The 6 Best DIY Bird Feeder Camera: (2024 Guide & Reviews)

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Introducing a DIY Bird Feeder Camera can be a fantastic way to observe and capture the fascinating world of birds right from your backyard.

This idea combines technology, nature, and a touch of creativity to provide you with a unique bird-watching experience.

A DIY Bird Feeder Camera is essentially a combination of a bird feeder and a camera system.

It allows you to attract birds to a feeding station while simultaneously recording their activities.

Birdwatching is a delightful hobby that allows you to connect with the natural world right from your backyard.

But what if you could take your passion for observing our feathered friends to the next level you need a high-quality bird feeder camera.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best DIY bird feeder cameras.

Which are the Best DIY Bird Feeder Cameras?

Here are my recommended top 6 Best DIY Bird Feeder Cameras:-

NETVUE: (Best Budget Weatherproof Bird Feeder Camera)

I love nature and its videos.

I have a channel on a social media platform where I upload videos of birds and natural environments.

For bird’s videos shot I use the NETVUE Birdfy Pro – Bird Feeder with Camera.

This eye-appealing and captivating camera with a feeder makes my work super easy.

It has various essential features to support your recordings.

I love using this feeder camera so much.

If you are a bird video lover looking for a high-quality camera then I recommend this one. 


Live Bird Watching:

The integrated camera allows you to watch birds in real time from the comfort of your home through a smartphone app, offering a convenient and enjoyable bird-watching experience.


The feeder camera is designed to resist harsh and challenging weather and perform its function efficiently.

Multiple Feeding Options:

The Birdfy Pro supports various feeding options, including wider perches, a hummingbird feeder, a suet ball, and a jelly feeder, making it attractive to a wide range of bird species.

Auto Capture Bird Videos:

The motion detection feature automatically records videos when birds visit the feeder, allowing you to review and enjoy bird activity later.


The Birdfy Pro Lite can make an excellent gift for family members who love birdwatching or for educational purposes, encouraging a deeper connection with nature. 

Easy Installation:

Setting up the Birdfy Pro Lite is relatively straightforward, making it accessible to users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Wi-Fi Connectivity:

The ability to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi network allows for remote monitoring, so you can keep an eye on your feeder and the visiting birds even when you’re away from home.


It is the best DIY feeder camera as it has a weather-resistant body.

The camera is well-designed to attract the birds and detect their motion effectively.

You can keep an eye on your camera by connecting it to your smartphone and watching the video.

It comes with easy installation. 


Concluding the above I will say that this is one of the best cameras with a bird feeder.

If you are a bird lover and want to capture their beautiful moments then this is the best camera with a feeder for you.

You can buy this camera on my recommendation.

It has a lot to offer you. 

  • Auto capture.
  • Easy installation.
  • 1080P Color Night Vision.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Sturdiness.
  • Weather resistant.
  • Multiple feeding options.
  • Compatibility issues with smart devices.

Soliom BF09: (Best Auto Record Bird Video Camera with Bird Feeder)

Soliom BF09 Bird Feeder with Camera is among the best DIY feeder cameras.

I have been using this camera for a few months and I am in love with the results.

This camera has amazing resolution power and captures incredible bird’s moments.

I love its simplicity and easy installation.

You can try this camera on my recommendation.

I am sure you will love to use it. 


AI Bird Species Identification:

This feature can help you easily identify and learn about the different bird species that visit your feeder, making it an excellent educational tool for bird enthusiasts.

Bird Videos:

The camera’s ability to automatically record bird videos when activity is detected adds convenience to your bird-watching experience.

You won’t miss any exciting moments and can enjoy the footage at home. 


With the included 32GB SD card, you’ll have ample storage space for recording bird videos without the need for frequent file management.


The instant notification feature informs you when birds are present at the feeder, allowing you to quickly tune in and observe the action live. 


The camera is waterproof and can resist dust and water splashes while working efficiently.

This makes the camera durable.

Night Vision:

The camera not only works well in daylight but delivers the best results in low-light conditions.

Solar Panel:

The included 5W solar panel provides a sustainable and eco-friendly way to power the camera.

You do not have to worry about its charging. 


It is the best camera for bird videos as it has high-resolution power and durable construction.

It can resist weather conditions.

The camera has low light performance with solar panel charging.

You do not have to charge it with cable and batteries.

It has AI bird identification of different bird species which can detect a lot of different species of birds.


This camera is easy to use and install.

It records all the appealing and dynamic moves of the birds efficiently.

I love the results so much that I am recommending it to you also.

You must try this camera for yourself.

  • 5W Solar charging.
  • Weather protection.
  • 1080p HD resolution.
  • Advanced AI Recognition of 11000+ Bird Species.
  • Night vision.
  • Storage.
  • Instant notifications.
  • Privacy concerns.

Birdkiss: (Best DIY Bird Feeder Camera with Solar Panel)

I am fond of birds and have installed a feeder camera in my backyard.

I have changed my camera recently as the previous one was not up to the mark.

One of my family friends recommended I buy the Bird Kiss Smart Bird Feeder with a Camera.

This camera is an amazing camera to use.

Its construction is durable and attractive and can attract birds. 

Overall, its features are simple yet easy to use.


Automatic Video Capture:

The camera’s ability to automatically record bird videos when activity is detected ensures you won’t miss any exciting bird moments, and you can review the footage at your convenience 


You’ll receive instant notifications on your smartphone when birds are present at the feeder, allowing you to watch live and be alerted to bird activity in real-time.

AI Bird Species Identification:

The AI-powered camera can identify and categorize different bird species that visit your feeder.

This allows you to learn about the birds. 

Solar Panel:

The camera can be charged by solar panel charging which means that you do not have to charge its batteries frequently.

Remote Monitoring:

The camera allows remote monitoring via mobile applications. 

Unique Design:

The “Diamond Blue” design can make the Birdkiss Smart Bird Feeder an attractive addition to your backyard, and it can also be a thoughtful gift for bird lovers.


It is the best DIY camera because of its remote monitoring.

You can conveniently watch the birds mobilizing beautifully through your phone application.

It provides information about the birds with its AI technology.

It makes sure that you won’t miss any exciting bird moments.


If you love birds and want to capture them beautifully then feeder cameras are the best options for you.

They deliver the best results to you.

This one has been my favourite feeder camera since I used it.

Its amazing bird-friendly attractive design is incredible.

  • Bird-friendly Design.
  • Automatic video capture.
  • Solar charging.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Affordable.
  • Can’t resist extreme weather conditions.

Bocoa: (Best Affordable Camera for Bird Watching)

Today I am going to review the feeder camera that I have used for myself.

I am a photographer and videographer.

I love to capture the beauty around the world with my camera.

I record the beautiful birds with my feeder camera.

I use the Smart Bird Feeder Camera with a Solar Panel.

This camera is my favourite camera so far.

If you are also looking for something astonishing then you can choose this feeder. 


Solar Charging Camera:

The included solar panel provides an eco-friendly and sustainable way to power the camera.

This reduces the tension in charging the batteries frequently. 

AI Bird Species Identification:

The AI-powered camera can identify and categorize different bird species that visit your feeder.

This educational feature enhances your bird-watching experience.

1080p Resolution:

It has 1080p HD resolution power for bright and clear videos. 

Bird species identification:

AI bird identification is another amazing feature that helps you increase your knowledge about birds.

Automatic Video Capture:

The camera’s ability to automatically record bird videos when it detects bird activity.

This ensures that you won’t miss any moment. 

Night Vision:

Night vision capabilities allow you to continue bird-watching even after dark.

Notification Alerts:

The camera can send instant notifications to your smartphone. 


This bird feeder camera with solar panels has the most appealing bird-suitable design and construction.

It gives you a brief check on various species of birds efficiently.

The high-quality 1070p resolution power provides bright and clear images to you.

You can enjoy the best bird videos on your smartphone with the help of this incredible camera. 


If you are also a bird lover like me then this feeder camera can be your absolute choice.

It enhances the quality of the video and captures each moment with perfection.

I love the results and will suggest it to all of you. 

  • Identifies bird species.
  • Low light performance.
  • Notification alerts.
  • Appealing design for the birds.
  • Attracts the birds efficiently.
  • Clear video.
  • High resolution.
  • Weatherproof.
  • Installation problems.

Yukhsin: (Best 1080P HD Camera for Bird Watching Auto-Identifies 11,000+ Birds)

I searched a lot about the best bird feeder camera on the internet.

After a lot of research on the internet and reading different reviews I bought the Yukhsin AI Smart Bird Feeder with Camera Solar Powered.

I fixed this camera in my backyard and I love its results.

The camera has a quality resolution for the videos.

It’s not very complex and difficult to use.

It has high-quality resolution with incredible storage options for bird videos.

You can use this camera if you are a bird lover.

It will never disappoint you with its features and delivers the best results possible for you.


Discover 11,000+ Species:

It has the most exciting AI technology which can detect almost 11000 birds easily.

This will increase your knowledge about the birds.

This feature can be a fantastic educational tool for bird enthusiasts and nature lovers.

Built-in Microphone:

The built-in microphone helps you protect the bird’s food by saying go away from your phone.

Solar Powered:

The solar power makes this bird feeder eco-friendly and minimizes the need for frequent battery replacements or recharging.

You do not have to worry about charging the camera batteries. 

High-Resolution Power:

The 1080P HD camera ensures that you can capture clear and detailed video footage of the birds that visit your feeder.

It gives you bright and clear videos of the birds.

Cloud storage:

It gives you 30 days of free cloud storage ensuring your convenience and peace of mind.

Large Storage Capacity:

With a 128GB micro SD card included, you have ample storage space for recording videos without needing to manage storage constantly.

Real-Time Viewing:

You can access the live feed from the camera in real time, allowing you to enjoy birdwatching whenever you want, from anywhere.


This camera has 1080p high resolution so it captures bright videos of the birds while preserving the colours.

It gives you great detail about bird species identification.

The AI identification can detect up to 1,000 different species of birds.

The built-in microphone also helps you protect the food of the birds by saying no and going away.

Its powerful free 30-day storage is another incredible feature.


I will say that if you are also looking for a bird feeder camera for yourself then you should buy this on my recommendation.

After a lot of research and usage, I am here to give a brief review of it.

It is among the best feeder cameras with an installation package.

You must try it to satisfy your inner bird-loving soul. 

  • Incredible AI bird species identification.
  • High-resolution power.
  • Real-time viewing.
  • Wall mount.
  • Installation package.
  • Solar Powered & Battery Powered.
  • 30 days of free storage.
  • 1080p HD resolution.
  • Weather vulnerability.

Farmice: (Best DIY Bird Feeder Camera Under $150)

I have a YouTube channel where I upload bird and nature videos.

I love capturing the beauty of the birds in my camera.

For this purpose, I used to install bird feeder cameras.

This helps me fulfill my passion and thirst for beauty.

My experience with the Farmice Bird Feeder with a Camera was outstanding.

I love using it.

It delivers bright results at your doorstep.

You can also use this camera without any doubt.


1080p HD resolution:

The camera has amazing resolution and will let you record the visiting birds day and night and record their best moments with clarity and brightness.

AI Bird Species Identification:

The AI-powered camera can identify and categorize different bird species that visit your feeder, offering educational insights into the local bird population. 

Automatic Bird Capture:

The camera’s ability to automatically capture photos or videos when birds are detected ensures that you won’t miss any interesting bird moments. 

Notification Alerts:

You’ll receive notifications on your smartphone or compatible device when birds are present at the feeder, allowing you to watch live.

Battery life:

It has a Built-in 5200mAh lithium rechargeable battery and dual solar panels.

The camera can work for 4 to 5 months even without changing. 

Ease of Use:

The Farmice Bird Feeder with Camera is designed to be user-friendly, making it accessible to birdwatchers with varying levels of technical expertise. 

IP65 Weatherproof/Stainless Steel:

The camera feeder is designed with durability.

It is made up of stainless steel. It is waterproof so it can resist rain and minor water splashes easily. The camera can withstand tough weather conditions.


It is the best feeder camera for capturing the birds.

It offers high-resolution power with IP65 weatherproof technology.

The camera can withstand rough conditions easily.

It has an AI bird identification feature to enhance your knowledge along with eye-appealing videos.

Its battery life is also incredible.

It makes sure that you won’t miss any of the bird movement by capturing automatic bird videos and images. 


I am recommending this bird feeder camera after using it for myself.

I realize that it is a very simple and basic camera for one’s use.

I like the results and features so much.

You can use it efficiently on my recommendation.

I assure you that you will love it. 

  • Weather resistant.
  • Battery life.
  • 1080P HD Night Vision Camera.
  • Notifications alert.
  • AI bird identification.
  • Easy to use.
  • High-resolution power.
  • Weak Wi-Fi connectivity. 


DIY feeder cameras are the cameras that help you capture beautiful birds and their captivating moments. The feeder camera should be easy to install and must carry all the essential features within itself. It should be weather resistant so that you do not have to worry about its frequent damage. It should have solar charging along with low-light performance. The one bird feeder camera that possesses all these features along with much more is the Soliom BF09 Bird Feeder with Camera. It is one of the best feeder cameras for bird enthusiasts.


All those people who are bird lovers and want to watch beautiful bird moments buy the bird feeder cameras. These cameras come with an eye-appealing feeder which attracts the bird exclusively. The camera which should be of high-resolution power will capture the videos and won’t miss any bird’s movement. People fulfill their passion with bird feeder cameras. They are easy to use and install. The most famous and best DIY feeder camera for bird lovers is the Soliom BF09 Bird Feeder with Camera.

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