6 Best Nikon Camera for Nature Photography: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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What is the best Nikon camera for nature photography?

The answer is more complex.

A good camera for daylight photography may not be an excellent choice for everyday photography.

If you want to buy a Nikon camera, this guide will help you.

I have used Nikon cameras personally while writing reviews at photography life.

And trust me, every Nikon camera can capture high-quality pictures without exception.

This article explains how they stack up based on my experience.

So let’s dive into the article to learn more about the best Nikon cameras for nature photography.

Which is the Best Nikon Camera for Nature Photography?

Here are my recommended top 6 Best Nikon Camera for Nature Photography:-

1. Nikon Z 9 |Best Professional Mirrorless Camera for Photography

Once, I went to a jungle trying to find animals to photograph.

I traveled there with my fellows, looking for something adventurous and exciting.

We needed something unique to photograph.

I used my phone’s camera constantly, but now I was bored with the results.

So I used my Nikon Z 9, the best camera for nature photography, and started capturing some animals around us.

The view was covered with colorful birds and wild animals that looked breathtaking when I looked at the photographs.

The best part of the trip was this gigantic camera.

See further to know about the details.



The speed of operation extends to autofocus.

The Z9 comes with training to recognize similar subjects with humans and animals, all capable of being prioritized by the camera.

Like other cameras, it can also recognize eyes and faces to focus on the same person and the relevant details.

The camera’s algorithm can recognize cats, dogs, and even birds when discussing animals.

Moreover, Nikon features a combination of CMOS sensors and quicker data throughout the Z mount, which helps the camera process and communicate.

Unlike all other high-end cameras, Nikon does not demand that you specify the subject you are shooting.

It comes with an AUTO subject mode that monitors the scenes for any type of subject it recognizes.

There are also individual setting features to ensure the camera does not pick the wrong subject.

You can also switch off subject recognition if needed. 

Synchro VR:

Like all other Z series bodies, this Nikon Z9 camera can combine its in-body stabilization with VR lens stabilization.

Once the camera enacts duty for the rise and yaw action off to the lens, the Z9 camera can use both features in a synchronization fashion.

So the synchro VR feature will be available while using Z MC. 

Bust Shooting: 

The Z9 can capture bursts of JPEGs at around 30 frames every second. Also, you can shoot 11 MP pictures at 12 frames every second.

These features allow the pre-buffering of a single second of the picture before the entire shutter press.

On the other hand, if you want to shoot RAW, the max frame rate comes to 20 frames every second, and your pre-buffer option is gone.

As you expect from a CMOS camera, there are zero blackouts while capturing an image; instead, there’s a choice of display and sound indicators that you can get devoted to letting you know what you are capturing.

The camera’s buffer is valuable enough to let the camera capture at this rate for over 1000 frames. 


This is the best Nikon camera for nature photography because of its long working time.

It helps you capture for two straight hours with video modes.

The autofocus is speedy and quickly focuses on the subject so that you can click the image.

Highly recommended.


Brand Nikon    
autofocus technology  hybrid 
image sensor technology CMOS 
white balance setting auto, light, cloudy, torch 
size of the image sensor  full frame in 35mm 
still resolution   45.7 MP 
optical zoom  1x 
type of focus    manual and auto  
autofocus points   493 
capturing resolution     4320p 
JPEG quality level   basic, normal  
flash modes description   Red-eye reduction, Fill Flash, slow shutter
Reasons To Buy
  • 120fps shooting.
  • Can shoot for straight hours in demanding video modes.
  • USB charging works fine.
  • Rugged build quality.
  • Full frame sensor in 45.7 MP. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Large body.
  • No mechanical shutter. 

2. Z 8 |Best Nikon Camera for Photography and Videography

I am obsessed with capturing nature.

Once, I went to the Scottish highlands, UK, as I love to experience adventures and capture unique photographs.

One of my friends advised me to take the Nikon Z 8 with me as it was trending all over social media for the best Nikon camera for nature photography.

With this unique product, I could capture remarkable images of the birds flying from the top.

I was astonished by its functionality and design.

So let’s move towards what it retains.


Stunning Stills and 4k Videos:

You can capture images in high resolution in nearly.

The burst speed is around 120fps with pre-release capture that saves the moment before you press the shutter button.

It gives you the edge when picturing an image.

The all-electronic shutter freezes activity at speeds of around 1/32000 seconds with no shutter distortion.

Moreover, the Z8 camera has unrivaled expert video capabilities in compact and weightless cameras.

You can record 8K and 4K footage straight with 24-bit audio to your memory cards.

On the other hand, the Nikon N log color profile uses extensive color depth and dynamic range to give you more control. 

Fast Autofocus with Professional Build Quality: 

The Nikon Z 8 is built with a sophisticated autofocus algorithm created using deep learning technology.

The Z 8 detects and monitors more subjects than any other mirrorless technology.

It pairs subject monitoring with 3D tracking for fast Acquisition and full-time monitoring of fast subjects, including flying birds.

It can focus on the lowest light. Eye autofocus is locked on the eyes of people, pets, and birds, and you can set customized focus areas for control.

On the other hand, it has a professional build design.

The Z 8 camera is more miniature and is perfect for shooting.

It’s built with carbon and magnesium alloy, which makes it durable and lightweight.

The camera is also weather-sealed to protect it against moisture and dust, while the sensor shield protects the sensor when the lens is changing.

When capturing less light, illuminated buttons and a warm screen make it more accessible. 


This is an excellent Nikon camera for nature photography.

You can conveniently shoot constantly if you want to.

The autofocus rapidly focuses on the subject and blurs out the background to give a professional look.

Overall it’s a complete package to capture nature beautifully with supportive customer service. 


Brand Nikon    
Autofocus technology  detection in phase, hybrid  
Image sensor technology CMOS
Frame rate  120 fps
Size of the image sensor  full frame in 35mm 
Still resolution   45.7 MP 
Lens description 24-120 mm 
Type of focus    manual and auto  
Aperture modes   F4.0 
Type of lens    wide angle  
JPEG quality level   normal, basic 
Flash modes description   Red-eye reduction, Fill Flash, slow shutter
Reasons To Buy
  • Incredible frame rate.
  • Excellent image quality.
  • Remarkable continuous shooting.
  • Amazing subject detection autofocus.
  • Professional build and handling.
  • Excellent viewfinder and display.
  • Silent operation.
Reasons To Avoid
  • Custom setup options need to be improved.

3. Z 7II |Best Budget Nikon for Nature Photography

I only knew I could improve my photography skills in capturing nature after I bought a Nikon Z 7II.

The 4k videos of wild animals are captured with excellent clarity.

Every moment is shot in full HD.

This is the first time I have seen such an adaptable piece of camera in my overall photography career.

The shots are captured with definitive details with all the enhanced wildlife animals.

Make sure to have a look at the specs before buying one.


Every Little Detail Matters: 

The Nikon Z 7 camera comes with decisive autofocus at 45.7 MP.

It features intuitive functionality and the most sophisticated imaging tool to enhance your skills.

The subject is detected rapidly and precisely.

It has 3x more buffer speed than other cameras.

You can shoot continuously with improved autofocus performance and functionality.

Moreover, it features dual card slots so you can flexibly shoot with peace of mind, like event photography.

Photographing with this unique camera is comfortable, and the product is durable.

The interior and exterior are thoughtfully designed to be handheld and used with maximum comfort and ease. 

Vertical Grip Ready: 

It comes with a vertical grip that is now compatible with a new vertical battery grip for those who need power and easy shutter operation when capturing vertically.

It shoots 4k videos with smoother and smoother camera action and can slow down 4k footage.

The USB-C gives constant power and charging.

You never go low on battery during live streams, video shoots, and timelapse. 


This is the best Nikon camera for nature photography because of its less weight and weather-sealed design.

It can easily be used even in harsh weather.

The videos are captured beautifully and seamlessly.

It’s the best camera for traveling. 


Brand Nikon    
Autofocus technology  detection in phase  
Image sensor technology CMOS
White balance setting auto
Size of the image sensor  full frame in 35mm 
Still resolution   45.7 MP 
Lens description 24-70 mm 
Type of focus    manual and auto  
Aperture modes   F4.0 
Type of lens    zoom 
JPEG quality level   normal, fine
Flash modes description   Red-eye reduction, Fill Flash, slow shutter
Reasons To Buy
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Weather sealed.
  • Sharp and free of offensive optical defects.
  • Decent macro performance.
  • Functional OLED display.
  • Works well for videos too. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Autofocus is not speedy.
  • No linear focus response for videos. 

4. Nikon Z7 |Best Affordable Camera Under $1500

Capturing nature is always challenging.

You have to purchase the right piece of the camera, accurate focus, and sensors and know how to utilize them together.

You must get a camera with high resolution and accurate autofocus ability.

I used this Nikon Z7 as a professional nature capturer, and getting the right piece to photograph is the key to getting beautiful shots.

The camera has tremendous functionality that shoots greenery impressively and with sharpness. So let’s have a look at the specs for more detail.


Sensor/Image Quality:

The Nikon Z 7 is the same as the Nikon D 850, and the same ultra-high 45.7 MP photo sensor is one of those.

The amount of detail available in the pictures from this camera is incredible, and high resolution remains after cropping.

I can frame a little broader to ensure that moving subjects stay in the frame yet still have a picture with enough resolution.

The background is blurry, a full-frame camera can become addicting, and lower noise levels are another solid attraction for this sensor format.  

Frame Rate and Shutter Sound: 

The frame rate for this camera continues to become more complicated.

At the same time, many unique cameras require autofocus to reach their fastest frame rate.

The Z 7 gave up AE during the frame rate burst.

The first frame in a burst is captured in the same light, but the subjects move slightly.

I’m much happier giving up on Auto exposure than autofocus.

To check its buffer capability, the camera was chosen to capture 14-bit lossless compressed RAW files in manual mode.

So all enhancements were disabled, the lens cap remained on, and a fresh memory card was loaded. 


With this hybrid design having sensor-based phase detection and contrast autofocus, the Z 7 quickly switches between the focal plane and contrast-detect autofocus to fine-tune focus.

Fast-focusing is one of the significant features, and even contrast detection fine-tuning is quite speedy.

The Z 7 focuses fast.

The available autofocus points will satisfy the needs of everyone practically. 


The best Nikon camera for nature photography is the Nikon Z 7.

It works well with excellent autofocus speed and blurs out the background seamlessly.

It looks so beautiful when nature is captured.

This camera can be easily carried anywhere because of its small size. 


Brand Nikon    
Autofocus technology  detection, in contrast, phase detection 
Image sensor technology CMOS
White balance setting auto, light, cloudy, torch 
Size of the image sensor  APS-C  
Still resolution   45.7 MP 
Digital zoom  0.3x 
Type of focus    manual and auto  
Aperture modes   F4.0 
Type of lens    body only  
JPEG quality level   normal, fine 
Flash modes description   iTTL
Reasons To Buy
  • Incredible quality images.
  • Autofocus speed is fast.
  • The lens is super sharp.
  • FTZ lens adapter works seamlessly.
  • Viewfinder is very close.
  • Fast handling camera.
  • Smaller size. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • The battery must be improved. 

5. Z 6II |Best Nikon Camera for Nature Photography

My photography journey started when I set up featuring nature photography.

Initially, I faced many difficulties in finding a perfect camera for myself.

So after researching many cameras, I came across this Nikom Z 6II that delivers outstanding performance even from a distance.

That was a turning point for my career, where I started to enhance my photography skills and capture detailed nature photographs.

So let’s move forward to learn about the details of this product.


Mirrorless Versatility and Full Frame:

This mirrorless camera is on a whole extraordinary level.

24.5MP BSI resolution that works well in less light.

To boost the performance of the videos with 4K, you can use full pixel readout and enormous features for professional videographers.

Subject acquisition with quick speed and precision. 3.5x more buffer proficiency than the Z 6.

Sharper with continuous shooting.

It enhanced autofocus performance and functionality.

Dual Card Slots with Vertical Grip: 

Flexibility and stability of mind when shooting substantial moments or on task, like wedding and event photography.

It’s satisfactory and durable to use.

The camera’s outer and interior have been uniquely created to be dealt with and used with the most comfort and ease of use.


Quick and simple operation. Within minutes the Nikon focuses on the subject and provides high-quality videos.

It has all the functionality you require in a camera for nature photography.

This is the one for someone looking for the best Nikon camera for nature photography. 


Brand Nikon 
AF technology  Phase detection  
Aspect ratio  21:9
Picture sensor size Full frame 
Picture sensor technology  CMOS 
Still resolution  24.5 MP
Webcam image resolution  24.5 MP
JPEG quality level  Fine 
Camera flash  hotshoe
Video capture resolution   4k 
Type of lens  zoom
Optical zoom  1x 
Reasons To Buy
  • Great and sharp pictures.
  • Excellent autofocus.
  • 4k 60fps recording works perfectly.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Ability to charge via USB-C.
  • It works as an excellent webcam for streaming. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • Side buttons are difficult to use.

6. Nikon Z 5 |Best Nikon Camera for Nature Videos

As a Vlogger, I love to capture nature and share it with my YouTube family.

So I was bored of shooting videos on my mobile phone.

I wanted to try something new and exclusive.

And I can only trust Nikon Z 5 to get the best results.

This lightweight Nikon camera is easy to carry anywhere with various functions.

It has fast autofocus, which is the best way to get crispy and smooth images instantly.

Keep reading for the detailed info.


Full Frame Mirrorless Camera: 

This incredible Nikon camera comes with 24.3 megapixels in full frame.

This is Nikon’s tiniest and most lightweight camera with an interchangeable lens.

Furthermore, it features excellent-quality pictures with tremendous sharpness and details.

The pictures are captured in vibrant colors, even in less light. 

Eye Detection Autofocus: 

It records videos in 30p and 60p that look crispier and smoother videos with shallow depth.

The USB delivers power with HDMI output.

Thanks to the five-axis image stabilization that helps me capture stabilized images.

The videos are captured steadily, and the photos are sharp. Even in less light, you can shoot with a slow shutter speed causing camera blur.

Nikon’s free Snap Bridge app also helps you share pictures and control the camera with a compatible mobile phone or tablet. 


Superior video quality compared to a few opponents with great pictures in the dark.

This is an excellent investment if you have the budget.

The pictures of nature are captured perfectly and are simple to use.

Highly recommended.


Brand Nikon
Autofocus technology  Phase Detection, Contrast Detection
Aspect ratio  1.50:1, 16:9
The maximum resolution for display approx. 2100k-dot 
Size of the image sensor  Full Frame (35mm)
Still resolution   24.3 MP 
Optical zoom 1
Digital zoom   0.28x 
Autofocus points  273 
Frame rate  Up to 60 fps 
Self-timer duration   20 seconds 
Image stabilization  Sensor-shift
Reasons To Buy
  • Dual SD card slots.
  • Great quality images.
  • High ISO up to 6500.
  • Autofocus works excellent.
  • The touch display is fine.
  • Excellent low-light performance.
  • Basic image stabilisation. 
Reasons To Avoid
  • The viewfinder must be improved.
  • Expensive. 

Buying Guide: 

When selecting your camera for nature photography, you’re trying to find a few key specs. Speed is the main thing, as wild animals move fast, suddenly, and randomly. You need a quick burst mode and a competent autofocus system hold-up. A good camera for nature photographers should also have some weather sealing, as you’ll be outdoors long. Promising battery life is a plus, as you won’t be able to quit and charge. Also, it isn’t often discussed concerning wildlife, but a good portion of the resolution can be precious to shoot the details of feathers and fur. Of course, if you do get a high-resolution camera, you’ll need fast enough memory cards to keep up. 


What is the best camera to buy for nature photography?

The best-experienced nature camera is the Sony Alpha 1 with the most reasonable price. Best Nikon DSLR for wildlife photography: Nikon D7500 with the best price. Best Nikon mirrorless for wildlife: The Nikon Z8 has the best price.

Which Nikon camera takes the best pictures?

The Nikon D850, Z7 II, D7500, Z50, and D500 are all tremendous choices, each with extraordinary characteristics and capacities. Evaluate features like your budget, capturing technique, type of photography, and experience level before buying one. 

Ending Paragraph:

We have finalized our discussion about the best Nikon camera for nature photography. 

Do you guys have experience with the best Nikon camera for nature photography? 

What are your thoughts on them?

Are you using any Nikon cameras I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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