink Sync Module 2. 

Receive notifications when motion is detected on your smartphone with the Blink House Monitor application, ensuring that you are only alerted when necessary.

It also performs well with Alexa. 

What Makes It Best: 

The video quality is superb.

Even though night vision on cameras is the best it gets, daytime visibility is slightly superior.

To capture some regions and omit others, you can zoom completely into very small places.

Playback and camera control are really simple. 

You may quickly and instantly control the cameras in any way you choose.

I simply enter the application and turn the cameras off if I’m completing a task in the garden and do not want my cameras running on battery for hours.

It happens quickly. 

Similarly to that, it’s quite simple for me to access the app and switch to live view if I hear something at night so I can check the entire house.


This is for a reason one of the best security cameras as it’s easy to use and serves value for money.

And you sleep with peace of mind that you can check activity around your house any time possible. 

  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to install.
  • Provides a wider view.
  • Zooms into little detail.s
  • Weather resistant.
  • Cloud storage should be large.

2. Eufy: (Best Security Camera System Under $500)

Being a working woman, I am always worried for the security of my kids as they tend to come back from school earlier than me, so they are home alone for a good 3 to 5 hours.

So, my husband bought this camera setup, and we installed it outside our house.

After that, my mind was at peace knowing that my kids are safe as I was able to monitor each activity happening inside and outside the house. 

Key Features:


This camera offers 1080p High Definition live streaming and recording for security.

Your living area’s 135° horizontal field of vision gives you a clear picture of everything going on inside and outside.

180-day battery capacity on a single charge allows for half-year protection instead of requiring numerous trips to get the camera charged.

Excellent night vision allows you to see who is there even at night by allowing you to examine records or live video in crystal-clear detail.

Using human detecting technology, the camera can accurately identify patterns in the body and face.

Guaranteeing that you only receive a warning when an individual, not a stray cat or anything irrelevant comes close.

EufyCam 2C is made to withstand the environment and has an IP67 waterproof rating.


Obtain a brighter, better view of the subjects during the day and nighttime.

Integrated AI technology recognizes and concentrates on people.

Even in dim light conditions, the integrated spotlight brightens the entire region and lets you see the entire scene with color richness.

There is also a setting for infrared.

The amount of erroneous alarms you get is decreased by human detection.

EufyCam 2C automatically distinguishes between people and objects.

You can choose where the camera will look for movement.

To ensure that you only get the alerts you want, customize the area to your house.

Your film is kept secret during storage and transmission thanks to AES-128 encrypting data.

Use two-way communication to communicate immediately with anyone who visits your home.

For total control over the monitoring, link your equipment to Amazon Alexa.

What Makes It Best:

The Eufy offers significantly better image quality, but its superior field of vision is what matters most.

As a result, I was able to put it nearer to the front door while still seeing the same coverage area.

This improved movement detection.

The quality of nighttime images has been somewhat improved.

The AI in the Eufy could be configured to exclusively notify people, preventing any erroneous alerts.

Given that they are recording over 2,000 20-second video snippets over that time, the battery lasts 180 days.

I can watch videos for free anyplace which also makes a lot of things easier for me since I can check the activity from any place.


This camera is truly the best and offers great security features that improve quality of life since you have more sense of security, and you feel more protected. 

  • Easy to use.
  • Offers wider views.
  • Has plenty of security features.
  • Enable watching videos from any place.
  • Is not water resistant.

3. ANNKE: (Best Security Camera Systems for Outdoor)

I had a security camera system in my house but its night vision sucked so I was on a hunt that offered good night vision my friends recommended me this camera and I got it and I love this camera, especially this feature. 

Key Features:


Human and vehicle identification, line crossings, and region entrance recognition techniques are more precise than before, taking AI to a higher level.

Human and vehicle ‘intelligent search in tapes can be of great assistance to you for faster locating in time-sensitive situations.

This comprehensive security package comes with 8 connected 1080p cameras and an 8CH 5MP light DVR that supports AHD, TVI, CVI, CVBS, and IP cameras.

The DVR can be connected to 1080P@30fps or 5MP@20fps cameras.

Additionally, the cutting-edge sensor and clever IR can take clear photos from up to 100 feet away.

The bandwidth is reduced, and the filming time is increased with H.265+. Also saving you money is the 1TB hard disk that is included.


Real-time push notifications appear on your smartphone if risks are found, and you’re able to check them out through 3G/4G/5G/Wi-Fi.

No matter how far away you are from the house, the trustworthy security system keeps you safe day and night.

These connected cameras can withstand extreme temperatures of -40°C (-40°F) to 60°C (140°F) thanks to IP66 weatherproofing and the strongest ABS exterior enclosure.

Each component has been planned for a prolonged life expectancy.

Passed stringent CE, UL, FCC, HDMI, and other tests, and the ANNKE Application complied with GDPR; all data storing, and transferring is safe.

Additionally, there are NO monthly costs and merely a FREE expert support team.

What Makes It Best:

The night vision is excellent, and you can see from a bit far away if nothing is obstructing the night vision lights.

Additionally, with night vision, it makes no difference if the patio lights are on the outside; your sight remains unchanged as the night vision lights are enough.

It was really simple to set up the system, and nothing was causing problems.

A smartphone can be used to watch the scene, and Wi-Fi is not required to operate the camera.

Due to the camera’s ability to survive adverse weather conditions, it is exceptionally robust and dependable.


This is beyond any doubt the best security camera in town.

Which provides you view to keep your house protected at all times. 

  • Provides great vision of the field.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Night vision is great.
  • The zooming feature needs to be advanced.

4. Arlo: (Best Wireless Security Camera Under $250)

I got transferred to the other city and I was very worried about who going to take care of my apartment behind my back and how I would be able to see who visited my house or take care of my packages.

That’s when I went to the market, and I got this camera for my house, and I couldn’t appreciate any purchase more than this one. 

Key Features:


The wide 130o field of view of Arlo’s security camera allows you to have more view of your land and captures footage in 1080p for a crisp image.

The Basic Flashlight surveillance & security camera offers improved placement versatility for the ideal camera view and a quick, wireless installation. 

This outdoor security camera is ideal for home security since it can capture crucial details like license plates or human faces in vivid color at night.

Start receiving better notifications for individuals, cars, parcels, and animals with an Arlo Secure plan so you can respond immediately, all from the lock screen of your phone.


 It allows you to listen and communicate to anyone at your home in crystal-clear two-way sound.

This Arlo camera can connect straight to the Wi-Fi for a quick, wire-free setup without the need for a hub, simplifying your home surveillance system.

The cordless camera has undergone testing and certification to endure the harshest weather, including warmth, frost, rain, or sun.

This cordless outdoor and indoor security camera can be mounted to a ceiling or a shelf with ease.

This smart camera functions as a HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, Google, and Samsung SmartThings device.

What Makes It Best:

The camera offers a great field of vision and provides a great wide angle for better sight.

I installed this camera on the ceiling, and I was able to have a perfect view from my smartphone. 

I was able to zoom in to even minute details and save the recording to watch it later on.

The night vision works perfectly fine, I was able to monitor activity in dim light and bright light as well without any distractions. 


This is the best security camera and performs well in every lighting situation.

The footage offered by this camera is sharp and crisp. 

  • Excellent view.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Amazing zoom-in feature.
  • It is very pricy.

5. LaView: (Best 2k Camera for Home Security)

It is important to keep your house safe and secure with all the cameras, especially in these times of uncertainty.

It’s better to keep an eye on the activity that happens around your house.

That’s why this camera offers value for money and offers great footage of what’s happening inside and outside your house with great features. 

Key Features:


To access a 24/7 live broadcast on your cellular telephone whenever you want, wherever, download the LaView application from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

The camera can access a live video stream using a web browser.

Max 9 live streams can be displayed on one page at once.

You will always have a great live view of the home with 2.1-megapixel quality.

Up to 33 feet of excellent IR night vision dim. 

To have a greater view of your property even in dim lighting and for extremely low light coverage this camera is perfect.  

Our lives require and depend on such an indoor house security camera with quick motion detection.

Smart motion alerts are a feature of this smart camera, and you can get message notifications on your phone.

Listen and communicate with your family members with this camera’s integrated noise-cancellation microphone with ease. 

What Makes It Best:

Anywhere, including the workplace, dining, and living area, you can have this camera installed.

A broader view angle is easier to attain with space-efficient architecture. 

The integrated microSD card and cloud storage are supported by this indoor surveillance camera.

The night vision is great.

The camera performs well in dim and bright light and offers you great footage. 


This is the best security camera in the market and offers you the best footage of your house which helps you keep an eye on your house’s activity efficiently. 

  • Offer a great field of vision.
  • Notifications on your smartphone.
  • Built-in microphone.
  • Delivery takes time.

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