5 Best Fujifilm Cameras for YouTube: (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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The finest vlogging lenses make it simple to record excellent quality video blogs for your viewers, whether you’re generating videos for YouTube, TikTok, or Instagram.

This professional buying guide has been built together to assist you in locating the ideal tool according to your vlogging requirements and price range.

The Fuji XT 20 Mirrorless Camera, in our opinion, is currently the best videography equipment for the majority of users.

With a remarkable 1-inch sensor and superior automatic focusing for taking clear 4K video, it is a small yet effective tool for filming on the road.

Featuring its three-axis stabilizer head, the DJI Mini 2 is the ideal budget filming gear in our opinion if you’re looking for a more economical solution.

All of the top vlogging equipment on the marketplace, including the most recent models, have been thoroughly evaluated by us.

We thoroughly evaluate the essential elements that matter while vlogging in our professional assessments.

This pertains to a camera’s ability to recognize and track targets with autofocus as well as how efficiently its optical smoothing can smear footage while handheld filming.

We also test each camera’s usefulness when recording in the real world, looking into things like touchscreen efficiency and attachment mount efficiency. 

According to these unbiased evaluations, we’ve listed our top picks of cameras below.

Which are the Best Fujifilm Cameras for YouTube?

Here are my recommended top 5 Best Fujifilm Cameras for YouTube:-

Fujifilm X-T20: (Best Cheap Mirrorless Camera for YouTube)

As a YouTuber, it is very important to me how my video quality turns out.

Video quality plays a huge role in gaining views and subscribers.

Therefore my ultimate goal has always been to focus on my content and video quality.

I bought this camera recently after a lot of research and to be honest I’ve also been told by my viewers that my video quality has gotten so better. 


Command Mode:

Utilize several exposure settings and dial-based adjustments to capture photographs precisely as you perceive them.

The small, lightweight camera body is enjoyable to use and fits nicely in your palm.

Equipped with an aperture dial, compensation for exposure dial-in, drive dial, as well as additional settings that have grown to be associated with the X Series, which is the Fujifilm X-T20 enables fully controlled operation.

Even though the device is off, you can choose exposure modes such as program, camera priority, adjustment priority, as well as a manual by combining parameters on the shutter velocity dial and the opening ring on the optic.

Manual Mode:

Intelligent, completely automatic shooting with advanced SR Auto.

To choose the Advanced SR Auto mode, set the auto setting Switch on the highest plate to ‘Auto’.

The device will then choose from 58 templates, spanning Moving Subject,  “Night Landscape,” “Blue Sky,” “Beach,” “Sunset,” “Portrait,” Landscape,” and “Moving Subject,” to select the best focal length and brightness settings.

Simply push the button on the shutter release to begin.

When selecting the appropriate exposure levels or when you only need to shoot a few short pictures, this setting is ideal.

What makes it the best: 

EVF with Excellent Precision and Magnification:

An inorganic EL optical viewfinder with 2.36M dots is a feature of the Fujifilm X-T20.

For a sharp, excellent-quality image that displays 100% of the picture’s area and can be watched even in intense outdoor circumstances, it employs four specialized lens elements.

A video frame rate of 54.54 frames per second and a time latency of 0.005 seconds allow for a smooth display in the EVF.

Additionally, it displays the impacts of Movie Modeling and exposure options in real-time, allowing you to shoot pictures while knowing precisely how the final product will look.

Touch Panel & Leaning LCD Display:

A 3.0-inch, 1.04M-dot, swiveling 3:2-aspect-ratio graphic LCD monitor is included with the Fujifilm X-T20. The LCD screens used in premium versions have the same number of dots.

Even in strong outside lighting, it is simple to see, making it convenient for capturing both still images and moving pictures.

You can shoot while carrying the lens at your hip or high/low positions because the viewfinder can be adjusted to tilt upward or downward.

If you wish to focus solely on your subject, you can switch off all recording information presented in the LCD panel.

Additionally, the liquid crystal display (LCD) sits flat on the camera’s body whenever not in utilization, maintaining the Fujifilm X-T20’s svelte features.

  • A strong, weather-sealed structure is a pro.
  • Photos using a high-res sensor are very detailed.
  • A broad dynamic range.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Not very transportable.

X-S20: (Best Fujifilm Camera for YouTube Videos)

As a new YouTuber, I was on the hunt for good cameras that provide good quality videos for my subscribers.

So I started asking people in my circle who also have YouTube channels.

Many said that the Fujifilm X S20 is a very good option to go for as the camera allows its users to capture footage effortlessly.


26.1Mega Pixel Dark-illuminated X-Trans CMOS 4:

Back-illuminated “X-Trans CMOS 4” sensitivity is a feature of the X-S20.

With a 26.1 MP quality and a special filter array that manages moiré as well as incorrect colors for a picture that will let you communicate your true artistic vision, the X-S20 can document your most spectacular adventures and daily moments.

With fewer interruptions, the back-illuminated layout improves the quality of the image. 

Film Simulator:

19 Film Simulator, The X-S20’s film emulation modes faithfully reproduce the analog appearance of the traditional film for photography stocks that Fujifilm has been developing for more than 85 years.

Recreate the traditional color palette that Fujifilm is famous for, or add a unique artistic touch to create a lasting legacy.

What makes it the best: 

A Big Battery in a Small Body:

The battery life of the X-S20 has risen by over twofold about 325 to 750 pictures in comparison to the X-S10, so it will not die amid your next adventure.*

Do you require a battery that can last for an entire day?

Turn on budget mode to extend the battery lifetime to 800 shots with the X-S20. 

Autofocus that Detects Subjects:

Subject-detection AF is a function of X-Processor 5 that was developed utilizing Deep-Learning artificial intelligence Software.

The X-S20 can now recognize and follow a variety of subjects, such as animals, birds, automobiles, motorbikes, bicycles, aircraft, transport, insects, as well as drones, in addition to offering amazing AF monitoring and recognition for human features as well as eyes.

This enables shooters to solely concentrate on design and originality with the knowledge that the X-S20 will monitor focus precisely. 


A better auto-focus projection algorithm built into the X-S20 enables consistent focusing regardless of capturing subjects that are constantly moving.

The most noticeable auto-focus advancements are in Area Autofocus and challenging low-contrast scenarios.

  • Excellent autofocus accuracy.
  • Awe-inspiring video quality.
  • Effective.
  • The incorporation of WiFi.
  • Expensive.

GFX 100S: (Best Professional Fujifilm Camera for YouTube)

My father knows how determined I am about my job as a YouTuber and how much I care about the quality of my videos and pictures.

Therefore he thought it would be a great idea to gift me something that would completely thrill me. 

He bought me this device last week and Holy moly.

I just love the quality of the videos and pictures which I take with this camera. 


Small But Consistent:

The in-body picture stabilization (IBIS) mechanism in the GFX100S has been overhauled, although it can still offer a maximum of six degrees of five-axis correction.

At the Cutting Edge of AF Technology:

A brand-new era of big-size digital imaging systems is being introduced by the GFX100S’s superior zone recognition automatic focusing (AF) technology.

What makes it the best: 

Movie Simulator:

The color science knowledge of Fujifilm is renowned among photographers.

It is simple to get stunning color, quickly, right out of the camera’s sensor with an array of 19 unique FUJIFILM Movie Simulation settings.

There is also a brand-new Film Synthesis mode to discover.

Multi-Shot Pixel Shift:

A 400MP picture produced by Pixel Move Multi-Shot, which merges 16 RAW photographs, reproduces the most minute details using the highest level of color fidelity.

This method is ideal for documenting works of artwork and protecting cultural treasures since it produces unmatched color reproduction with a minimum amount of artificial colors. 


A fresh batch of creators will benefit from the big format camera known as the GFX100S.

The device’s 102MP detector, Even-Body Picture Stabilization, and excellent phase recognition AF work together with a small, waterproof housing to produce gorgeous still pictures and expert 4K/30p footage in the most adverse lighting circumstances.

  • Superb image quality.
  • Construction that feels solid.
  • Convenient to use.
  • Outstanding overall stabilizing capabilities.
  • Battery performance is a drawback.

X100V: (Best Fujifilm Camera for Beginners YouTubers)

It is no joke that good companies approach those influencers who provide good-quality videos.

As a YouTuber, it is a hard job to maintain a good quality of your video even in dim light.

But with this DSLR it is no more a tough assignment as I can capture great pictures and videos with this great camera with a great lens.


Beautiful Design:

The top as well as bottom slabs of the X100V’s timeless design were machined from solitary slabs of aluminum, creating a sleek and traditional camera body with sharp, appealing edges.

The X100V is a flawless technological and aesthetic mixture that is likely to bring joy to filmmakers of any skill level while they create their photos.

It has been coated with a lovely satin finish. 

Defended from the Elements:

When the extra-large AR-X100 adaptor ring as well as the PRF-49 protective filter are combined with the completely novel optics of the X100V, weatherproofing is shown for the initial moment in the X100 Collection.

Keep snapping pictures in inclement weather while being calm when nature makes a surprise turn.

What makes it the best: 

Traditional and Simple Controls: 

One of the X100 Series’ most distinctive features includes the analog-inspired controllers.

The manipulation of sliders for shutter velocity and brightness adjustment offers a tactile sensation and significantly adds to the immersion and pleasant nature of the creating images experience.

Form and function together:

A further innovation for the X100 sequence, the mutually beneficial tilting LCD is concealed in the rear of the device and provides more possibilities for photographers to observe, frame, and compose images by offering intuitive gesture controls.


The X100V can record footage in 1080p at a speed of 120 shots per minute or 4K video at thirty frames per minute to produce effects like super sluggish motion.

  • The body is portable and light.
  • Simple on-the-fly setting adjustments.
  • Excellent quality of images in JPEG.
  • There are more competitive solutions available.

X-H2: (Best Mirrorless Camera for YouTube Vlogging Under $2000)

I am traveling to Malaysia next week and there I have to do daily vlogging.

For this reason, I wanted to invest in a camera that could be travel-friendly and allow me to capture HD Videos and pictures.

With this camera, it’s all possible due to its efficient and smart features.


High-Resolution 40MP detector from BSI:

High-resolution detectors may now record 8K video in alongside 40.2MP still photos because there are around 1.5 times as many bits as in the generation before them.

Pixel Displacement Multiple Shoot 160MP:

The first model in the X Range to support Pixel Shifting Multiple Shot can capture just one, 160MP photo at exceptionally high resolution with just one click of the button.

What makes it the best:

Tough, Weather-Resistant Body:

The 79 weather-sealed joints on Strong, Weather-Resistant Chassis X-H2 provide a great deal of humidity and dust opposition, and it can function in conditions that are as low as -10°C (14°F).

HDMI RAW Output:

Blackmagic Hdr or Apple’s ProRes RAW may be used to record the 12-bit RAW video signal from the X-H2 at densities and rates of motion as high as eight thousand pixels as well as 29.97 fps.


The next iteration of the X Series features exceptional quality and speed thanks to the latest in imaging equipment.

With a brand-new 40.2-megapixel detector, the X-H2 provides unmatched photographic resolution for both still photos and videos, opening up a world of imaginative possibilities unmatched by any other APS-C size camera to date. 

  • Compact design.
  • Excellent construction.
  • Superb picture quality.
  • The ergonomics are not quite there.

Buying Guide:

Speed and Effectiveness:

When purchasing a camera, the majority of consumers initially consider the file format, or megaPixel (MP). The picture will appear crisper and print larger if the MP is higher. It also lines up with the camera’s cost. When purchasing a camera, ISO is a crucial performance component to take into account. It decides how well the device will work in low lighting. You will require less light as the number rises. Frames every second (fps) shouldn’t be your primary concern unless you want to go out and photograph nature or athletic events. But if you’re planning to fire such objects, the FPS will raise your chances of “obtaining the ideal shot.”

The Truth and Myth of MegaPixels:

While some people strive for higher megapixel counts, 20MP cameras will provide you with enough data for a 20″x 30″ print. The addition of pixels can sometimes be harmful. Electronic noise will be less of a problem in darkness on an entire frame detector with smaller pixels than on a crop detector that has additional pixels. 

Replaceable Lenses:

The choice to buy a camera with interchangeable lenses opens up a vast array of options. Some primary lenses only have one point of view. Wide-angle lenses that have smaller numerals, like 15mm, are going to be more visible in your photograph. wonderful for vistas. What we as humans see as “normal” is about 50mm. Above 85mm is regarded as a cellphone, and this is similar to a telescope in that it draws distant objects closer. Ideal for photographing wolves in their natural environment while maintaining an appropriate distance behind the subject of the photograph. After primary lenses, there are additional zoom lenses, which are available in a variety of lengths. 

Stabilization of Images:

This lessens the shake of the camera. There are two types of picture stabilization: in-body (IBIS) as well as a lens (Canon optics rock this). In low-light conditions, stabilization of images can be quite helpful.


Nowadays, you can shoot a few videos with almost all of the modern cameras. If you anticipate shooting a great deal of video, make sure that you first do a little investigating. Any camera created in the previous five years ought to function just fine if you want to capture a few memorable images.

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