12 Best Motorcycle Cameras To Document Your Rides In 2024

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Riders love to tell enjoyable stories about things that happened while riding and make video evidence to make your stories more fun.

Apart from that motorcycle has more exciting moments of your trip while riding.

The continuous shot video at 360 degrees angle shoots a video of your ride with clarity.

You must choose the right camera to record your best moments as it has many options.

These types of cameras include helmet cams, 360 cams, and dashboard cameras for commuters to use in a mishap.

So we have come across the best motorcycle cameras to document your rides.

Let us know your personal favorite that should be mentioned here. 

Here Are The Top Picks | Best Motorcycle Cameras To Document Your Rides

1. HERO11 |Best Waterproof Action Camera with Stabilization

A high-end camera to document your bike rides is challenging to find, and there’s no better option than GoPro.

Since I have used GoPro cameras for years, no product can match the quality of this product.

This is an excellent camera with a revolutionary image sensor.

I adore the horizon shots and enhancements in my creativity.

The camera captures versatile and stabilized images.

It functions well, and you will find a perfect interface for beginners. 


Revolutionary Image Sensor:

This camera has a wide field of view.

It provides a vast frame to capture your creativity, including sky and horizon shots.

If you don’t want to compromise on enhanced textures and clarity in your images while you crop or zoom your photos, this camera works best for you.

It helps you change digital lenses and adjust ratios.

It gives you images in more resolution than 4k.

The videos are shot in cinematic quality with sharp details. 

High-Resolution Images And Videos:

This incredible hero11 camera has an advanced image sensor that increases the resolution of images by 27 megapixels with smooth movement to capture stunning images.

Additionally, the videos recorded can be played in Slomo for the details that can not be seen in standard videos. 


I am happy with how simple this camera is to use.

When recording your rides, utilizing this GoPro camera is more feasible.

The images and videos are captured in a stabilized manner that won’t disappoint you if your camera shakes.

Excellent quality with the best content capturing.

This camera is perfect for documenting your ride. 


Brand GoPro Hero 11
Measurements of the product 2.64 x 1.34 x 1.85 Inches
Mass of the item 1 Pound
The model number of the product Is CHDHX-111-CN
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer required are included
  • Captures versatile content.
  • Amazing image stabilization.
  • Horizon locking to 5.3K.
  • More straightforward interface for beginners.
  • Low Light video is not good.
  • The front screen is not touch-sensitive.
  • A GoPro subscription is required to unlock features.

2. Insta360 |Best Affordable Motorcycle Camera To Document Your Rides


I purchased this insta360 camera for recording my bike rides.

I bought this because I love making videos and uploading them on my social media platforms.

It provides excellent performance.

It has a fantastic quality with 360 degrees capture.

The 360 capture makes sure to capture videos and images from all angles.

It also has a touchable easy display that can be used while riding the bike.

The videos and images recorded are stabilized and give a hassle-free performance.

If you have the resources, this camera works best for bike riders. 


Pocket Camera Equipment/Flow State Stabilization: 

This single useful device helps you shoot in each direction with 360 capture, and you can choose your favourite angle too.

You can also choose a single lens with a stable camera mode for stabilized and wide-angle footage.

Moreover, the flow state stabilization has better algorithms and horizons that level up to keep your shots constant.

It does not need a gimbal. 

Invisible Selfie Stick/Waterproof: 

You can also shoot with an unseen selfie stick and see how it disappears in your edit.

It helps you capture simple angles like drone and third-person perspective with the movement of your wrist. 


It has a beautiful battery life that helps you record your videos continuously.

The affordability and excellent voice control work well for beginners.

It is also waterproof, so it’s a perfect pick if you are a rain rider.

There is no issue with using its touchable screen.

The camera is well worth the price with excellent image quality. 


Brand Insta360 One X2
Measurements of the product 4.45 x 1.82 x 1.17 Inches
Mass of the item 4.9 Ounces
The model number of the product Is CINO XX/A
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer (Type of battery required)
  • 360 degrees capture.
  • Easy-to-use touchable display.
  • Steady cam mode.
  • Voice control.
  • Amazing image stabilization.
  • Waterproof for upto 100 meters.
  • Large battery capacity.
  • Compatible with Ios and Android.
  • Affordable price. 
  • Spherical lenses are sensitive to scratches.
  • Size and shape are not suitable for a pocket-sized camera.
  • The time-consuming editing process.

3. Insta360 |Best Camera with Interchangeable Lenses


I have used different cameras for motorcycles before so I can evaluate this camera compared to others.

I was surprised that it has this high quality and is easy to operate.

This camera works great with a waterproof case in the rain and never lets you down despite some challenging outdoor weather.

The Insta 360 came at an affordable price with a variety of functions.

Because I wanted to record every moment I rode on a bike, I anticipated performing at its best.

I was happily pleased with how great this camera worked, providing me with stabilized content.

I’m satisfied with my purchase, and it makes it one of the best cameras for bikers. 


4k 60fps/Flow Stabilization:

This camera is perfectly resistant and durable with an advanced 48 megapixels image sensor.

It helps you record detailed videos and images with a 4k boost lens.

Thanks to flow state stabilization, that helps you record videos in a smooth action.

The new RS core integrates flow state stabilization with the camera.

It does not need editing.  

Active HDR/Interchangeable Lens Design: 

This incredible camera helps you capture your images to the next level with innovative modes like active HDR and widescreen mode.

This is the only action camera with interchangeable lenses.

You can upgrade your camera through additional lenses like Ultra Creative 360 lenses. 


Excellent quality and easy-to-use camera.

I admire customer support.

That’s how great and simple this product is.

The product came tightly packed, and the instructions were clear.

Overall it does a fantastic job. 


Brand Insta360 One RS
Measurements of the product 2.76 x 1.97 x 1.57 Inches
Mass of the item 4.5 Ounces
The model number of the product Is CINRSGP/E
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer (Type of battery required)
  • Excellent quality and easy-to-use camera.
  • Waterproof case.
  • Performs well in low light.
  • The menu and touchscreen are intuitive.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Reasonable price.
  • The camera gets overheated.
  • It does not work without an app.

4. Insta360 GO 2 |Besr Wearable Camera Accessories for Travel

My friend wanted to build a path to teach how to ride a motorcycle, and as an expert rider, I recommended the insta360 GO 2 camera.

I also have previously bought cameras from Insta360, which are unique.

This stabilized camera has excellent video quality and a waterproof case that enables you to use it in the rain.

I also enjoyed that you could use its long battery life for continuous video recording.

This device has more effortless connectivity and is easy to use. 


Small And Mounted Anywhere:

This tum-sized action camera weighs only one ounce.

It has a powerful image sensor to record 1440 crisp images and videos.

It’s resistant and waterproof for up to 13 feet.

This fantastic camera is portable and can be mounted anywhere with its magnetic accessories in the package.

It also helps you shoot hand free. 

Multipurpose Charging Case/Flow State Stabilization: 

With its image stabilization and horizon levelling algorithms, you get stabilized videos no matter where you mount the camera.

It’s a perfect camera for sports action.

It has a pocket case and a charger with a remote control and tripod.

You get the all-in-one product.

The battery life is extended to 150 minutes. 


This is a superb, high-quality, and excellent design camera.

This GO 2 camera works amazingly and impresses with everything.

It is easy to use and connects to the motorcycle.

Because of its portable design, you can take this fantastic camera. 


Brand Insta360 GO 2
Measurements of the product 2.08 x 0.93 x 0.81 Inches
Mass of the item 0.917 Ounces
The model number of the product Is CING2XX/A
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer required, included
  • Waterproof case.
  • Excellent video quality.
  • Easier connectivity.
  • Long battery life.
  • Portable size design. 
  • No digital zoom or crop options.
  • No data off-link option when connected to a PC. 

5. GoPro MAX |Best 1080p Live Streaming Stabilization Camera

I wanted to upgrade my current motorcycle camera, and I bought this camera because the previous one got damaged due to overheating.

I was looking for a camera that does not get overheated, and this was the one I found.

Its features make it easier to record videos.

I’m happy with this GoPro MAX camera and the ability to capture 360 stabilized footage.

You can edit your videos quickly, and making them more interesting is fun.

It captures your whole bike ride without any hassle.

I’m impressed with its stability and the quality of the videos and images.

So far, everything is perfectly arranged, and it is a wise purchase. 


Three-In-One Camera with Live Broadcast:

This incredible camera helps you maximize your creativity.

The MAX feature lets you record traditional professional-style videos and images.

Also, you can capture 360-degree photos.

You can also vlog; it has a shotgun microphone performance and an innovative display.

The max feature gives authentic stabilization through 180 degrees capture.

Moreover, it helps you shoot in hero mode and transfer quickly.

It lets you stream live 1080p on social media platforms, get max HyperSmooth stabilization while streaming with its GoPro app, and save photos on your SD card. 

Horizon Levelling/Digital Lens: 

For hero mode, the level of changing horizon of the game provides a soft and silky cinematic look.

Whether you are turning to the sides and passing through the air, it lets you choose between four digital lenses in hero mode to get an image.

The videos and images are narrow and linear. 


This camera has made me glad.

It provides excellent-quality images both during the day and at night.

When you are riding, it records stabilized and hassle-free videos.

I adore it because it is very user-friendly and it does not freeze and overheat.


Brand GoPro MAX
Measurements of the product 2.52 x 0.98 x 2.72 Inches
Mass of the item 5.4 Ounces
The model number of the product Is CHDHZ-201
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer required, included
  • Does not overheat or freeze.
  • Amazing looking 360 footage and stabilization.
  • Fun camera to edit videos.
  • Captures a great angle.
  • Easy to record. 
  • Not waterproof.
  • GPS does not work. 

6. Sena |Best Motorcycle Bluetooth Camera with HD Speakers

After I learned motorcycle riding, I always wanted to buy a Bluetooth and motorcycle camera.

So after asking expert riders, they recommended I buy this Sena 10c motorcycle camera because it has ample storage to record videos.

I appreciated how my images and videos appeared and were very detailed and crystal clear.

The settings were elementary to use and install.

When I record videos, the videos turn out to be high resolution.

For the price, I recommend buying this product.

The Sena 10c is the best-wired motorcycle camera that fulfills our requirements. 


Unique Hybrid Headphones:

It combines Sena’s leading Bluetooth communication platform with the integration of 4k.

The 10c allows accessible communication and driving for drivers.

The 10c EVO helps you record good-quality videos of up to 4k.

Four motorcycle drivers can use the group intercom.

Photos are shot in shooting mode, burst, and time-lapse.

It has WiFi connectivity that helps you download images to your mobile phone.

The SD card can be installed to increase the storage. 

Bluetooth Connectivity: 

It also has a Bluetooth communication option for motorcycles, like WiFi, that works from a distance.

This 4k camera also has 30 fps and Bluetooth for talking or listening to music.

It has an aerodynamic and elegant design optimized for helmets, resulting in noise resistance. 


It was simple to operate.

For the videos and images, it is a high-resolution camera.

This motorcycle camera is a high-quality constructed camera with unique materials.

It has excellent functions and design.

Apart from that, I could not be happier with this motorcycle camera. 


Brand SENA 10C
Measurements of the product 9.7 x 5.8 x 3.3 Inches
Mass of the item 3.17 Ounces
The model number of the product Is 10C-EVO-01
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer required, included
  • Ample data storage capacity.
  • High-resolution camera.
  • Useful mobile phone app.
  • Battery life hasn’t kept up with the new capacity of data storage.
  • It would be great if they made a headset for chase/support vehicle drivers.

7. KENWOOD |Best GPS Two Camera for Motorcycles

I wanted to invest in a motorcycle camera for my new bike and wanted a comprehensive view of me riding a bike.

I bought because of Kenwood motorcycle camera because of its high resolution.

This camera has improved quality and works better than a prior one.

Because it creates a huge difference, I’ll purchase more of this camera to replace my existing camera.

I would call it the finest on the market, and it is a decent camera considering the quality. 


High-Quality Images/Water Resistant:

It gives you front and back recording with 2 megapixels high definition.

This incredible camera captures explicit videos from both directions.

It has two cameras, the first one records the front side, and the second one records the back side of the motorcycle simultaneously.

Furthermore, this GPS camera is water resistant, which means it can withstand high pressure with strong water sprays.

They are perfectly sealed against the ingress of dust. 


This is a perfect camera for bumpy surfaces and roads.

It enables you to capture smooth and stable images with adequate compensation for camera shakes with its integrated image stabilization.

On the other hand, it has a 32 GB SD card to capture everything directly out of the box.

This system has a 256 GB SD card which you can buy separately.

Also, it has a three-axis G sensor with GPS. 


I’m thrilled with these excellent GPS cameras.

There are rugged components with layout solutions, and it is very user-friendly.

You can record excellent-quality videos, and they are best for custom installation.

These have ideal-quality images and videos.

I have been looking for this and am glad to find it. 


Measurements of the product 8.27 x 6.3 x 3.54 Inches
Mass of the item 1.74 Pounds
The model number of the product Is STZ-RF200WD
Unique display features Wireless 
  • Rugged components with layout solution.
  • Low profile components.
  • Best for custom installation.
  • 1080p resolution for excellent performance.
  • G sensor gives movement and impact sensing.
  • PC software provides lots of data that, includes GPS. 
  • Night-time video quality must be improved.
  • Video quality settings are limited.

8. DJI Osmo 3 |Best 4K HDR Cold Resistant  Camera for Riders

I purchased this camera to assist in keeping a look at my riding skills.

The ideal and durable camera is made for testing your riding skills.

You can record HDR videos which enhance the colors of your videos.

In addition, it has excellent durability.

It offers continuous recording and does not get overheated.

Excellent quality audio adds charm to your videos, encouraging you to make more great videos. 


HDR Videos/Excellent Durability: 

The HDR videos offer vivid but natural detailing even in high-contrast settings.

The ten-hit colour captures more than a billion colours.

Whether on a bumpy surface or a road, the horizon steadily keeps your ride smooth and ultra level is installed for impressive images of wild rides.

Thanks to its maximum life, it offers continuous recording at low temperatures.

Also, This camera can be taken anywhere. 

Vertical Mounting/Front And Rear Touch Display: 

This innovative release design allows secure mounting on all your favourite equipment, even if it’s vertically.

The Action 3 camera is waterproof without the need for extra accessories.

It allows you to dive deeply and explore underwater more.

Moreover, this action camera has dual touchable displays with a hydrophobic coating, allowing you to vlog more comfortably. 


I’m happy to use this camera with quick-release mounting and levelling.

This camera captures high-quality video in 360 degrees.

It captures everything perfectly. 


Measurements of the product 2.78 x 1.74 x 1.29 Inches
Mass of the item 3.87 Ounces
The model number of the product Is AC002
Included batteries 1 Lithium polymer required, included 
  • Quick release mounting.
  • 360 horizon levelling.
  • Excellent quality audio. 
  • Image quality has to be improved.
  • Not good quality capturing in low light.

9. Drift Ghost |Best Motorcycle Action Camera Including External Microphone 

A client needed a high-resolution camera to watch him riding the bike and wanted to create a memory with a video even though he had installed different cameras on his motorcycle.

I suggested the drift ghost motorcycle camera.

After I shot his video, he was pleased with it.

You get a unique and improved battery life that helps you shoot continuously.

Because of its portable and lightweight design, you can also easily carry this camera wherever you want.

This camera works well with excellent stabilization. 


High Definition 4k/Rotating Lens:

The 4K Ultra-HD comes with 30FPS, excellent slow movements in 1080P, 12MP photos, time-lapse and continuous shots of photos.

The rotating lens can easily align your shot regardless of the support position by moving the lens up to 300 degrees. 

Clone Mode/DVR Mode: 

The users can synchronize up to 10 Ghost X or 4K+ cameras through WiFi.

You can start recording on the camera.

Change the settings in one, and the rest will be changed automatically.

Moreover, it uses the Ghost 4K+ as a security camera that helps you record continuously when connected to a power supply.

When the power is unavailable, the recording stops automatically and saves the last interval.

Great for insurance purposes. 


This camera works smoothly with its portable and lightweight design.

The stabilization of this camera is excellent, and you can take advantage of hassle-free videos.

This is easy to install and mount with fantastic video quality.

If you have never bought one, I recommend using this camera. 


Brand Drift Ghost 4k
Measurements of the product 3.24 x 1.69 x 1.24 Inches
Mass of the item 4.2 Ounces
The model number of the product Ghost 4K+
Included batteries 1 A required, included
  • Improved battery life.
  • Amazing video quality.
  • Stabilisation is excellent.
  • Easy mounting and installation.
  • Lightweight and portable design. 
  • The audio must be improved.
  • Mini USB port. 

10. Rove R2 |Best Dashboard Camera Recorder with Night Vision

Purchasing an impressive motorcycle camera was crucial until I bought this Rove R2-4k dashboard camera.

The 4k HD recording enables you to record videos.

This dashboard camera records quality videos as compared to other cameras.

You can also record videos at night because of its excellent night vision. 


4k Ultra HD Recording with WiFi Connectivity:

This dashboard camera can record videos of 2160p.

The quality of the video is excellent, and it shows clarity and quality compared to other cameras.

The impressive night vision helps to obtain clear images in low light conditions.

Furthermore, you can use the Rove app to view and manage dashboard camera recordings on your mobile phones.

When you download the application, you can share your recorded videos on your mobile phone with your family and friends. 

Dashboard Camera With State-of-The-Art Technology: 

Thanks to integrated GPS that helps you record your driving location and speed.

WiFi lets you view your driving route and tracker on Google Maps.

On the other hand, this dashboard camera has F1.8 openings that support 512 GB class.

It features parking mode, movement detection, a 150-degree high-quality wide-angle lens, G-sensor, recording, emergency video blocking, time-lapse, and slow-mo video. 


Its excellent quality night vision helps you record videos at night too.

This technology captures a sharp image in low light.

The GPS gives you your driving location and speed.

However, it only stays connected for a short time, but it records videos perfectly. 


Brand Rove R2
Measurements of the product 2.5 x 2.56 x 1.18 Inches
Mass of the item 1.14 Pounds
The model number of the product R2-4K
Included batteries 1 Lithium ion required, included
  • Excellent quality night vision technology that helps you to get sharp images in low light conditions.
  • Built-in GPS quickly captures the driving location and speed.
  • It has a resolution of 2160p that offers high-quality recordings.
  • Not staying connected to WiFi sometimes.

11. ZOMFOM |Best Dual 2K 30fps/1080P 60fps Motorcycle Camera

I bought this camera, which is easy to install on my bike.

I bought this camera to monitor my riding skills.

It has good quality material, and the setting is simple.

If you want to record your ride, it can record your video continuously.

This camera has WiFi connectivity that helps you instantly record videos and share them on your social media.

If you have the resources, this camera works best as a motorcycle camera. 


2k Video Resolution/Waterproof Dashboard Camera:

This motorcycle camera has an improved triple-core chipset that supports 1080p videos.

This front and rear camera has six lens layers and a large aperture.

It helps you capture even in low light conditions with improved performance.

This brings stability and clarity to your footage.

Moreover, this motorcycle camera has a waterproof design and strict waterproof tests.

It’s also dustproof and water-resistant, so you can quickly shoot in all conditions. 

Wired Remote Control with WiFi Function: 

The remote control feature allows you to press the button quickly, and the remote control locks the files.

When you want to change the image for the front and rear, you can change it to the second button.

It also supports WiFi connection after you install a road cam app on your mobile phone. 


It is easy to install and produces crystal-clear images that show everything perfectly.

It also has a navigation system that helps you guide your desired destination.

The triple-core chipset gives 1080p videos with clarity and sharpness.


Measurements of the product 9.09 x 7.13 x 3.35 Inches
Mass of the item 2.64 Pounds
The model number of the product Is MD30
GPS GPS modules externally 
  • Easy to install.
  • Produce crystal-clear images.
  • Straightforward to use.
  • Built In the navigation system.
  • Triple core chipset.
  • Too expensive.

12. DJI Pocket 2 |Best Portable Video Camera for Motorcycle Rides

As a Vlogger, I need to stay updated with my cameras.

This time I bought this DJI pocket with two cameras that fit in my pocket perfectly, and I can vlog more conveniently.

It has motorized stabilization that adds clarity to your videos.

This gimbal captures a stable video in a continuous motion.

Moreover, it adds glamour to your videos and is followed by an AI editor that smoothly edits them. 


Motorized Stabilization/Improved Audio: 

This three-axis gimbal stabilizes the camera for clarity in the video.

This technology is excellent for short videos.

The gimbal keeps your camera stable even if you shoot videos continuously and in low-light environments.

It also has an improved sensor that captures images in 64Megapixels and 4k videos.

The scanning lens provides you with a comprehensive and vivid cinematic look.

Moreover, it comprises four components that offer sound recording from different angles.

The audio is also improved depending on the direction and focus. 

Glamorous Effects/AI Editor: 

This incredible camera always helps you share your best images with a touch of glamour.

The 93 degrees angle view allows flexibility and composed shots.

The AI editor quickly combines your clips with music to create attractive videos. 


I recommend using this DJI pocket camera that can be taken anywhere because of its portable design.

As a Vlogger, I could never find a better option for vlogging for the whole day. 


Brand DJI Pocket 2
Measurements of the product 4.9 x 1.18 x 1.5 Inches
Mass of the item 4.1 Ounces
The model number of the product Is OT-210
Included batteries 2 Required lithium polymer, included
  • Pocket-friendly and stable camera.
  • Perfect for Vloggers.
  • Useful tracking features. 
  • Bad low-light performance.
  • Not suitable for high-contrast scenes.

Buying Guide: 

Purchasing a motorcycle camera is an exciting step for lots of riders.

Every rider loves installing cameras on their bikes but never knows the perfect type.

Choosing a suitable model for the bike is sometimes a crucial task.

Firstly, you must consider your filming needs.

Whether installing it for a long or short time, you must know it first.

You must think if you need editing software in it or not.

After you have decided on the purpose of getting a camera, the next step is to determine your budget.

There are a variety of cameras in the market.

Some models have low prices, and some have high.

While shopping, you must know the brands’ names and their cameras’ prices.

Now you must know which camera is compatible with your bike.

Most cameras have an aftermarket mounting option or standard.

So that you have determined precisely what your motorcycle camera should do, let’s look at what the market offers.


How do I record my motorcycle ride? 

The reasonable method to make an enthralling motorcycle video is to switch up your mobile phone camera angles so that your audience can see your surroundings.

You can make an effort to capture the sky or the rocky road as you ride.

You can also get some long shots using a tripod or another stand so the public can see you on your bike.

Which GoPro is best for bikers? 

There is no other best option than the HERO11 Black, the extensively influential GoPro yet, one of the best biking cameras on the market.

This camera shoots crisp 5.3K video with 2x the frame rate and records remarkable 27MP still photos.

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any motorcycle cameras you used to document your rides that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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