10 Best Canon Mirrorless Cameras for Sports: (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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The number of megapixels does not determine which camera is the best for sports photography.

Instead, it’s all about velocity: quick frame rates, quick (and accurate!) focusing, and quick workflow are all necessary since you’re shooting fast subjects.

Whether you’re searching for a cheap bridge camera to capture your child playing soccer or one of the top professional cameras used at the Olympics, we’ve selected the finest cameras for sporting events in our guide to suit all budgets and skill levels.

Many of these tests were conducted while photographing elite athletes and in real-world sporting settings.

This buying guide is divided into three sections: cameras that are appropriate for novices, midrange models for fans, and professional-grade sports bodies.

Which are the Best Canon Mirrorless Cameras for Sports?

Here are my recommended top 10  Best Canon mirrorless cameras for sports:-

EOS R7: (Best Professional Mirrorless Camera for Sports)

As a sports photographer, I am very skeptical about investing in sports cameras but when I came across this device, I really liked how effortlessly it allows us to capture great pictures.


5 Axis Image Stabilization:

Regardless of what life tosses at you, Canon’s EOS R7 is constructed with five axes of picture stabilization and seven degrees of shake compensation for synchronized control (3).

Record for Longer Than 30 mins:

This Canon camera enables uninterrupted recording for longer than 30 minutes, ensuring that you don’t miss a thing.

What makes it best:

Compact and featherweight:

The EOS R7 camera is created with a comfortable and firm grip for easy handling.

Its small and light dimensions also make it easy to pack in your camera bag, allowing you to take it on all of your excursions.

High-Speed Continuous Shooting:

This camera can snap clear shots of cars, competitions, wildlife, and more at a rate of up to 15 frames per second using its manually operated shutter.


A capable vlogging device for experts and content producers.

It features a 32.5 MP picture resolution and can capture crystal-clear 4K videos.

Quick and precise autofocus makes it ideal for photographing moving subjects.

  • Great regulator layout.
  • Huge JPG filming buffer.
  • Lots of features at high ISO.
  • Lacks integral Wi-Fi.
  • Fixed rear LCD.

EOS R100: (Best Lightweight Canon Cameras for Sports)

This device is worth the investment, to say the least.

The picture and video quality it delivers is beyond any doubt is excellent.

I got this camera last week for my brother and it is by far one of the best cameras out there.


Operation in Quiet Mode for Silence:

With the EOS R100’s Quiet Mode, you can capture every moment of life without bothering to disturb your subject.

The device’s silent mode guarantees you don’t shock your subject when you are at your kid’s recital or your newborn baby is asleep by enabling recording with essentially no shutter noise and disabling flash.

Integrated Bluetooth Functionality:

Utilizing the free Cannon Camera Link app, pairing via Bluetooth enables you to connect your device to connected smart devices.

The camera may be remotely controlled while still maintaining battery life thanks to this low-energy wireless connection.

Additionally, it transmits GPS location data via your phone in real time, enabling you to geotag your photos and pinpoint their exact location.

What makes it best:

WiFi Connectivity is Built-In:

Link to Wi-Fi fast and easily to turn on wireless features including file reading and transfer, distant live view, and other tasks.

You can also send files to any compatible smartphone or tablet to explore and post on social media utilizing the Canon Digital Connect app.

Service by Canon connecting the picture to the EOS R100.

You may use the Canon service to easily upload all your pictures and videos in their original state and format, view them from the specific app or via a browser on the internet, and have them sent automatically to your desktop or laptop, an appropriate mobile device, and outside services.


A 24.1 MP lens with a compact, light sensor.

It features an ability that concentrates on the gaze of individuals and can record in high definition and 4K.

Connecting to both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi is simple for sharing material.

  • Exceptional build excellence.
  • 20MP full-frame detector with 5.5K Raw video.
  • 16fps records with automatic shutter.
  • Requires CFexpress memory cards.
  • HIF picture format is not broadly supported.

Canon EOS R6: (Best Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera for Sports Photography)

My father got this camera for my brother as he had been looking for one for so long.

Given the amazing features of this device, my brother really loves to take pictures with this camera.


DIGIC X Engine and a 20MP Full-Frame Detector:

The EOS R6 delivers moderate resolution to match a more controllable workflow, especially for individuals working with the web and tiny print versions as their final product.

It is constructed around a redesigned 20MP full-frame CMOS sensor.

Together with the optimized DIGIC X image engine, this sensor offers outstanding still and video capabilities as well as sensitivity ranging from ISO 100-102400 and expandable to ISO 204800.

Full HD 120 and 4K 60 Video Capturing:

The 20MP resolution offers UHD 4K footage capture at up to 60 frames per second in addition to Full HD at 120 frames per second for slow-motion viewing.

Either Canon Sign or HDR-PQ are available for internal recording in both formats at 4:2:2 10-bit for a wide dynamic range production and more control regarding color rendering.

Furthermore, external recording through the HDMI connection offers crisp 4K output to an additional external recording, and the Dual Pixel CMOS AF system is enabled for all recording settings.

What makes it best:

Image Stabilization with Sensor-Shift:

The R6 features five-axis sensor-shift stabilization for image quality, which is a first for EOS recording devices, and is capable of compensating for up to an incredible eight stops of motion blur to accommodate handheld photography with slower aperture speeds.

Additionally, for both native RF glasses and adapted EF lenses, this stabilization technology functions in conjunction with lens-based optical stabilization of the image.

Body Plan:

Its rapid 120 fps refresh rate gives natural motion depiction for more genuine viewfinder expertise, and its excellent quality 3.69m-dot 0.5″ electronic rangefinder offers an illuminated and detailed method for eye-level reading.

A joystick interface on the rear of the lens allows for quick and easy menu browsing, and the stylish body design integrates four unique control dials for simple tactile control.


A full-frame imaging device that can record 4K videos.

It is capable of holding two micro SD cards for additional storage, and it shoots quickly.

  • Unlimited JPG recording buffer.
  • Pro-grade build.
  • Dual Pixel AF Live View focus system.
  • Clean HDMI output is 1080p only.
  • No in-body flash.

EOS R50: (Best Canon Mirrorless Cameras for Sports Videos)

My best friend had been looking for a good sports camera but unfortunately, she could not find any.

Upon my recommendation, she bought a cannon EOS R50 and loves it so much due to its compact body and efficiency in capturing pictures.


Obtain The Moment Exactly How You Envision It:

The EOS R50 camera’s user-friendly picture features, automatically create stunning photographs that are exactly as you envision them, making photography enjoyable, easy, and convenient.

The EOS R50 is a fantastic camera for filming movies and vlogging because it has a ton of video features including Dual Pixel CMOS AF II and 6K oversampled 4K 30p capture.

High image quality is provided in a small, light body thanks to the DIGIC X image processor and 24.2 Megapixel APS-C size CMOS image sensor.

APS-C 24.2 Megapixel CMOS Technology:

The EOS R50 camera, which has an APS-C image resolution with 24.2 million pixels and a DIGIC X Image Processor, can take photos and videos with less noise, producing clean, precise images even in dim lighting.

Images have a natural bokeh that cell phones lack, and they seem stunning even when they are magnified.

What makes it best:

Vlogging Made Easy and Practical:

The EOS R50 cameras enable vlogging and creating video content easy and convenient with features including 6K processed uncropped 4K film at as much as thirty fps, Full-HD High-frame rates movie shooting at up to 120 fps, and Movie for Close-up Demo Mode.

The EOS R50 cameras will capture video constantly for up to a minute, so you may set up the footage and continue recording your audio recording, vlog, or other kind of video production without having to fret about it ending.

Integrated Bluetooth Functionality:

Utilizing the no-cost Canon Camera Link app, pairing via Bluetooth enables you to link the camera to various smart devices.

The camera may be remotely controlled while still maintaining battery life thanks to this low-energy wireless connection.

Additionally, it transmits GPS location information from your mobile device in real-time, enabling you to geotag your photos and pinpoint their exact location.


A 24.2 MP camera that is small and fashionable and is used for vlogging.

It features a capability that allows it to monitor people while capturing 4K movies.

To share, you can effortlessly link the file to your mobile device.

  • Compact body.
  • Abundant autofocus system.
  • Blackout-free recording.
  • Costly.
  • Bulky.

EOS M200: (Best Affordable Canon Camera for Shooting Videos)

In my friend circle we were having discussions about the best Canon cameras for sports and quite a lot of my friends suggested this one due to its features.


Integrated Bluetooth Functionality:

Utilizing the no-cost Canon Camera Link app, pairing via Bluetooth enables you to link the camera to various smart devices.

The camera may be remotely controlled while still maintaining battery life thanks to this low-energy wireless connection.

Additionally, it transmits GPS location information from your mobile device in real-time, enabling you to geotag your photos and pinpoint their exact location.

Always in Focus:

A 24.2 MP camera that is small and fashionable and is used for vlogging.

It features a capability that allows it to monitor people while capturing 4K movies.

To share, you can effortlessly link the file to your mobile device.

What makes it best:

EOS Webcam Software:

By simply attaching your camera to a computer through USB, Canon’s EOS Webcam Utility software expands the capabilities of the device and enables you to use it as a flexible webcam.

This program keeps the ability to record privately while streaming live and is interoperable with several streaming services, including ZOOM, YouTube Live, Teams by Microsoft, and more.

Time Lapse Feature:

Time-Lapse Movie setting, which uses consecutively captured still images and in-camera processing, produces the final 4K films.


A tiny camera that can record vertical 4K videos and has a 15–45mm lens.

It boasts a touch display for simple use and integrated Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity for sharing information.

With this amazing device, an individual can film and record pictures and videos in high resolution.

  • Near-infinite buffer.
  • Revolutionary smooth controller.
  • Deep-learning AF.
  • No stabilization.
  • Expensive.

Canon EOS RP: ( Best Mirrorless Camera for Videography and Photography)

I got this camera from Thailand and I love it so much that I don’t think I will go back to using my old sports camera.


Lens kit for the EOS RP RF24-105mm F4-7.1:

The EOS RP compact body and RF24-105mm F4-7.1 IS STM lens enable you to effortlessly take everything from outstanding portraits to landscapes.

They are lightweight, small, and packed with features.

It’s the ideal camera for the photo enthusiast because of its 26.2 MP CMOS detector, 4K video, adjustable zoom range*, and other features.

Mirrorless Camera, the EOS RP:

There has never been a simpler time to upgrade to a full-frame DSLR.

The EOS RP mirrorless is the smallest and most portable full-frame EOS system to date**, and it is loaded with potent capabilities that enable you to record your surroundings with the convenience, control, and resolution that you long for.

What makes it best:

Compact and Ultralight:

The Canon EOS RP offers spectacular photography abilities in a lightweight and easily transported form, and it is surprisingly compact for a full-frame rangefinder camera.

HD Pictures and Video:

With a DIGIC 8 image engine and an excellent quality 26.2MP full-frame CMOS detector, still, images and UHD 4K video can be captured with a wide sensitivity spectrum, from ISO 100 to 40000, to accommodate working in a variety of environments.


A portable camera that has a full-frame resolution and various lens options.

It has high-quality pictures and a smooth focus, making it perfect for travel and vlogging.

  • 32.5MP resolution.
  • Great Live View autofocus.
  • Good shutter speed.
  • Not sturdy.
  • Unimpressive buffer.

Canon EOS R8: (Best Mirrorless 4K Video Camera Under $1400)

Sports photographers need to have a good quality camera so the picture quality is not compromised.

With this DSLR you won’t have to worry about the quality of the pictures as it allows the photographers to capture crisp and clear photos.


Canon Log 3 and HDR PQ:

The EOS R8 DSLR can capture outstanding video right out of the box, but for content producers wishing to advance in their imaging careers, HDR PQ or Canon Log 3 video capture are two potent possibilities.

With HDR PQ capturing, a 10-bit color file is created that doesn’t need any extra processing and is suitable with HDR displays, including smartphones, TVs, and monitors, which show your video with even greater precision in color and range of colors than normal displays.

Canon Log 3 is accessible for artists who enjoy editing their video files; it generates a 10-bit log file that enables effective recovery of the highlights and shadows as well as artistic color correction capability.

Aspect Indicators and Vertical Movie Settings:

When watching movies on a smartphone, movies can be presented in vertical arrangement thanks to information about movie rotation that can be specified during or following the movie recording.

When releasing the same file to numerous social media platforms, the Aspect Marks feature provides visual markers for different aspect ratios that may be required.

This display offers guidance on correct file composition for the many deliverables that can be produced during editing.

What makes it best:

Integrated Bluetooth functionality:

Utilizing the free Canon DSLR Connect app, Bluetooth pairing enables you to link the camera to various smart devices.

The camera may be remotely controlled while still maintaining battery life thanks to this low-energy wireless connection.

Additionally, it transmits GPS tracking information from your mobile device in real time, enabling you to geotag your photos and pinpoint their exact location.

Detection of Head, Face, and Eye:

When the Subject Recognition option is set to Individuals, the camera can identify and concentrate on an individual’s head, face, or eye.

This enables greater usability, quick subject acquisition, and increased accuracy when taking movies or still pictures.


A full-frame, portable DSLR with 24.2 Megapixels and 4K video resolution.

It can monitor topics and connects quickly to your mobile device for information sharing.

  • Useful stabilization.
  • Enormous zoom range.
  • Compact.
  • Sharpness issues at the telephoto end.

EOS M6 Mark II: (Best Mirrorless Camera for Sports Vloggers) 

My father surprised my brother with this mirrorless camera and my brother loves it so much that he has added it to his camera collection.


For Regular Photography Journeys:

The mirrorless EOS M6 Mk II camera combines excellent optics with a small, portable design.

The combination of a 32.5 Mp CMOS (APS-C) detector, DIGIC 8 Picture Processor, rapid connectivity filming, and other capabilities makes it simple to take crisp, motivational pictures and videos whenever the mood strikes.

Accelerated continuous up to 14 frames per second:

Through the High-speed Constant + (H+) filming mode, you’ll never miss a second of the action.

With AF/AE Monitoring, you can shoot constantly at up to 14 fps, capturing images with almost no shutter lag.

Allows one to also film for [prolonged hours.

What makes it best:

Superior detail. Acute and Motivating.

The CMOS (APS-C) detector produces high-resolution photos that can be enlarged to 32.5 Megapixels.

Excellent craftsmanship photographs and operation are further made possible with the DIGIC 8 Image Processor, even in dim lighting.

Face Monitoring & Eye AF for CMOS Dual Pixel AF:

Autofocus that is dependable, quick, and accurate is provided by dual-pixel CMOS AF with facial tracking and eye recognition.

Use it for more than just capturing the ideal skating trick when filming a 4K video!


A camera that features an 18-150mm optic along with a 32.5 MP processor.

It boasts rapid autofocus as well as can capture 4K films.

Sharing content is made simple using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

  • Impressive zoom lens.
  • Well priced.
  • Sturdy build.
  • Small sensor.

EOS R10: (Best Canon Mirrorless Cameras for Sports Creators)

This camera allows its users to shoot for prolonged hours and this is why I love this device so much as it allows me to carefree film without worrying about the battery life.


High-Speed Uninterrupted Shopping:

This digital camera can snap excellent photographs of moving objects at a rate of up to 15 frames per second, so you won’t be missing an instant of excitement.

Effective Lens:

Using this device’s incredible lens, it is simple to take beautiful videos and photos without sacrificing quality.

This feature is of great importance for sports photographers.

What makes it best:

Efficient/Speedy Autofocus:

With Canon’s EOS R10, your subject of choice will always be in sharp focus thanks to intelligent and quick autofocus.

Compact and Lightweight:

The EOS R10 camera is created with a pleasant and strong grip for simple holding.

The camera’s lightweight construction also makes it easy to pack in a camera bag, allowing you to easily transport it on all of your excursions.


A set that contains a 24.2 MP camera with 4K video recording for vlogging.

It can monitor subjects for fluid focus and shoot at a rapid rate.

  • Good shot buffer.
  • Useful Zoom Assist mode.
  • Good stabilization.
  • Max aperture falls quickly.
  • Comparatively expensive.

EOS M3: (Best Cheap Canon Mirrorless Camera Under $400)

This device is worth buying.

I love how this classy device is travel-friendly and I can travel with it everywhere.


EOS: A New Perspective:

The EOS M3 compact camera is built to inspire and offer authentic EOS functionality and photographic excellence in a small, chic, and sophisticated package.

The EOS M3 is an excellent EOS for many purposes, including portraiture, scenery, travel, and all things in between.

It is a delight to use and has the sophistication to produce breathtaking still and moving shots.

The EOS M3 can take high-resolution photos and Full HD movies with its huge 24.2 Megapixel APS-C sized CMOS lens and DIGIC 6 Photo Processor that is suited for almost any purpose.

The EOS system gains a whole new dimension of mobility because of its lightweight, mirrorless chassis and lenses that are interchangeable without sacrificing performance.

Smooth And Able To Deliver:

The EOS M3 is incredibly portable and lightweight, fast, and attractive, and comes with a variety of tried-and-true EOS controls.

Someone who desires a portable, compact camera with lenses that can be swapped, a big sensor, manual oversight, and the high image quality synonymous with the EOS line may find it interesting.

The EOS M3 functions and operates identically to SLRs in the EOS series for photographers used to lugging larger SLR cameras who desire something tiny as an additional device or as a solo camera.

What makes it best:

Image Engine DIGIC 6:

Canon’s DIGIC 6 Picture Processor complements the CMOS sensor in the EOS M3 by speeding up camera processes and enhancing a number of the device’s advanced capabilities.

The DIGIC engine provides excellent movie capture with a variety of different movie pressure, including MP4, and helps the camera’s sensor record detailed photos with minimal noise at high ISOs.

Additionally, it improves the camera’s Dynamic Picture Stabilization technology and even aids in enhancing the precision of the AF system’s recognition of faces.

Fast, Intuitive Controls:

The EOS M3 provides a variety of control choices for quick manual handling and is capable of producing excellent stills and videos instantly.

The camera has a Front Dial that is situated right next to the shutter button, and it also has an Exposure Correction Dial that is conveniently located next to the thumb grip.

The EOS M3 also includes a ton of unique features, like user-programmable shortcuts, configurable buttons, and a load more.

It has a smooth, ergonomic form that is pleasant to use for EOS customers.


A camera device with Wi-Fi for making content.

Although it lacks several sophisticated functions, a suitable lens can make it effective.

  • Good shot buffer.
  • Useful Zoom Assist mode.
  • Appealing.
  • Max aperture falls quickly.

Buying Guide:

Consider the Purpose:

The ideal action camera for the desired function should only be chosen after considering the purpose. Whether for sports, tourism, or aquatic adventures, different exercises call for explicit features. For water activities, choose a camera with excellent waterproofing and underwater shooting settings. To ensure the best results, use a camera that is appropriate for the specific purpose. Important features like wide-angle lenses or picture stabilization are provided by a camera designed for a particular activity. The experience of capturing special moments is generally improved by adapting the camera to the planned application.

Image and Video Quality:

When selecting an action camera, image, and video resolution are crucial. For a more lifelike watching experience, greater resolutions such as 4K or 1080p capture more refined and detailed film. Smooth and comprehensive recordings with less motion blur are assured at more frequent frame rates, such as 60 or 120 fps. Higher megapixel counts produce photos that are sharper and more detailed, enabling better printing and editing. The action camera you choose will give exceptional picture and video resolution, capturing significant moments with precision and clarity.

Stabilization Technology:

The action camera’s stabilization mechanism is crucial. For smoother footage, image stabilization reduces camera movement. There are options for both electronic and optical stabilization. While visual stabilization often produces better results, electrical stabilization uses algorithms for versatility. Choose a camera-stabilizing finer film, especially for adventurous or difficult situations. By capturing a stable and clear video, proper stabilization increases video quality.

Durability and Waterproofing:

Choosing an action camera requires careful consideration of durability and waterproofing. A rugged, resilient camera can withstand outdoor activities and severe sports without losing quality. For activities involving water, dependable waterproofing is essential. It’s important to comprehend waterproof classifications like IPX7 or IPX8 while evaluating water resistance. Additional safeguards for deeper underwater experiences are provided by a higher grade. Choose a tough, waterproof action dslr for outstanding performance in any setting.

Size, Weight, and Mounting Options:

For an action the device, weight, dimensions, and mounting options are important. These small, lightweight cameras can be used for a variety of activities. They are portable and simple to attach because of their tiny size.

When attached to head protection or other accessories or during long-range activities, lightweight cameras reduce exhaustion. With a variety of mounts and attachments available for specific workouts, mounting options are diverse. Users may capture original perspectives and angles because of this versatility, which improves the whole experience.

Battery Life and Storage:

When choosing an action, the device, its power supply, and storage capacity are crucial. Continuous filming during outdoor activities is ensured by lengthy battery life. Extended use is made possible by batteries that can be removed or power-saving measures. Since larger SD cards are needed for excellent recordings, picking the correct storage capacity is crucial. A constant recording experience is ensured by taking into consideration battery time and capacity, which prevents running out of energy or storage.

Budget Considerations:

When choosing an action camera, consideration of the budget is crucial. To avoid going overboard, create a budget and take desired features into account. High-end features could be available on more costly models.

But more sensible decisions nevertheless produce excellent results. People can find an action camera that strikes a balance between price and utility by setting a price range and weighing the features they want.


How does a sports shooter choose their camera?

The “big three” companies’ full-frame flagship cameras are often used by expert sports photographers. These include compact cameras like the Sony A1, Canon EOS R3, and Nikon Z9 as well as DSLRs such as the Canon EOS-1D X Mark III and Nikon D5. Large detectors, a high range of colors, and quick continuous shooting speeds are all features of these cameras.

A lot of semi-professional and amateur photographers choose APS-C DSLR or mirrorless cameras for their photography. Although these have smaller dimensions than photographic sensors, the 1.5x or 1.6x crop factor lengthens the lenses’ effective focal length.

Bridge cameras are suggested for new users and occasional photographers. These fixed lenses feature wide, often extreme focus ranges, in contrast to variable lens cameras.

Which type of camera is better for sports photography—DSLR or mirrorless?

Due to their superior battery life and lack of lag, DSLRs are usually preferred for sports photography over mirrorless cameras, which have historically had latency issues with their digital viewfinders and are unable to provide identical battery life.

However, modern mirrorless cameras are capable of shooting without lag or blackouts. They are growing increasingly common despite still being unable to match the battery life of DSLRs due to their specifications, which are getting better all the time (especially in terms of focusing, burst velocity, and stabilization).

Are sports photographers more likely to use JPEG or RAW?

JPEG is a common format among expert sports photographers since it is quicker and more effective for both shooting and downloading their pictures. The majority of sports photographers generally shoot in JPEG + RAW to preserve an excellent ” adverse” for editing.

Is a full-frame camera preferable for taking pictures of sports?

If all else is equal, an entire-frame camera will produce the best results. However, one benefit of utilizing a crop CMOS camera is that it allows you to use lenses with longer effective focal lengths. While bridge cameras can accomplish astounding focal lengths like 24-2000mm which are difficult to accomplish on a full-frame camera, APS-C cameras can use this to make a 500mm optic into an 800mm lens.

What kind of camera does live sports use?

Sharp Kiyo. Because of its integrated ring light, the Razer Kiyo is the finest camera for broadcasting sports. This webcam features 1080p resolution, 60 frames per second frame rate, and autofocus. The ring light delivers uniform illumination for a professional appearance and is dimmable to various brightness levels.

Can you play sports with the Canon EOS T7?

This is what? The 1/4000s shutter speed of the Canon T7 is quick enough to capture practically all sporting events. It is especially useful when using a fast lens at its widest aperture in direct sunshine. For sports photographers to have a quick shutter speed, a solid high ISO capability is crucial.

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