10 Best Low Light Action Camera: (2024 Expert Guide & Reviews)

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A small camera called an “action cam” is made specifically to capture images of action.

Additionally, action cameras are much more durable than regular cameras.

Although no one would ever attach their pricey DSLR camera onto a mountain bike, an action cam is made specifically for this use.

But what defines an action camera?

There are many variables in action here.

Most people are familiar with action cameras primarily through the American company GoPro.

There are various other companies, though. While making a purchase it’s critical to keep in mind that action cam performance varies greatly. 

How about low light, though?

How do action cameras perform in dim light?

Having a competent camera is the primary and essential requirement for taking high-quality pictures.

There are several low-light action cameras available, with features and functionality varying slightly.

In this article, I have reviewed the top 12.

Here Are My Recommended Top 12 Best Low Light Action Camera:

1. Insta360 |Best Affordable Low Light Action Camera

I have always had a keen interest in photography and how you capture every moment in life so beautifully that it becomes part of your memories.

Ever since I was a kid, I knew that I would be a photographer and I’ll pursue photography as a career.

But capturing photos in low light has always been a concern.

When I got myself into this career, I got my self Insta360 ONE on my friends’ recommendation.

Hands down it was the best purchase I made because the battery, stabilization, and other features all contributed to making this best low-light action camera. 

Key Features:


There are four bits on the Insta360 One Edition.

The star of this device is the lens module.

I had the best time with this particular feature.

This connects with the “brainbox,” which also houses the storage card.

The battery is located at the bottom, and the blocks are secured by a thin shell that surrounds the area.

The Insta360 One Edition’s parts are arranged in a stick-like style, which provides the camera to be a grip itself.

Simply by holding it alone, you can keep your hand at a much distance from the lenses to capture a suitable video.

Just be careful not to rustle anything near the mics, which are located in the center brick.

I loved the construction and design of this camera overall. 


Editing with Insta360 is indeed a pleasure.

The basic phone application or the Insta360 Studio computer application can be used to complete the task.

I made use of the phone application; it allowed me to have access to strong features and continues to make them simple to use.

Keyframes are used for this.

You may pinch to enlarge and adjust the area of vision as you navigate the video sequence to tell the program where you would like the capture mode to be located at any given time.

Transitions are generated automatically; however, you can manipulate them to be slower or quicker by just adding extra keyframes.

What Makes It Best:

The 1-inch 360-degree lens’s capacity to capture video at the 6K resolution is one of its main selling points.

I was surprised by the vividness of the video when I took the camera to the workplace rooftop. 

Shooting outdoors in the sun certainly helps, but the vibrant green and the sky’s bright blue color truly stood out on the screen.

The performance of the microphone on this gadget also caught my attention.

On the morning of the shooting, the sun might’ve been out, but also there was a lot of wind.

Although it was windy outside when I was filming, the 360 Edition picked my voice which was the best thing I must say. 


I would highly recommend this camera to anyone who is looking for a great and budget-friendly low-light action camera.

I had the best time with it and all the features contribute to giving you the best quality picture or footage.

  • It has good battery life.
  • The quality of the mic is amazing.
  • It’s easier to do the editing with it.
  • Water resistance is not up to the mark.

2. EK7000 |Best Waterproof Action Camera

Being the smallest in my family my sister was always pampered and seeing other people in the house with digital cameras and other gadgets she also wanted to buy a camera.

Although she could easily use mine, she wanted to have her one.

Since I was always interested in getting different types, and versions of cameras I knew all the kinds of cameras in the market.

I recommended my sister to get the Akaso Ek7000 because of its amazing features such as its resolution, design, and other functionalities. 



The Akaso EK7000 has a very simple design.

The Akaso EK7000 has four control buttons and they are used to operate the camera.

The camera’s upper shutter key is utilized to take photographs as well as it is used to start the recording and stop it.

When navigating through the settings, this event serves as the “enter” key.

A mode button that switches among videos, pictures, bursts, timelapse video, and settings is located on the front panel of the camera.

It serves as a start button to switch the camera off.

Image and video quality:

The majority of action causes the footage to be rather shaky, but overall, the video captured by the Akaso was pretty decent.

The golden sunset by the poolside stood out vividly in the photograph.

The Akaso captures video in 4K on a frame rate of 25.

Last but not least, I discovered that the lens was highly susceptible to fingerprints despite the plastic housing appearing to be spotless.

A white haze may be seen in multiple video samples; this is probably the result of my fingers touching the plastic.

What Makes It Best:

The Akaso EK7000 4K shooting is limited to 25 frames per second in a broad-angle perspective.

It can also shoot in 1080p as well as 720p at 60 frames per second. 

This inexpensive camera can also capture 12-megapixel still images in bursting and time-lapse settings.

If you want 16MP with electronic stabilization, you should not think twice and buy the Akaso EK7000 Pro.

In a busy market for action cameras that includes rivals such as the GoPro 7, the EK 7000 performs admirably.

The Akaso EK7000’s affordability is among its best features. 


The Akaso EK7000 fulfills the majority of your requirements if you are an adventurous individual looking for an action camera at a reasonable price.

This affordable action camera is loaded with great characteristics such as 4K video filming and 12 megapixels. 

  • This camera is very budget-friendly.
  • Includes a lot of accessories.
  • Has the functionality of time-lapse and burst shooting.
  • There’s no picture stabilization.

3. GoPro HERO10 |Best Action Camera for HD Videos

On my father’s birthday, I decided to gift him a GoPro HERO as I’ve personally loved using it and since it was his 50 years celebration, I decided to surprise him with this amazing low-light action camera.

Since my father has his photography studio and loves to take pictures and make videos he was on the hunt for a low-light action camera with a powerful processor and great stabilization. 

Before gifting him this amazing camera I used GoPro HERO myself for one year and I loved its features and functionality. 


Picture Resolution:

Actually, there are currently three other color selections available in GoPro HERO 10.

Before, you could only choose between a “GoPro” color profile, which created vibrant, punchy colors, and a “flat” color profile, which one could grade later on.

However, there is now a second profile called “Natural” which is the latest default, and I loved it.

GoPro has set the “sharpness” at moderate by default, which is a smart decision.

However, for the best picture quality, I usually shoot with the visual acuity on “low” as well as the transmission rate at “maximum” (or 100Mbps).

The outcomes were astonishing.

Great Stabilization:  

The feature that was super helpful for me since I like to ride bikes on mountains and film the entire experience was the great stabilization.

Hyper Smooth 4.0, extends the stabilization’s potent and is the best feature of GoPro 10. 

With the bigger 1-inch sensors, competitors such as the Insta360 One R 1-Inch version may have outperformed GoPro, but in my opinion, Hyper Smooth continues to be the finest stabilization on any action camera.

What Makes It Best:

GoPro has implemented a few minor adjustments; the updated lens covering is the biggest one for watersport lovers.

I put the GoPro 10 under the water, and I was surprised to see the upgraded lens cover substantially outperformed the old one under the water, and there was no droplet to obstruct the view. 

Also, when I was out on a bumpy mountain track my head-mounted GoPro came off after a harsh landing and it was hit by the woods but there were no visible scratches on the lens.

It was the most surprising thing for me.


The Hero 10 Black might be your perfect vlogging partner if you prefer shooting a variety of videos and going on trips where there is a good probability of bad weather or muck.

Whereas the Media Module is available to grant access to a better microphone, and the front display helps frame photos.

  • It has the strongest processor.
  • The stabilization is great.
  • Comes with an amazing display and design.
  • The sensors are small.

4. AKASO Brave 4 |Best Budget 4k Low Light Action Camera

For a very long time I was on the hunt for a low-light action camera that was budget-friendly but at the same time comes with amazing features.

Me and my friend were out for lunch, and I was discussing my concerns with her.

She suggested I invest in Akaso Brave 4 and I tried it on her recommendation and loved it.

The best thing about this camera is the stabilization it was hard for me to believe how stable my pictures and footage turned out when I filmed from this camera. 


The filming options:

The camera features a variety of attachments and add-ons, such as a water-resistant enclosure.

It can record video in a range of formats as well as frame speeds, notably 4K 30p or High Definition 120p.

Additionally, slow-motion and time-lapse settings are available.

This can film bursts of 10 frames per second at a high quality of 20MP.

If you wish to get a bit closer, you may choose from the “Broad,” “Middle,” or “Narrow” settings or utilize the 5x magnification setting in the primary filming menu. 


With the cube-shaped design of the Akaso Brave 4 Pro, you’ll immediately feel at ease if you have any experience with action cameras.

The ascending arrow key on the camera’s side is used to switch both screens.

It’s advisable to become comfortable with this feature in advance because failing to do so will result in you accidentally activating it and then wasting a lot of time attempting to undo it. 

What Makes It Best:

The AkasoGo application makes it simple to link the Akaso Brave 4 Pro with the Wi-Fi so you can use your smartphone like a remote trigger.

Along with a small solo remote trigger, it also includes a package full of mounting and attachments. 

With the help of the AkasoGo software, you can connect the Akaso Brave 4 Pro to Wi-Fi and use your phone as a control trigger.

It comes with a bundle of installation and accessories in addition to a smaller single remote trigger. 

For the low light action camera at this cost, it offers a remarkable degree of adaptability and customization.

The sheer variety of functions and settings that have been crammed into one device is extremely astounding, and because more Brave cameras have recently been released, the Brave 4 Pro’s market price has decreased, further increasing its value.


Get your hands on this amazing and brilliant low-light action camera.

My father still talks about it as he loves it so much.

I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a budget-friendly camera but wants a lot of features. 

  • These two screens in this camera.
  • Has loads of features.
  • It fits everyone’s budget.
  • The processor doesn’t perform well.

5. GoPro HERO 8 |Best Low Light Action Camera for Live Streaming

I had this camera sitting in my cupboard for quite a while, but I never had the chance to try it out.

Until my friend told me one day how amazing it is compared to the price rate. 

Honestly, I regretted for nor using it earlier as it’s the best low-light action camera.

Be it the battery life, picture quality, or design everything was on point.

Later on, I passed on this camera to my sister and even she loved it. 


Image Quality:

Although I’ve liked using the 360 cameras for more than 1 year because of their increased versatility and creative possibilities, my one continuous gripe is image quality which is frequently subpar.

With a larger, higher-resolution camera, the 1-inch 360 takes this challenge, and the effects are astounding.

A deep, gloomy jungle on a bright day is an excellent illustration of an environment where these advantages are noticeable.

Previously, I discovered that 360 cameras having small sensors and poorer resolution had a difficult time delivering appropriate results.

However, the 1-inch 360 manages these difficult circumstances admirably and generates attractive video.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi Connectivity:

I’ve always admired Insta360’s thorough and user-friendly approach which lets the users connect the camera to almost any gadget and edit video.

While evaluating the 1-inch 360, I tried many devices, and I had a positive experience.

The 1-inch 360’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology makes it simple to link to your tablet or smartphone.

What Makes It Best:

I have always been impressed with Insta360’s detailed and user-friendly method, which allowed individuals to pair the camera to any device and edit footage.

I tested a lot of gadgets when testing the 1-inch 360, and I was pleased with the results.

The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities of the 1-inch 360 made the connectivity of your smartphone or tablet simple.

Additionally, I accidentally put its durability to the test when capturing a star fall and I did it in the morning.

But for a second my attention got lost and my camera dropped, and it hit the ground so bad. 

Apart from a couple of tiny scratches, my camera was perfect and working fine.

The picture quality wasn’t noticeably impacted by all the scratches.

It is important to keep in mind that given their size, those enormous lenses are more susceptible to getting accidentally scratched in situations like this.


So, I highly recommend people to get this camera if they want the best quality pictures and Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity.

Considering the price this camera offers the best features of all time and you won’t be disappointed investing in this camera.

  • It is super lightweight.
  • It is durable.
  • It has the best low-illumination performance.
  • It is not fully water resistant.

6. GoPro HERO 9 |Best Action cAmera Under $300

My brother wanted a GoPro HERO9 for his university project, but we all were a little skeptical about making this purchase since this camera was necessary for my brother’s project, so we had to get him one.

After he was done with his project, I wanted to try this camera so my brother was kind enough to give it to me and I must say it is one of the best action cameras I’ve ever used.

It had amazing features which are unique to other cameras.


The best sensor:

The sensor of GoPro 9 has undergone a complete revamp, which is possibly the HERO9’s greatest improvement. 

The still shooting capabilities have been greatly enhanced by the addition of a massive 20mp sensor.

When editing or altering the images, you can now extract all the information from the shadows and highlights thanks to the increasingly wide range, as well as the dim light quality which has also been enhanced. 

Hyper Smoothness:

The built-in picture stabilization is so effective that I only point to the camera when I go on a run or whenever I ride a bike on a mountain and the camera is still able to produce perfectly smooth video.

The primary distinction is that the GoPro HERO 9 now includes built-in horizon balancing that automatically modifies the cropped picture to keep the horizon as level as possible.

What Makes It Best:

The GoPro Hero 9 is the most potent and adaptable low-light camera that you can purchase. 

The front screen and improved sensor are the two greatest improvements.

The upgraded 23.6MP sensor can capture 5K video efficiently.

The new front color display is a really handy addition for vlogging and other types of shooting videos.

It struggles to go well with a dedicated tilting screen such as the Sony ZV-1 and is somewhat sluggish.

However, if you frequently include yourself in the recordings, certainly this camera is the perfect fit for you.

The Hero 9 electronic stabilization offers Hyper Smooth Boosting, in all filming modes, and it is no doubt the feature that offers the greatest advantage.

This is making this camera a star performer for people who require 4K or 5K videos of the highest quality.


So, without any further delay if you want the highest quality picture that would capture the best photos even in dim light go and grab a GoPro HERO9, and trust me you will thank me later.

Everyone who has used this camera has loved it so far. 

  • The screen is very good for vlogging.
  • The battery life is great.
  • It has the best and finest sensors.
  • 4k shooting is not that good.

7. DJI Osmo |Best Low Light Camera for Vlogging

I was a user of DJI Osmo, and my friend saw me using it and she told me she wanted to get this camera for herself as well.

So, on her birthday I decided to surprise her with this action camera and the look on her face was worth seeing. 

I wanted my friend to enjoy using this camera just as much as I did, and she truly had the best time with it as well.

The feature this compact action camera provides is commendable and that’s what makes it worth investing in. 

Key Features:


The Osmo Action offers two significant benefits over similar cameras.

It is the best and super user-friendly, and if trip vlogging is your specialty, it is the best option as it features a front color display.

Like a GoPro, the Osmo Action is equally durable.

It can withstand drops from 11 meters without the need for a case.

Since the Osmo Action employs the standard two-pronged mount, it is usable with a wide range of third-party attachments, including numerous GoPro models. 

Shooting Mode:

The Osmo Action equals the GoPro Hero 7 Black in the majority of the shooting mode categories and outperforms others.

Both cameras have superb electronic picture stabilization and can capture crisp 4K footage at 60 frames per second.

Amazingly, DJI’s RockSteady stabilizing substantially resembles GoPro’s HyperSmooth.

A High-definition video mode, which regrettably does not function with the Osmo RockSteady stabilization, and a hand-operated mode that is more flexible compared to the Protune on the GoPro, give it an advantage over its opponent.

What Makes It Best:

The Osmo Action is worth picking up if you’re seeking a tough, competent 4K action camera to bring along on harsh excursions and also if you don’t already have a current GoPro.

The front color display makes it especially appropriate for vlogging, and because it offers more variable shutter speed settings compared to the Hero 7 Black, it is a better choice for experienced photographers.

The same trick shots are available with the Osmo Action, which also has voice command, a slo-mo option (240 frames per second in 1080p), and the ability to record hyper lapses and time lapses.


I would safely recommend this camera to anyone who would want to have a durable camera that they can take with them on different types of adventures.

If you also want to buy the most sturdy camera with such helpful features buy this camera and you’ll have a great time with it.

  • For vlogging, the front display is a huge plus.
  • The easiest to use.
  • In manual filming mode, it is a versatile action camera.
  • For audio quality, an additional microphone is required.

8. CAM WORLD |Best Action Camera for Sports

I went on a trip with my friends, and we all love photography so we wanted a camera that could do justice to the beautiful Taj Mahal.

And since all 4 of us were already mesmerized by its beauty we wanted to capture it on the camera as well. 

Along with two-three other cameras, I had a CAM WORLD action camera with me and I literally cannot thank myself enough for keeping this with me as I just used this camera for all the videos and pictures.

The picture quality and battery life all were great. 


The Design:

The V40 seemed much more robust than the other action cameras I carried with me, which is the first thing that struck me as I opened the package and took it out of the box.

It felt substantial and was constructed with a durable build. Since the action camera itself is water resistant to a depth of 10 meters (33 feet), it comes with a rubber grip on the exterior of the camera chassis which makes it simple to carry and also provides to shield the function keys and electronic parts from moisture and water.

This is true even if you don’t use the waterproof casing that is provided.

It can thereafter be utilized in water depths up to 40 meters when it is kept in the provided case.

Strong and rigid doors are used for the USB/HDMI interfaces and the battery section.

Dual Display:

The Dual display screens will enable me to “zoom in” during post-production while not compromising on HD clarity and 4K clarity. 

The V40, on the other hand, allows me to switch to the front display and see precisely what I’m filming while the camera is aimed in my direction.

This action camera is also very useful for vlogging because of this capability.

What Makes It Best:

The flexibility to install an extra microphone made this camera far better than any other action camera.

You can insert an additional microphone, but Campark also provides one with the kit. 

It’s a lapel-like microphone, but I attached it to the action camera and used it to capture some footage of me speaking.

It seems to perform a great job than the integrated microphone and other action cameras for catching audio. 

The V40 is water resistant even without the casing, which is another element that truly made it a perfect complement to my video arrangement.

This implies that if a sprinkle of rain breaks out while you’re out hunting or if the camera falls into the mud, you can clean it off and continue.


I am very satisfied camera and would unquestionably suggest it to anyone searching for a GoPro substitute that is more economical.

It appears to be solidly constructed, is easy to use, and produces high-quality video.

  • It is waterproof even without the casing.
  • Works well with external microphones.
  • It has a dual display.
  • Might have some issues with the SD card.

9. GoPro HERO 7 |Best Affordable Low Light Action Camera

When we visited the northern areas my tourist guide had this camera, and he would always brag about its features, and I would just listen about them and not pay any attention until one day he showed me one of the footage he captured during our trip, and I was stunned. 

Right after getting back from the trip, I went to the electronics shop and got this camera for myself, and I must say it’s the best purchase I made this year and I can’t thank my tourist guide for showing me the video he captured otherwise I would never buy this camera for myself. 



The design of GoPro action cameras has become better each time we review one.

With rounded corners and a sleek black appearance, the Hero 7 Black is housed in a small package.

There is a detachable lens covering to guard against dust and scratches, and each of the controls is big and simple to use.

They’ve succeeded in cramming a lot of extra capabilities, like voice control and additional shooting options like Timewarp movie and SuperPhoto, into such a small size.

The wide selection of accessories for GoPro action cameras is among its best features. 


It offers some of the greatest performance in its category.

It can capture 8x slo-mo footage in High Definition and 4K UHD video at 60 frames per second.

At 12 megapixels, the camera also produces amazing images.

Thanks to a stronger microphone, one of the main areas that have been enhanced is the ability to record sounds.

The Hero 7 Black’s incredible Hyper smooth functionality, which provides outstanding stabilization and avoids the necessity for a gimbal, is one of its key tricks. 

What Makes It Best:

Although there are several other action cameras available at lower prices, GoPro continues to offer some of the finest value.

The brand doesn’t skimp on quality, and they provide robust goods with a ton of functionality and support that’s unmatched.

 In addition to having excellent video and image quality, the Hero 7 Black also boasts a ton of added capabilities including voice commands and shooting options.

Other brands can’t compete with its extensive selection of aftermarket components.

GoPro Hero 7 has demonstrated that it is still a better option than many other action cameras.

The stability is superior compared to other cameras.


Although the Hero 7 Black isn’t much better than its predecessor, its superior picture quality, smoothness, accessibility, and selection of attachments make it the greatest all-around action camera that you can buy.

  • It offers outstanding image stabilization.
  • A better audio experience.
  • There is a vast selection of brackets and attachments.
  • It gets overheated while used.

10. Insta360 ONE X2 |Best 360 Degree Action Camera

While roaming around a market I glanced at the Insta360 X2 and in that zone, I grabbed the camera and started reading its functionality and specifications.

And to my surprise, all the features sounded so good that I couldn’t help getting them.

I quickly ran to my mum and asked her to buy me this camera as my graduation gift.

At first, I was scared to ask for it, but my mum was sweet enough to get me that camera, and I realized I was missing so much in life.

It has a full source of high-quality features. 

Key Features:

The Design:

Although the Insta360 One X2 appears to be very similar to its predecessors from 2018, it has undergone a few significant changes.

The action camera now features IPX8-rated water resistance, which indicates you can use it underwater up to 10 meters without the need for a case.

This is the most major change.

I was super glad to see it included because this was one of my main complaints with the Insta360 One X, especially since the GoPro Max already has it.

The key advantage of the One X2’s somewhat larger size over that it can accommodate a larger battery.

A detachable 1,630mAh battery is provided, with the capacity to record 80 minutes of footage.

The interface:

Its slick application and user-friendly interface were among the primary factors that let the Insta360 One X stand out from its competitors.

However, the One X2’s color touchscreen Display makes selecting your recording option much simpler than it was previously.

Just tap the recording icon to select from regular, HDR, time shift, timelapse, and bullet time options. 

What Makes It Best:

Mounting up action cameras on a motorcycle, A 360 camera, however, can provide around 4 multiple perspectives through one position. 

while editing you can track items in the frame as well.

To use this feature, simply highlight the area you would like the clip to be concentrated on.

Additionally, while you’re using the application, the AI is constantly getting updated with fresh features that you may incorporate into your modifications.

Put the action camera onto the selfie stick and securely fasten it to your bicycle to create a selfie.

All these unique features are what make it stand out among the competitors. 


I cannot stress enough how amazing this camera is and you won’t realize that you need this camera in your life until you get it. 

  • Provide excellent stability.
  • It is completely waterproof.
  • Includes lots of video tricks.
  • It can lag with some applications.

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