6 Best Canon Cameras for Travel Photography: (2024 Expert Guide & Reviews)

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Travel strives to promote strong social links, growth possibilities, and a feeling of commitment.

It enables us to fully participate in an activity, acquire new skills, and encounter different cultures.

It aids in our increased self- and other awareness.

Nowadays, everyone else’s life depends on their ability to travel.

By creating memories and taking pictures of their experiences with their cameras, individuals are traveling to the destinations they love, try new things, and cherish them for the rest of their lives. 

The best cameras for this are Canon models because of their superior APS-C sensor’s high resolution.

The LCD makes live-view photography easy, and the focus is superb.

For the same purpose, I’ve also selected one of the top Canon cameras for travel photography.

Here Are My Recommended Top 6 Best Canon Cameras for Travel Photography:

1. EOS M6 Mark II |Best Canon Vlogging Camera for Travel

So I was planning to go to Dubai to surprise my sister on her birthday, and I decided to carry this camera with me and I have to admit it’s the best camera for travel photography as every photo I clicked turned out so good and high quality. 



4.71 x 2.76 x 1.94 inches is how small the Canon EOS M6 Mark II is (without the removable electronic viewfinder).

The camera weighs roughly 14.39 ounces when the SD memory card, as well as battery pack, are added.

The M6 Mark II is sturdy in construction yet lightweight at the time.

Even when using the included Canon EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM kit lens, the setup is still fairly small, specifically when the lens is folded back.

The zoom feature can be locked or unlocked via a tiny button just on the lens barrel.

Once you flip the switch or zoom the lens, you can snap pictures.

If you fail to unlock it, a notification appears on the LCD.


The 3-inch touchscreen on the Canon EOS M6 II is quite precise.

The touch feature can be turned off or adjusted to any of the two sensitivity ranges.

I discovered that the “normal” preset sensitivity was ideal.

The touchscreen can be utilized for menu navigation and setting modifications in addition to touching autofocus or shutter release.

You may swipe between photographs and slide to zoom while in playback mode.

For settings, menus, and playback features, you can utilize hard buttons, but a touchscreen is a more practical option.

However, the M6 II’s touch operation particularly appeals to me because it allows me to select the focus point while utilizing the additional electronic viewfinder (EVF).

What Makes It Best:

The general quality of the images is good.

Although you could also take pictures in the RAW style, JPEGs that are taken from the camera can be used with minimal to no editing.

Albeit with auto-white balancing, skin colors in LED light were effectively portrayed.

The camera’s 32-megapixel sensor nearly ensures that a top-end lens would produce more clarity and improved image quality, even though I only tried the camera using the 15-45mm kit lens and had excellent results.


The Canon EOS M6 Mark II excels as the main camera.

It features everything in a body that is genuinely pocket-sized and comes with a viewfinder if you want one, making it an ideal choice. 

  • Decent picture quality.
  • Quick performance.
  • Simple to use.
  • Lacks an integrated electronic viewfinder.
  • No in-body picture stabilization.

2. EOS 5D Mark IV |Best Canon Camera for Travel Photography

I and my family were looking forward to our scheduled road trip and I brought my “Canon EOS 5D Mark IV” camera, which is the greatest Canon camera for travel photography. 

This gadget is a companion and a need in my trip journals. 

I shot wide-angle photos of the stunning landscapes I witnessed when traveling. 

I won’t need any other cameras if this one is in my bag on t all my trips.

On my tour, I captured a lot of gorgeous photos, and because it’s so lightweight, I can take it literally anywhere. 



It’s excellent gear that works very well in dim lighting. 

This camera has excellent focus. 

Even when I didn’t utilize the flash, the camera produced stunning images with excellent focusing, visibility control, and usability. 

The camera is excellent.  I could capture even the smallest details on a wider scale with its help without pixel deformation or picture blurriness. 

In my job color reproduction is a crucial element.


Skin colors are necessary; however, I always like that all other colors stay genuine to their actual hues. 

It has received extensive aesthetic restoration and displays great tone and color richness retention (24.8 bit). 

I was able to capture enough detail even under the oddest circumstances because of the 13.6 EVF dynamic frequency. 

This is worsened by higher ISO. 

However, I’ve discovered that everything looks nice and is adequate for many digital or medium-sized printouts up to ISO 6400.

What Makes It Best:

The UI of this camera is simple to use. 

I won’t go into detail on how to operate it, what button to click, how much magnification to use, or how to adjust the ISO. 

It includes a manual that provides clear instructions on how to operate it. 

Also, it is lightweight. 

I could take it everywhere I want, making it the most amazing Canon camera for vacation photos.


Even at higher ISO settings, it shoots pictures with a large dynamic range, outstanding color integrity, and no detail loss, which makes it the ideal camera for taking pictures at night.

You will get hooked on this camera after you use it as it is the greatest Canon camera for travel photography, and you’ll feel as if your trips are not fun without it.

  • A good color filter.
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Amazing pixel count.
  • The 4k video is cropped.
  • In-body flash nit included.

3. Canon EOS Rebel T8i |Best Budget Travel Camera

Traveling is one of my favorite pastimes.

One of the best ways to experience the world is to travel over the holidays.

Therefore, I organized a holiday trip to Dubai.

This camera enhanced the joy of my holiday trip by beautifully capturing and displaying the lovely city that was decorated in green, red, and white lights. 

The cutest subjects to capture on the roads were little children wearing adorable elf outfits, toy cars, and regional handicrafts.

I was able to capture photographs that were extremely crystal sharp and clear because of the excellent shutter speed of this camera.


Image Quality:

The 24.1-megapixel resolution, 100 – 25600 ISO, 45-point all-cross-type Autofocus technology, and DIGIC 8 photo processors are all included in the T8i.

It won’t be difficult to capture precise details or rich, true hues in every photo.

This camera can handle portraits, sports, landscapes, and even regular hostel life and rings an amazing vibe to the pictures with its amazing image quality.

What Makes It Best:

When utilizing only the eyepiece, the battery could last approximately 1240 images.

The Double Pixel phase detection Autofocus system of EOS T8i is without a question one of its outstanding features.

It performs well for both pictures and video and is quick and dependable.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that when filming 4K video, only subpar contrast detection Autofocus is available.

  • Impressive battery life.
  • Quick, dependable autofocus.
  • Great picture quality.
  • The build is plasticky.
  • Tiny viewfinder.
  • Video limitations for 4k.

4. Canon EOS 80D |Best Camera to Start Travel Photography

Since the beginning of high school, I have been a fan of Canon.

I’m happy with the camera I purchased to replace my T5i.

I’ve owned this camera for a little over a year and have used it on numerous outings to capture images of wildlife, natural settings, hills, lakes, as well as other fascinating places.

With this equipment, I’ve never been dissatisfied with any of my pictures.

Autofocus is usually quick and precise.

Quick setting changes are possible thanks to the touch display, and it’s great to be able to check and modify settings whilst shooting by staring at the Screen on the upper right of the camera.

It is without a doubt the most amazing camera I’ve ever owned.

The best Canon camera for traveling is this one.

Key Features:


With such a feature-rich, portable SLR that I could carry everywhere, this camera enabled me to advance my photography.

It has a 45-point cross-type Autofocus mechanism that enables quick, accurate AF in practically any lighting condition. 

It captures true colors far more accurately than typical consumer film.


It operates wonderfully as a whole.

The camera has a sense of toughness and elegant design and is straightforward for professional users to utilize.

It features every button I’d anticipate finding on a camera in this category, and Canon’s navigation system still seems to be, in my opinion, among the best ones available right now.

What Makes It Best:

This can focus faster and has a larger battery life. 

Due to the weather-sealed chassis, I can take pictures even when it is raining and wet outside. 

It also has a wide variety of lenses. 

Its excellent JPEG takes images right from the camera.

This is the ideal camera for traveling photography, it provides an excellent live display for photographing as well as focusing (A dual-pixel CMOS sensor is used for focus while in video mode).


With the aid of this camera, I can take photos that are even more detailed and imaginative. 

I can take pictures of any scene I choose with this camera and edit them to look exactly the way I want. 

The Canon EOS 80D has a lot of bulky features while still being nimble. 

As a result, I usually take this little star with me when I visit northern regions.  

  • It is tiny.
  • Has a good battery life.
  • Offers comprehensive view.
  • The AF system is brilliant.
  • Just one card slot.
  • There’s not any 4k video assistance.

5. EOS M50 Mark II |Best Travel Camera Under $800

I enjoy going on adventures with my friends. 

Travelling and discovering new locations are two of my favorite aspects of living an adventurous life. 

We booked a trip to Sydney last year to experience snorkeling, climb through the mountains, and bathe in the falls of Kimberley.

We decided to bring my “Canon EOS M50 Mark II”.

Since this camera ensures you don’t overlook any opportunity to record or capture anything and make the experience worthwhile, I took this camera for my thrilling holiday.

I get the finest video, photo, and powerful graphics quality with this camera.



It touted improved Eye Detect Autofocus (featuring Still/Movie Servo Autofocus interoperability) for even greater object precision as well as Double Pixel CMOS Autofocus for quick, accurate autofocus at the time.

In just a few taps, it can quickly compose the ideal, sharp picture using the EVF with Touch or Drag/Face Tracking features.


The “EOS M50 Mark II 24.1 Megapixel CMOS (APS-C) technology can capture high-resolution images and 4K movies, producing clear and vivid images even in dim light settings.

It is capable of taking pictures with 24200000 pixels that are too full resolution.

You can crop pictures or print them larger without being concerned that the pixel structure will show through.

What Makes It Best:

For travel photography, this “Canon EOS M50 Mark II” camera is appropriate. 

It provides exceptional picture quality and can effectively manage noise at higher ISO settings. 

Additionally, it’s not that small. 

On the other hand, its shooting speed is merely passable. 

With all of these features, this wonderful device is the greatest option for my holiday diary.


As it is the greatest Canon camera for travel photography, nothing surpasses the “Canon EOS M50 Mark II” camera for great action photos and capturing the sharpest motion photographs that fall your way when traveling around in the jeep with your companions.

It makes sure you have wonderful memories of your trip by recording every aspect of your trip and enhancing its performance by adding a flexible travel lens to it.

  • Gives the best quality pictures.
  • Megapixels are great.
  • Manage noise efficiently.
  • No support for USB charging.

6. EOS R10 |Best Canon Compact Camera

I love exploring new locations and photographing amazing scenery as a travel blogger. 

And each time I view those pictures, it makes me think of my happiest moments.

I started planning my vacation to the North, which I thought would be the most magnificent experience of my life, as winter drew near.

I’m also frequently up for some stunning photographs of the outdoors and natural beauty.

I pulled out my “Canon EOS R10,” which I had been using all trip.

For me, that was the most fulfilling aspect of the vacation.

I enjoyed taking pictures of ancient streets, shops, mosques, and even strange tiny food stalls with this camera.

Without a question, it is the best Canon camera for traveling.



Similar to the Canon EOS R7, the EOS R10’s mix of cutting-edge focusing technology and brisk burst-shooting rates are among the most alluring features.

According to Canon’s specifications, the EOS R10 can capture a remarkable 15 frames per second with a mechanical shutter and 23 frames per second with an electronic shutter.

These impressive burst-shooting abilities can be kept up with by the focus of the EOS R10.

Both spectacular and simple to use, the Dual Pixel CMOS AF II arrangement can be found on more sophisticated devices like the pro-Canon EOS R3.

Easy To Use:

The greatest camera available for novices is the Canon EOS R10, which barely beats out the Fujifilm X-S10.

Although the X-S10 has in-body image stabilization and a larger selection of native lenses, the EOS R10 tops the list in our opinion due to the EOS R10’s powerful and easy-to-use autofocus as well as its superior burst shooting.

For beginners, it’s also superior to any DSLR.

What Makes It Best:

Given the price, the EOS R10 burst shooting rates and focusing are worth the extra money if you want to capture moving things.

The EOS R10 has strong video capabilities considering its size and affordability, despite being more suited to still photography than video.

It includes a 4K/60p option in addition to shooting in the original image, oversampled 4K/30p, which is unusual for a cheap APS-C camera (albeit with a 1.56x crop).


One of the greatest cameras available for new photographers is the Canon EOS R10.

Because of its sophisticated focusing technology and excellent handling, this camera is appropriate for all types of lighting conditions. 

  • Excellent autofocus abilities.
  • Quick burst mode.
  • Small and light.
  • The viewfinder is very small.
  • Only one slot for a card.

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