5 Best CCTV Systems for Commercial Buildings: (2024 Buying Guide & Reviews)

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Commercial-grade surveillance cameras are essential and highly advised in every commercial location, from large corporations to small-scale settings, to, most importantly, keep staff safe as well as safeguard additional elements like company assets, private information, and costly goods.

Business-grade surveillance cameras are often sold in two ways, mostly to businesses with stores, structures, storage facilities, or warehouses, as well as to commercial customers.

The initial setup is a set of separate cameras that are linked to a single account.

The second option is a surveillance camera system, which frequently includes several cameras and is linked to either a local network visual recorder (NVR) or a cloud-based storage service.

Both of these systems offer top-notch security options with ample channels plus storage capacity to ensure a business’s finest possible surveillance.

To assist you in choosing the best industrial security camera configuration, below is a list of the top commercial surveillance cameras, which is followed by a buyer’s guide.

Which is the Best CCTV Systems for Commercial Buildings?

Here are my recommended top 5 Best CCTV Systems for Commercial Buildings:-

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Hiseeu: (Best Video Surveillance System for Commercial Building)

My father started his new business back in 2021 and we needed a good security camera for our location to prevent any mishaps.

Therefore, we invested in this CCTV camera and put it in different spots in our office.

So far, we are pretty satisfied with the resolution of this camera. 


Flexible 4K 8MP 8 Port PoE NVR using 16 Channels:

This NVR has 8 PoE connections (4K 8MP), which allows it to run 8 PoE cameras simultaneously.

With an additional PoE converter, the number of channels may be increased to 16.

A maximum of 16 4K 8MP lenses can be accommodated.

PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras that are true plug-and-play require no external power source.

This CCTV camera has a reliable and stable connection, hassle-free wiring, and no WiFi signal problems.

Intruder Warning with Spotlight & Buzzer:

When an individual or vehicle is identified, you may choose to trigger the alarm buzzer or alert light (during the night) using an advanced AI-activated sensor linkage.

This device has night vision up to 60 feet, 1-Way Sound Recording, IP67 Waterproof. Both indoor and outdoor monitoring with video is possible.

You can also manually change the camera’s view angle.

What makes it best:

Intrusion & Crossing Line Detection:

You can choose among pedestrian and motor vehicle filters when configuring Smart Events for intrusion and trespassing line detection.

This can assist you in limiting the analytic’s activation based on the kind of objects that are present in the area in question.

You can limit alerts or recordings to only specific categories of items by turning on Smart Movement Detection.

As a result, the camera no longer detects 99% of errors caused by trees, skies, rain, and other unimportant types of movement.

Human & Vehicle Detection:

The most advanced AI technology available in 2022 allows this camera to distinguish between people, automobiles, and unimportant things in the scene.

When the camera’s intelligent mark feature is turned on, a colored box will encircle people and cars.

Pedestrians will be outlined by a green box, and automobiles by a blue box.

You might receive a notification any time an individual or vehicle approached your property thanks to the Human and Vehicle Monitoring function.


A complete and user-friendly monitoring system is the Hiseeu 5MP PoE Surveillance Camera System.

It provides dependable home security with face/human identification, color night vision, and an integrated 12″ display.

The 3TB HDD and H.265+ encoding provide plenty of storage.

A great option for hassle-free surveillance footage.

  • Two-way audio and a lighting feature improve conversation and serve as a warning.
  • An integrated 12-inch display makes on-site viewing simple.
  • Color vision at night and face/human recognition enhance security surveillance.
  • Limited to 5MP resolution (may not capture minute details in large areas).
  • Only 4 outdoor cameras are included (may require additional cameras for larger properties).

Gwsecu: (Best 4K Commercial Channel Security Camera System)

My company has installed new sets of Gwsecu CCTV cameras because the last ones my company had were not very good.

However, these new cameras seem to be more efficient and tend to provide more security. 


Smart Human Recognition Alarm:

The GWSECU PoE IP surveillance system has a personal identification feature that can recognize people based on their shapes, eliminating unneeded alerts from moving objects like animals or shadowy areas.

CCTV systems can also be set up to choose the type of identification when sending alerts to you so that you can continue to keep a watchful eye on things by quickly scanning the screen.

Home Security Camera With Mobile App, Remote Access To Live Viewing And Playback:

With an application for mobile devices, a home surveillance camera allows accessibility to live watching and recording.

When you’re connected to an internet connection, you can monitor your home or place of business from any place by using the Guard Viewer application on your mobile device.

You can watch and play (IOS/Android) or utilize the free PC software for Mac and Windows.

Additionally, surveillance cameras with audio provide you with extra on-site data, enhancing safety beyond that of a smart camera.

What makes it best:

8MP 4K Ultra-HD Display:

These 8MP PoE IP cameras show a 3840 by 2160-pixel precise picture and up to 100 feet of nighttime video surveillance.

The crisp, clear video offers detailed live watching and recording, so you can enjoy unambiguous footage both day and night.

Simple PoE Setup:

Authentic Plug & Play One network connection provides both power and video transfer for the 16CH 4K NVR and IP cameras in this surveillance system.

This enables PoE sensors to be put at any place without an adjacent power outlet.


With an already configured 4TB HDD and an overall extensible storage space of up to 20TB, this connected camera surveillance system can safeguard your residence or place of business with dependable video recording that is available around the clock.

It can also securely save days or weeks’ worth of video feeds without ever charging you more.

  • The crisp and detailed video is guaranteed by an excellent 4K/8MP video quality.
  • Comprehensive coverage is provided by 16 wide-angle identification cameras.
  • The ability to record audio continuously improves surveillance.
  • Deployment and setup can call for technical know-how.
  • Just a 4 TB Disc is included (which may fill very quickly with footage in 4K quality).

SMONET: (Best Wireless Security Camera System for Commercial Buildings)

In my father’s office, some people broke in last year and due to the constant lagging it could not capture the images of the culprits and this is why the culprits fled the crime scene readily.

I recommended my father invest in this CCTV camera to ensure proper security. 


Outdoor Wireless Surveillance Camera System, Although Not Always:

SMONET security and surveillance devices are not powered by batteries or the sun.

This wireless camera solution does not require a video cable connection to the NVR.

To view 24×7 video, the surveillance equipment and NVR nevertheless require to be powered on.

The camera charging cable length is 6.56 feet.

The wireless house surveillance system power cables are B01MU074HF (16.4 Feet) and B01N2TGTHD (32.8 Feet).

Please put cameras at a handy location.

CCTV Cameras For The Home:

2304*1296P at 3MP is around 1.5 times sharper than 1080P.

The bullet-shaped cameras’ three-piece array of infrared LEDs enables night vision of up to 65 feet.

Commercial surveillance cameras from SMONET can be utilized both indoors and outdoors thanks to its IP66 weatherproof metal enclosure.

Listening to a recording with sound makes you aware of your surroundings.

The best option for the security of your residence and place of employment.

A system with an 8CH NVR may accommodate up to 8 networked surveillance cameras.

What makes it best:

Remote Access Anytime Anywhere & AI Human Detection:

SMONET outdoor surveillance cameras with wireless outside wifi allow video preview, capturing, sync-playback, assistance, AI human recognition, and Mail alarm for remote viewing and human recognition.

With a cell phone, iPad, or PC, you may have remote access to mobile devices (IOS/Android) whenever you want and from any location.

You won’t ever miss a thing.

AI human recognition offers a solution to reduce erroneous warnings.

When motion is detected in a designated region, an email or application alert will be delivered.

Simple Setup and Plug-and-Play:

Before delivery, 3MP wireless CCTV cameras and NVR were matched.

The wireless CCTV camera surveillance system is simple to set up on your own.

Use a VGA or HDMI connector to link a PC or TV display to the NVR.

Each camera should be connected to the given power source so that the video will be active.

Perfect for a residence, office, retail space, hotel, storage facility school, or other establishment.

For round-the-clock monitoring, every camera must be hooked to the power source or outlet.


With 8 indoor/outdoor recording devices, a 3TB HDD, and AI person detection, the SMONET 3MP Wireless Surveillance Camera System provides thorough coverage.

It is a dependable and straightforward home security system.

  • Wireless technology offers more convenient installation and positioning possibilities for cameras.
  • For effective monitoring, use a 3MP quality with AI people detection and nighttime vision.
  • Remote access is possible with a free application for easy surveillance.
  • Restricted to 3MP resolution, which could not offer the greatest amount of detail.
  • Bluetooth connections might need to be maintained on occasion.

REOLINK: (Best Security Camera System Under $1350)

My friend was looking for a good surveillance camera to install in his father’s office and given the efficient features of this device I suggested my friend install these cameras in his father’s office. This week he bought them and loves them so far.


Amazing 12 Megapixel UHD picture:

A jaw-dropping 12-megapixel PoE surveillance system is now affordable for the protection of your residence or place of business.

Your tranquility of mind is ensured by the recording of minute data.

The IP devices can offer a complete, stunning picture that is unmatched beyond surveillance.

Full-Color Dark Vision:

Full-colour night vision is made possible by the Floodlight of the 12-megapixel outdoor security cameras.

It can be set to operate at a set time and switched to an IR LED function at a later time.

Additionally, the lights may be Motion-activated to frighten off intruders while the siren is sounding.

What makes it best:

Smart Identification:

The most recent Reolink intelligent cameras can recognize people, cars, and pets based on their contours and reduce unnecessary alarms.

A more sophisticated surveillance system makes it simpler to monitor your residence or place of business.

Two-Way Interaction:

This home surveillance system’s twelve megapixel video with audio has an integrated speaker for conversation in both directions with your family members and a threat deterrent.

To speak, you tap a button on the Reolink Application or Client.


Users of Reolink are given two years of product guarantee and lifelong technical assistance.

Due to its incredible picture transmission feature and sophisticated motion detectors, this item is well worth the money.

  • The extremely detailed video is captured by 12MP cameras with high resolution.
  • Detection of people, vehicles, and pets adds more advanced security measures.
  • Visibility in darkness is improved with spotlight color night vision.
  • For best results, installation by an expert might be necessary.
  • Due to the 12MP image quality, files with more pixels may require more storage.

ZOSI: (Best CCTV Systems for Commercial Buildings)


For my new start-up location, I needed a budget-friendly CCTV camera that could ensure security for my business location.

Therefore, upon a friend’s recommendation, I bought a couple of these cameras and installed them at different places in my office and so far m really like how this camera functions. 


Flexible 16CH 4K Surveillance System:

With this 16-channel eight Megapixels PoE NVR, you have the option to add more cameras.

Additional 8pcs 8MP, 5MP, or 2MP POE Slug or Dome lenses can be added (only ZOSI).

8pcs 5MP Weatherproof Metal Bullet Camera,120ft Night Vision:

8 pieces of 5-megapixel weatherproof alloy bullet cameras with 120 feet of night vision are available.

These cameras are made of aluminum metal and may be put both indoors and outdoors.

The camera’s inbuilt IR-CUT filter will provide you with a clear and crisp picture regardless of the time of day.

It provides 160 feet of nighttime vision in light pollution and up to 120 feet of night vision in complete darkness.

Over 3.0Lux, color is visible at night.

Cameras in aluminum weatherproof enclosures can be used both indoors and outside.

What makes it best:

H.265 Compression Technology:

The system uses H.265 video encoding technology, that’s more effective than more traditional compression standards like H.264.

Whilst preserving great picture quality, this method significantly decreases the file dimensions of footage.

As an outcome, it helps free up storage on the four-terabyte hard disc and makes remote manipulation and viewing of captured video via the network more streamlined.

Remote Access:

Thanks to the device’s remote access features, you can keep an eye on the premises using a cell phone, tablet, or computer from any location.

You may see current footage streams, access replay records, and receive notifications in real-time on identified events by installing the free ZOSI application, giving you simple and quick control over your security system regardless of whether you’re at home or not. 


These extra features improve the functionality of the ZOSI 16 4K PoE Home Surveillance Cameras System, making it a dependable and sophisticated option for thorough residential or commercial security.

  • A 16-unit 4K video NVR offers a wide range of camera support.
  • High-resolution 5MP PoE IP surveillance cameras with 120-foot night vision are available.
  • Constant monitoring is made more convenient with 24/7 recording.
  • Initially more expensive than systems with lower resolution.
  • PoE setup could necessitate careful installation management.

Buying Guide:


Systems with incorporated audio recording have several advantages over those that solely capture video, as they may generate more reliable evidence. Investigators may recognize suspects more swiftly with the help of the new feature. Some security cameras incorporate an amplifier and a microphone that can be used for communication in both directions. This enables owners to maintain contact with some level of authority over their company regardless of whether they are in the building or not. 

Video Resolution:

An advantage of having a better resolution camera is that, if a business is vandalized or burgled, its CCTV system will be capable to record small details of the stealing, the culprit, or their car, quickly recognizing them. Cameras with fewer pixels frequently appear fuzzy and are unable to capture this crucial information.

Motion Detection:

Motion-detecting sensors are crucial for keeping staff members and enterprises safe both during the day and at night. They will detect specific behaviors and immediately alert people via smartphones or other linked devices. Others include facial recognition technology that only alerts when specific individuals, and occasionally automobiles, are found. To make sure that this crucial information is documented, certain cameras may even zoom in and concentrate on faces and vehicles.

Remote Access:

Users of devices with this function can view live videos on different gadgets. Owners can feel secure understanding they can monitor their company from any location with this service. 

Smartphone apps are used for managing this kind of access, a few of which need a subscription or technical support to work. Some of these applications are capable of being linked to voice assistants, and some of them even let users operate the cameras directly from the application itself.


Which technology in CCTV is the best?

The transition to cloud/WiFi-enabled lenses that can be installed practically anywhere while continuing to deliver excellent footage is one of the newest trends in CCTV systems. A cloud network enables the cameras attached to send HD video over its computers in real-time, giving security professionals quick access to excellent intelligence.

How should a business choose its security camera system?

You should think about several things when selecting the best business security system, including cost, video quality, dependability, monitoring choices, storage alternatives, convenience of installation, and additional features.

What is the world’s most cutting-edge CCTV camera?

The best surveillance camera and most expensive CCTV system in the world is the Viseum IMCTM (Intelligent Moving Camera). Perfect for automatic monitoring and safety of extremely complex and difficult environments. Several fresh markets are being dominated by this globally patented, excellent CCTV technology. Fewer surveillance cameras provide the best coverage.

Is CCTV a wise purchase?

CCTV will also serve as a strong deterrent to other thieves and muggers who might target persons leaving the workplace. Businesses may defend their property from thieves, trespassers, and thieves who want to break in, inflict damage, and steal their business assets by investing in CCTV.

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