6 Best Indoor Security Cameras for Apartments: (2024 Expert Guide & Reviews)

Last Updated on January 25, 2024 by Thomas Paine

Are you trying to find the best indoor security camera for apartments?

Yes, you are at the right spot.

I have listed some of the best cameras for your convenience. 

Most people face hassles at their apartments, but now, all your problems will be solved by installing these security cameras. 

These cameras will ensure maximum protection through alerts and notifications so that you can instantly take action. 

So let’s move towards the best indoor security cameras for apartments we have listed for you.

Here Are My Recommended Top 6 Best Indoor Security Cameras for Apartments:

Blurams: (Best Pet Camera for Home Security)

Last year I faced a robbery with my friends at my apartment in a foreign country.

Suddenly my daughter called me to say that some thieves had come and taken everything from my home.

I instantly came back home and bought this blurams security camera.

I installed it in my apartment, and it worked amazingly.

It’s the best indoor security camera for apartments.


360 Degrees video Coverage with 2k Resolution:

This blurams security camera quickly tracks the motions, if there are any.

It also has an IR-CUT feature, which captures sharp and clear videos and images from day or night. 

Even in fewer light conditions, this camera also captures crisp photos and videos.

When I turn off the privacy mode, it protects my privacy. 

Smart AI detection and instant alerts:

It always alerts me with notifications, motions, or abnormal sounds detected in my house. 

This security camera also records 10 – 15 seconds which notifies me with video on the cloud and gets secured for a day.

For subscription, no fee is required. 

Smart Integration:

I can use my simple voice to view motoring live streaming on Alexa and Google Assistant devices with the display on my phone or tablet. 

This camera also works with IFTTT and allows me to link with any of my intelligent devices to work together.

It makes my apartment more relaxing. 

Enhanced Blurams Apps:

This live streaming of 4 dog cameras shows right on the app or original web portal.

I can share my camera with most of my family members. 

It features two-way Audio, allowing me to receive and transmit audio from anywhere at any time.

This camera works with 2.4 GHz WiFi networks only. 

Optional Cloud/Local storage:

This camera features 24/7 CVR, which allows the security camera to keep a continuous record in the cloud.

It allows me to avoid losing a video stored on an SD card. 

I can search for the event according to the time and the type of event with the camera’s name.

It supports up to 128 GB SD card, which I bought separately. 


I recommend using this security camera for your protection as its impressive features ensure safety.

  • Set up super fast.
  • Gives notifications.
  • Affordable price.
  • Recording motion provided.
  • 360 degrees rotation.
  • Excellent night vision. 
  • The voice has to be improved.
  • No warranty is provided. 

Blink 3rd Gen: (Best Wireless Security Camera)

A girl came to me and started insisting I help her as her father recently met with a severe accident.

She asked me if I should hire her as an employee, so I granted her a job.

After two days, I went to my office.

When I came back, there was nothing left at my apartment.

One of my neighbors told me that the girl was a fraud. 

I decided to install a security camera inside my apartment that day.

I bought this blink indoor security camera and installed it in my apartment.

It was easy to set up and install.

I loved using it for my protection.


Wireless Camera:

This is a wireless security camera that gets used through batteries, and in my opinion, it’s more convenient to use a security camera with batteries. 

I can control my apartment day and night with its night vision feature.

I can keep an eye on what’s happening in my home all day. 

Long-Lasting Battery: 

This camera has a long-lasting AA lithium battery that can be used indoors for two years. 

I love its battery option as I don’t have to charge every time.

Using a battery can be used more conveniently. 

Customizable Motion:

With this fantastic wireless security camera, I can get customizable motion alerts on my phone.

I can see what’s happening in my home all the time. 

I get all the notifications through the blink monitor app, so I receive notifications when needed. 

Blink App:

Thanks to the fantastic features of the blink app.

I can watch, listen, and talk to people and pets in my home. 

It has live view and two-way audio features installed in the blink app for the user’s convenience. 


It’s designed so I can easily set it up on my own.

In minutes I can set up this security camera. 

This security camera doesn’t require wiring or installation.

It sets up in minutes at home. 


We conclude that blink’s indoor security camera is the best indoor camera for my apartment.

With its clear and sharp videos, I can easily watch what’s happening in my apartment when I am not home.

  • Sharp video and clear audio.
  • Sensitivity can be set to reduce trigger motion levels.
  • Motion detection alerts.
  • Fantastic night vision mode.
  • Two-year lithium batteries.
  • Free trial membership for 30 days. 
  • Sometimes objects disappear from the picture.
  • The camera sensor has to be improved. 

LaView: (Best Apartments Security Camera)

I bought this LaView security camera to install inside my apartment. 

After I learned that so many robberies were happening, my friend suggested that I install this security camera inside my apartment. 

It helped me a lot as it’s a budget-friendly camera and provides whole-day footage with notifications. 

It’s the best indoor security camera for apartments. 



I downloaded the LaView application from the Google play store and Apple Store to watch 24/7 live streaming on my mobile anytime. 

When the LaView application is installed, I get access to live streams through the web browser for my camera.

It provides a Maximum of 9 live sources, which simultaneously show on one page. 

1080p Wired/Night vision:

With this security camera, I get a clear live view of my home because of its 2.1 megapixels resolution.

It provides me with sharp and clear videos. 

This security camera also features IR night vision technology up to 33 ft.

Even in the dark, it gives high-coverage videos in low light.

Also, this camera is compatible with a 2.5 GHz WiFi network. 

Motion Detection:

This security camera has indoor home instant motion detection, which is essential for safety.

I get 24/7 live streaming with real-time movement. 

It has an excellent motion detection function for intelligent motion alerts.

I receive a message right on my phone.

Moreover, I can listen and talk to my family with its microphone, speaker, and noise cancellation. 

Elegant And Suitable For Homes:

The most significant advantage of this security camera is it can be installed anywhere I want to, even in the kitchen, rooms, and offices.

Its impressive design by size helps me acquire a wide viewing angle. 

I bought four separate cameras for different rooms and saved more money.

I have shared my camera with my 20 family members and viewed multiple cameras in a single account. 


This impressive security camera offers cloud storage and a micro SD card.

It helps secure the user’s data in the SD card. 

Without logging in to the app, I could not access the recorded videos on the camera. 


I recommend using this LaView security camera for my apartment, as it helped me provide protection. 

It’s inexpensive for the users and also easy to install at home.

  • Great price.
  • High-quality images.
  • Time-lapse recordings.
  • Fast shutter speed.
  • Motion detection works well.
  • Easy to install. 
  • Hardcoded to 50 Hz.
  • Without a WiFi box, it doesn’t get connected. 

Google: (Best Surveillance Camera with 24/7 Live Video)

I loved using this google nest cam for indoor security last month.

I faced a robbery, and I lost my most expensive diamond ring. 

After that, I make sure the security camera is installed inside my apartment and gives me alerts for the day. 

On my mobile, I see all-day activities happening at my home, so I can quickly take action. 


Live Streaming:

This security camera offers 24/7 live video streaming with full HD in 1080p.

I can sign up from anywhere at any time through WiFi. 

With its WiFi technology, I can send video clips to my friends and family in 1920 x 1080 resolution. 

Night Vision:

This security camera features night vision with eight high-power infrared LCDs, providing clear video light. 

In dark conditions, it also captures clear and sharp videos with this security camera. 

Alerts And Notifications:

When the camera detects the activity, I get notifications and alerts to take action quickly or save the event for later. 

It features a 3 hours snapshot history, ensuring that I don’t miss anything.

Everything is stored securely in the camera’s storage. 


This security camera is industry-leading, so my videos and information are well protected.

It keeps all my data safe. 

I enable two-factor authentication and protect my account to the extent.

I don’t have to switch to another protection method after this. 

30-Days Trial:

It provides me with a 30 days trial of nest awareness.

Not just this, but it also allows me to experience ten days of video alerts and activity zones. 

Moreover, it helps me maintain the service for $6 per month for my device after the test is done. 

Easy Setup:

The Nest app can be set up quickly with flexible assembling and free assembly.

I place the security camera on the shelf supported by the wall and use the magnetic base. 

Then I connect it to the wall outlet, and the nest app helps me with the rest. 


This is the best indoor security camera for apartments because its two-factor authentication system ensures the user’s protection. 

I recommend installing it in your apartment if you don’t want to face any hassle. 

  • Easy to set up.
  • Good security protection.
  • 2-factor authentication.
  • WiFi connectivity.
  • Fantastic sound and picture quality.
  • Night vision. 
  • Constant notifications whenever the user enters the room.
  • A little overpriced. 

Ring: (Best HD Security Camera Under $200)

Once I hired an employee for my firm at a junior level.

He asked me for an early salary; I couldn’t afford it then. 

He came home to pick up some essential files from me.

I went to the kitchen for a second, and he took my mobile phone.

For several days I tried finding it but couldn’t find it. 

After that, my friend suggested installing a security camera in my apartment.

I bought this ring stick-up security camera. 

It’s the best indoor security camera for apartments. 


Impressive Battery:

With this ring-stick camera, I can watch, listen and talk to my family and friends with this stickup camera.

I love these features as I stay connected with my loved ones. 

This battery-powered camera can be mounted indoors and outdoors.

I love its battery features. 

Ring App:

This security camera has a ring application installed.

I can check what’s happening in my home with its live view function. 

Ring Protection Plan:

I can record all my videos with a ring protection plan that notifies me with a review of what I have missed from 180 days. 

Furthermore, I can share photos and videos with my friends and family. 

Using This Camera:

I place this camera on a flat surface and mount it on the wall with a versatile mounting bracket. 

I also add the mount for the stickup cam for roof mounting. 


I recommend using this ring stick-up security camera for your protection. 

Moreover, its long-lasting battery also helped me as it provided me with all the daily notifications and alerts. 

  • Motion detection.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Battery life is excellent.
  • High-quality videos.
  • Amazing protection plan. 
  • Ring doorbell signal is less.
  • Sometimes it gets off. 

Canary: (Best Indoor Security Camera for Homes and Apartments)

I used this fantastic canary view security camera for my apartment.

It makes sure to provide me with protection with its unique features. 

It provided clear and sharp videos with its AI technology. 

With its night vision, this security camera makes sure to record nighttime videos in my apartment and notifies me so that I can take quick action. 


1080p HD video by AI:

I can watch the recorded videos and live anywhere at any time.

The numbers are already filled in the emergency first aid, which is easily accessible. 

It features integrated speakers and microphones, which offer two ways of conversation that are capable of real-time conversations from the phone to the camera. 

Security Solution And Night Vision:

This camera combines intelligence and security with 1080p with artificial intelligence.

It doesn’t need installation.

I just set it on the shelf or a table and connect it to the WiFi, and I’m done. 

Real-Time Intelligence: 

The canary has integrated AI technology and machine learning, identifying essential activities. 

This camera also provides security numbers for emergencies with video and audio evidence.  


I recommend using this fantastic security camera for indoor apartments. 

It’s easy to install at home with wireless connectivity for quick notifications and alerts. 

  • Excellent protection.
  • Fantastic clarity with sounds.
  • Easy installation provided.
  • Wireless connectivity.
  • Easy to set up. 
  • Monthly subscription charges.
  • Night mode needs extra attention. 

Can I put a camera up in my apartment? 

In most cases, renters install security cameras inside the apartment without the landlord’s permission.

Still, you must follow laws for security cameras for installation inside the home, where people expect not to install cameras in bedrooms. 

Can I put a security camera on my apartment door? 

Suppose you take the courage to install surveillance cameras or alarm systems without the landlord’s permission or proper consultation, such as on apartment doors, inside the apartment.

In that case, you will be held accountable for the property damage, which could result in your security actions being withheld by landlords.

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there indoor security cameras used for apartment purposes that you love to give that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

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