5 Best Security Camera System for Banks: (Buying Guide & Reviews)

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The majority of banks now use bank surveillance cameras and technologies to deter crime and safeguard tellers.

According to the 2016 Bank Criminal Activity Report, there were 4251 bank vandalism, thefts, and larcenies in the United States overall.

You might think about upgrading existing analog bank surveillance cameras to IP cameras or installing additional bank security cameras if you want to make your bank more secure.

Today, we want to clarify the significance of surveillance cameras in banks and assist you in making the best choice of bank cameras by covering the most important factors and suggestions.

Which are the Best Security Camera System for Banks?

Here are my recommended top 5 Best Security Camera Systems for Banks:-

ANNKE: (Best Banks Security Camera System)

This device was recommended by my friend as banks near his places have installed this camera system and given its efficiency security team in banks love this CCTV camera system


Unique Human & Vehicle Recognition:

By configuring this device’s human & vehicle recognition, you will only receive motion detection notifications when individuals and cars are present on the scene.

reducing erroneous warnings brought on by insects, animals, leaves, and other such things.

5MP Super HD & 100 ft Night Vision:

See increased 2K 5MP Super high-definition picture quality, which is about three times as high-resolution as 1080p Full HD.

5MP Super high-definition & 100 ft Night Vision.

With its IR LEDs, you can see well up to 100 feet away in the darkness with unmatched performance.

What makes it the best:

Bank-Level Encryptions:

ANNKE CCTV cameras use 256-bit AES encryption techniques to protect your data, making footage transmission virtually hacker-proof.

The ANNKE Vision App complies with GDPR, and the company’s products have passed rigorous UL, FCC, CE, HDMI, and other tests. 

All Devices Have Limitless Remote Control:

Simply use your smartphone or tablet to get to your system. You may securely access your safety system from anywhere using ANNKE software. Use a PC, a cell phone, a tablet, or the Internet Explorer browser to keep tabs on all motion-related activities.


The 8CH Hdd with 4X 5 megapixels cameras in the ANNKE 5 megapixels Home Surveillance Cctv System has advanced artificial intelligence Human/Vehicle Recognition.

It guarantees crystal-clear video any time of the day or night for increased home security. 

  • It improves security to use AI Human/Vehicle Recognition.
  • Cameras with 5MP quality for a great video.
  • Nighttime vision ensures constant observation.
  • DVR can need frequent upkeep.

Hiseeu: (Best CCTV Security Cameras for Banks)

Since banks require high-alert security systems along with good CCTV cameras to secure banks, this setup will live up to the expectation so of a smart security camera due to its amazing features.


Unusual & Expanded Face Recognition Technology & 3 TB Massive Storage HD:

Its Advanced Face The identification Technology recognizes faces that show up in the video feed and immediately notifies you via the mobile device APP.

This technology can be monitored back in Intelligent Playback Function as well as is useful for searching footage with human movement and situations.

The built-in massive capacity of 3 TB HDD fulfills the requirements of 7/24 Non-Stop Filming for 45 days for 8 cameras simultaneously.

HD 5MP Highest Resolution & Clear Night Vision:

Up to 60ft In comparison to most cameras with resolutions below 1080p/2MP, Hiseeu’s highest five megapixels resolution would give you a vibrant and clear picture up to 25601920 pixels, as well as crisp and clear nighttime vision up to 60 ft with IR sensors LED Lights within of the camera’s autonomous IR-cut filter.

What makes it the best:

Advanced Video Reduction:

Hiseeu Elegant Innovation can effectively provide sharper and more fluid video/image viewing while reducing bit-rate and usage of bandwidth.

This allows storage on hard drives to be stored up to 50% and maximized. 

IP 66 Waterproof Wired Security Camera:

Wired surveillance cameras with the IP 66 water-resistant specification can resist a variety of environmental conditions, including inclement weather and wet days for outdoor applications.


The Hiseeu 5 megapixels system offers trustworthy tracking, but its wiring setup could need expert help and more cameras for optimal coverage.

  • Massive 3TB HDD for in-depth recording.
  • For enhanced security, use facial and vehicle recognition.
  • Remote access for mobile monitoring.
  •   Installing a wired arrangement could be labor-intensive.

ZOSI: (Best 24/7 Recording Camera Under $300)

After the recent robbery in a bank nearby our house.

People have suggested that bankers install this CCTV setup to ensure efficient video recording to catch the robbers and ensure efficient security.


8CH 5MP Lite HD-TVI DVR with H.265/H.265+:

The cutting-edge H. 265 innovation enables you to take advantage of ultra-long filming and can double the information compression ratio while maintaining good video clarity even at low bit rates.

150-Foot Nighttime Visibility, IP67 Weather-Resistant Audio Camera: 

Camera with an integrated microphone One-way sound is supported, so you can hear what the other person is saying but not the dialogue.

This camera is made of aluminum metal and may be put practically anywhere, indoors or out.

200 feet of night vision in light pollution and up to 150 feet of night vision in complete darkness.

Over 3.0Lux, color is visible at night. 

What makes it the best:

Built-in 1TB Security Hard Drive:

This device supports USB storage and ultra-long recording periods thanks to its integrated 1TB safety hard drive.

The oldest locally stored footage can be instantly overwritten by the DVR, or you may copy those recordings by USB to a removable disk or an external hard drive.

Internal SATA port (up to 6TB in total storage).

Mobile Remote Access:

Install the ZOSI Smart or ZOSI Viewing application, scan the QR code, and your phone will be able to access the real image.

Anywhere you have a web connection to look in on your house or place of business.

Anywhere, at any moment, you can observe Live Viewing & Replay on smartphones and tablets with WiFi or 2G/3G/4G.

Apple, Google, and iPad phones are supported. 


The 5MP setup from ZOSI is adequate for basic monitoring requirements, however, those looking for a wider night vision field of view may want to look at other solutions.

  • 8 Channel five megapixels Lite DVR for effective recording.
  • An enormous 1TB HDD.
  • Instant notifications are given via motion alerts.
  • Limited (150 feet) nighttime vision range.

Hiseeu: (Best Wireless Security Camera System for Banks)

A lot of banks have started using this CCTV setup near my friend’s house and found a significant drop in crime rates.

This amazing CCTV camera ensures efficient detection of any unnecessary motion and provides alerts to the people concerned.


5 megapixels HD & Night Vision:

Its 5-megapixel wifi camera offers you crystal-clear, fluid video as well as color and ultraviolet night modes that let you view every detail up to 65 feet away, throughout the darkness.

Thanks to the CMOS image detector, You won’t miss anything happening around your home.

Motion Recognition & Autonomous Tracking:

The Hiseeu video surveillance camera’s out-camera system offers continuous recording around the clock.

When a person moves, the camera can monitor automatically, cover a broader area, and record films in high-definition thanks to its 120-degree angle of view with PTZ capability.

What makes it the best:

Smart Warning & Two-Way Communication:

When this surveillance camera is installed outdoors it senses activity from people, it frightens off intruders through an illumination and audio alarm, even in darkness, and you can also communicate with individuals nearby using a two-way audio capability.

APP Alert Notification and Phone Remote:

The wireless exterior camera is interoperable with the “Hiseeu” NVR, Alexa, and “Eseecloud” apps.  You may receive alert alerts from any location with a mobile device and observe the area around your home in real time.


Although the Bluetooth system from Hiseeu is intuitive, users with more demanding storage needs or an appreciation for automatic PTZ may want to consider alternative options.

  • 10″ LCD screen for simple tracking.
  • For improved vision, it uses color night vision glasses.
  • Up to ten cameras are expandable.
  • PTZ can need manual adjusting.

OOSSXX: (Best Video Surveillance Security Camera System)

Recently an intruder was caught due to the swift motion detection technology of this device and since then people have started investing in this camera set up in our vicinity.


2-way Audio & Family Sharing:

When you miss loved ones and wish to speak to them wherever you are, you can stay in contact with them thanks to 2-way sound and family messaging.

This security camera allows up to 4 people to see streaming video at once.

A mobile application allows for excellent audio for two-way distant live viewing and communication.

Just get the free Eseecloud APP for your mobile device from the Play Store (Android) or APP Store (IOS).

130° Ultra Wide-Angle Lens Equipped:

It has an optical broad-angle lens that has a multi-layer optic that offers you a viewing angle of around 130° and minimizes dead ends in monitoring regions.

What makes it the best:

3K 5.0MP High Definition:

The 5.0 Mega Pixel (2592 x 1944) high-quality security camera provides greater 24/7 home and person safety in 3K resolution.

Even late at night, one can see anything within 80 feet.

It has an IR-LED technology that, when there is little light, automatically switches on the invisible mode.

PIR & Effective 2-Way Detected:

OOSSXX will provide messages in actual time when anomalous actions are recognized using sophisticated detection algorithms and Infrared Detectors.

Two-way identification, as opposed to motion detection, prevents 99% of false alarms caused by leaves, clouds, animals, or bugs. 


The OOSSXX wireless technology is user-friendly and two-way, however, consumers looking for sharper quality and a longer wireless range might want to investigate alternate versions.

  • PIR sensor for precise warnings.
  • Audio for a two-way conversation.
  • Wireless and simple to set up.
  • 5.0MP is a low resolution.
  • Range restrictions may apply to antennas.

Buying Guide:

High Definition:

The WDR system used in the banks’ security cameras produces excellent image quality, making it impossible for dishonest bank employees to hide from the surveillance equipment with their nimble fingers.

Smart Movement Detection:

If an intruder accesses the surveillance area of a bank throughout the non-banking hours, you are going to get intelligent warnings from bank security cameras.

Excellent Night Vision Security Equipment:

Should a robbery take place, night vision security equipment utilized in banks or 24-hour ATMs can assist in recognizing human faces.

Large Storage Space:

Safety detection systems for banks with adequate space for storage can give you untethered video recordings without affecting the overall quality of the film because some banks are required to preserve bank surveillance footage for a pretty lengthy period. 

H.264 Video Encoding:

With the benefits of low bandwidth utilization and storage consumption, H.264 Internet Protocol (IP) cameras for banks are particularly suited for video storage.

Plug & Play:

We are aware of the exorbitant costs associated with setting up conventional bank security systems. The plug-and-play bank safety devices are easy to set up and don’t require any special installation skills. 

Water-Resistant & Vandal-Proof:

To withstand the elements and guard against vandalism, it is advised that you use IP camera systems for banks that are water-resistant and vandal-proof for bank surveillance systems installed outdoors or inside ATMs.


How long are security videos stored by banks and ATMs?

As per the banking sector requirement, banks typically retain ATM surveillance footage for 6 months. However, it could also change depending on your location and the bank you choose. For instance, it is required by law in the United Arab Emirates for banks (and presumably other organizations) to retain security camera footage for a full year.

While banking laws may mandate that businesses preserve recordings for a year, trade authorities may ask any form of firm (regardless of whether it’s a financial institution or another type of organization) functioning under their authority to do so only for one month.

Do Bank CCTV Cameras Have Sound?

Generally speaking, bank surveillance cameras do not support the audio function. On the one hand, according to the rules governing audio surveillance, most states do not enable the recording of sounds in public settings unless all parties consent to it.

On the contrary, hand, because the microphones have a very short range, bank surveillance cameras that can pick up audio from a distance typically cost more.

Do all ATMs feature cameras?

Typically, the privately operated and privately owned ATMs you find at retail establishments and petrol stations don’t have in-built cameras. However, the ATMs found in major financial institutions like Bank of America, Chase Bank, and First World Bank typically have.

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