The 8 Best Cameras for Time Lapse: (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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The best cameras for time-lapse videos are worth the hype as they give a unique and exciting performance in a single video.

If you are looking to get one to turn your boring video into a trendy and interesting one, then you have landed on the right spot.

If you are unsure what a time-lapse video does, then the frame rate is expanded out far more when played back at normal speed time appears to be fastened up.

It’s the reality around you but speeded up so that you can review it anytime.

The quick videos look more exciting and unique than other ordinary videos.

For you, we have fetched the most suitable ones that are a piece of art.

So let’s dive into the article about the best time-lapse cameras. 

Here Are The Top Picks | Best Cameras for Time Lapse

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1. Brinno |Best Time Lapse Camera for Videos

I just learned about time-lapse videos when I started working in a studio.

It was a new thing for me.

I learned about them from my clients, who wanted me to shoot time-lapse videos for them.

After leaving that studio, I opened it and started working on it.

A year passed, and everything was ready to start.

One of my friends suggested that I introduce time-lapse shooting as hardly any studios offered such services.

I bought this Brinno time-lapse camera a year ago, and it’s working outstanding.

My clients are satisfied with its results and quality.

Even at night, it’s not hard to shoot a time-lapse video. 


Professionalism/Long Battery Life: 

This fantastic camera has 42 days of battery life.

It helps me capture stunning images in 720p, which adds professionalism to my pictures.

Its innovative technology allows my videos to be shared as a short-term project.

Moreover, I can record for around one and a half months with a 5-minute shooting interval and 4AA batteries.

I can extend its battery by double-using the daily timer to select the hours I must start and stop recording daily. 

Fantastic Image Quality/Video Capturing: 

It features powerful HDR and FHD sensors that help me select lighting to capture videos outdoors and indoors, even if it’s day or night.

I connect interchangeable lenses for CS support to capture environment changes or detailed films for CS support.

Furthermore, the video steps capture small videos at time intervals of my choice and automatically combine short clips in a long video.

The advanced timer allows me to use it when the camera starts to record and when it will return.

It’s perfect for crafts and DIYs. 


In conclusion, this brinno camera works best for time-lapse videos.

Its battery is excellent, with a long life of around two months.

This fantastic camera is easier to install and use than other cameras. 


Brand Brinno
Measurements of the product 2.52 × 2.05 × 4.21 Inches 
Mass of product 12 Ounces
Product Model number TLC200 Pro
Included Batteries A Lithium battery is included
Reasons To Buy
  • Excellent recordings for nighttime.
  • Clear weather enclosures are great.
  • Batteries last for 60 days at least.
  • Articulating lens works the best.
  • No fuss menu.
  • Easy to set up.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Not good at focusing.
  • It’s shaky in the wind.

2. COOAU |Best Waterproof 4K Action Camera for Videos

I bought this COOAU 4k camera for time-lapse videos.

I never had experience with time-lapse videos, but this camera helped me make a perfect video.

It allows me to add professionalism to every image and video.

This incredible camera also helps me capture videos in noisy areas.

Its external and internal microphone makes a great time-lapse video with clear voices.

Also, the best advantage of this camera is it automatically deletes old videos and stores new videos. 


20 Megapixels/Internal And External Microphones:

This professional action camera helps me record 30fps videos and capture 20 megapixels of photos.

It has an advanced chip with seven layers of optical glass lens.

It offers rich-resolution videos and provides me with vivid images for incredible outcomes.

I shoot and share it with my friends.

Moreover, it has an external microphone where it is uncomfortable to pick up the sound because of noise.

So I can have a video with clear sound, even in noisy places.

Its 170 degrees allows the camera to capture more while I capture landscapes. 

Remote Control/2 Inch Display/Different Functions: 

Thanks to its remote control function, I can control my camera from 10 meters away with its remote control.

I press the red button to capture images and click the grey button for recording videos.

I don’t have to hold the camera longer to record videos.

After downloading the application on my smartphone, I can also control my camera from my mobile, review images, and transfer other files.

On the other hand, it features an intelligent anti-shake program in the chip.

So the videos captured have great fluency when playing some extreme sports.

Its big 2.0-inch display makes this operation easy for me.

This camera case is waterproof and made of sturdy material that makes it water resistant.

This fantastic camera covers all the features I need in a camera. 


This camera works best for time-lapse videos because of its unique features.

It perfectly captures 4k videos with images in 20 megapixels.

However, the audio could be more precise in lousy places, but the external microphone helps with it. 


Brand Cooau
Measurements of the product 2.28 x 0.98 x 1.57 Inches 
Mass of product 15.9 Ounces
Product Model number Is SPC06
Batteries 2 lithium ions are required and included 
Lens Type 170 degrees wide angle 
Reasons To Buy
  • Seven layers of optical glass lens for 4k videos and 20-megapixel images.
  • When the card is complete, dash cam mode automatically deletes old videos and saves the newest ones.
  • After setting the intervals, self-timer mode helps the user capture images.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • The audio may not be apparent in loud. 

3. Brinno |Best Security Time Lapse Camera for Construction

I started using this Brinno BCC200 camera for time-lapse videos.

My clients were complaining as they needed these newly featured time-lapse videos.

So this camera helped me a lot with making an excellent video.

Firstly, the battery life for this amazing camera is long-lasting and offers 80 days of battery timing.

Secondly, it’s straightforward to set up and use.

Lastly, this is also weather resistant and can be used in any weather.

It’s the best camera for time-lapse videos. 


Outstanding Battery Life/Time-Lapse Videos:

With 4 AA batteries, it offers 80 days of battery life, which makes it perfect for capturing time-lapse videos.

I can record for more than two months with a single charge.

It helps me cover my entire event nicely.

Furthermore, the video has superior quality, so it’s reliable for small and large projects.

This camera allows me to capture incredible videos in 720 HDR.

To ensure I get everything, its sensor and interchangeable mounts have many options, stop Motion and still photography. 

Easy To Set Up/Safe For Outdoor/Weather Resistance: 

The time-lapse feature is automatic and ready to use.

It features a natural time-lapse function and not a collection of pictures.

Also, this camera is weather-resistant, and its housing unit allows me to use this incredible masterpiece anytime.

For outdoor projects, it’s perfect with rugged and waterproof construction.

The weather-resistant housing case ensures my gear is protected. 


In summary, this camera works best for time-lapse videos.

Thanks to its long-lasting battery life that helps the user shoot videos for a long time on a single charge.

It’s easy to use and set up as compared to other cameras.

Also, this camera is budget-friendly, so if you are on a budget, this one’s for you. 


Brand Brinno
Measurements of the product 3 x 10.5 x 7 Inches
Mass of product 1.3 Pounds
Product Model number BCC200
Batteries 1 lithium metal battery Is required and included 
Reasons To Buy
  • Great battery life.
  • Substantial SD card.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Weatherproof case.
  • Stable mounting Clamp.
  • Pocket friendly.
  • Images and videos have excellent quality.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • The preview screen is of low definition.

4. Insta360 X3 |Best Budget Action Camera for Videos

For time-lapse videos, I always needed an advanced technology camera.

So I chose this Insta360 X3 action camera installed with the best unique technology.

This camera’s design is outstanding, making it stand in the ground.

And as I’m a student too, I needed a budget-friendly camera that worked the best for me.

For such an affordable price, it provided me with various features. 


360 Capturing/48 Megapixels Sensor: 

This X3 camera allows me to capture 360 active HDR Video, so I never take action.

I chose my favorite angle with an easy reframing tool in Insta 360 app.

Its new sensor packs more pixels for precision and sharpness, even at night.

The pictures are captured in 72 megapixels and 8k time-lapses. 

4k Single Lens Mode/Flow State Stabilization/No Third Person View: 

The best option for this camera is to select a lens for shooting at a wide angle, like a single-lens action camera.

High resolution is featured with 4k30fps or a vast 170 degrees field of view.

It looks stunning as first-person view footage.

Moreover, the flow state stabilization and horizon leveling algorithms are featured together for smooth videos.

Also, it does not require a Selfie stick.

The 360 lens with this camera makes the selfie stick invisible for drone-like results. 


This camera works best for time-lapse videos.

It’s an incredible design and high-quality footage helps it stand in the crowd.

It works best for high-quality videos as compared to other cameras.

However it’s a little tricky to use, but it works best when you know about it. 


Brand Insta 360
Measurements of the product 9.45 x 27.17 x 0.98 Inches
Mass of product 6.3 Ounces
Product Model number Is CINSAAQ/B
Batteries 1 lithium polymer battery is required 
Reasons To Buy
  • Remarkable packaging.
  • Exquisite Design.
  • Superb fabrication.
  • Affordable price.
  • High-quality footage.
  • 8k time-lapse mode for incredible content.
  • MeMode for removing keyframing. 
Reasons Not To Buy
  • A little tricky to use. 

5. Fujifilm |Best Mirrorless Camera for Time-Lapse Videos

Last year I bought this Fujifilm X-T4 mirrorless camera at my friend’s recommendation.

I never thought I would fall in love with this camera.

The stability and high-quality performance it offers are incredible among all cameras.

The result of the images and videos makes this camera worth buying. 


Impressive Stability/Fantastic Performance: 

Selecting the right place is the most significant to get high-quality images and videos.

It helps me get handheld photos.

It features five-axis image stabilization that makes sure to get a stabilized image.

Even in the midst, my images remain steady and clear.

Furthermore, as some photographers need tools to add professionalism to their work, this camera features a mechanical shutter that is the quickest and most robust in this X series.

Not only this, but it can also capture 15 frames in a second.

Combining it with the large capacity battery can capture 600 frames with a single charge.

It has the power and durability for peace of mind. 

Finding The Best Angle/Movement: 

When clicking an excellent photo, versatility is the key, so the most important thing for this is angles.

The 1.62 million vari-angle Touchable LCD can be adjusted to make it visible in various positions.

It not only provides a high-quality display but also provides speedy controls.

On the other hand, when I need to minimize the light and distractions that a display can create.

That’s why it has a foldable display, wholly hidden from view.

This unique image maker blurs the lines between photo shoots and video recordings, and this camera has been constructed to ensure hybrid creativity.

With a simple flick, movie mode is activated, which means this camera can record professional style and slow-motion videos. 


In summary, this camera works best for time-lapse videos.

Its lightweight and compact body helps the user carry it anywhere.

Plus, it has a variety of features that are featured in other cameras.

However, the autofocus for this camera must be improved, but it works well for time-lapse videos. 


Brand Fujifilm
Measurements of the product 6.01 x 5.3 x 3.65 Inches
Mass of product 1.84 Pounds
Product Model number ‎X-T4 XF16-80mm Kit – Black
Batteries A lithium metal battery required  
Reasons To Buy
  • Compact body with a wide range of features.
  • ergonomics make it easy to switch up my settings when needed.
  • The fully articulating screen is a great addition.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Autofocus is not good.

6. OLYMPUS IV |Best Digital Camera Under $850

I used this Olympus OM-D digital camera for time-lapse videos.

I never thought this camera would be this much beneficial for me.

The flip-down LCD is an advanced function in this camera that gets activated for selfie mode.

It’s the best time-lapse camera. 


MOS Sensor/Foldable Monitor: 

The 20-megapixel live MOS sensor comes with always-on connectivity and background connectivity with the help of Bluetooth application, and OI shares mobile phones.

Moreover, the foldable monitor and selfie mode is featured for easy picture capturing.

When I flip the monitor, selfie mode is automatically activated. 

Image Stabilization/16 Art Filters: 

This incredible piece also has image stabilization in the five-axis body capable of 4.5 steps of shutter speed compensation.

Furthermore, It also has 16 art filters that include new instant movies. 


This camera works best for time-lapse videos.

Its improved autofocus focuses on the subject quickly and blurs out the background.

The flip-down display is another unique feature in this camera that helps it stand out from various cameras. 


Brand Olympus
Measurements of the product ‎4.8 x 2.6 x 3.3 Inches
Mass of product 1.1 Pounds
Product Model number ‎Is V207132SU000
Batteries A lithium-ion battery required  
Reasons To Buy
  • Improved continuous autofocus.
  • Flip down the LCD and selfies.
  • USB charging.
  • Better low-light viewfinder.
  • Updated Olympus image share application.
  • Great autofocus.
  • Compact and portable design.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • No instruction manual.

7. Canon |Best DSLR Camera for Time Lapse Videos

I started to use this Canon EOS 250D DSLR camera for time-lapse videos.

Its package includes a variety of items in it and has lots of features included.

The unique image processors and the touchable display are particular for this camera as it’s not featured in most cameras. 


Package Includes/Digital Image Processor: 

This DSLR camera package includes a battery, a charger, a lens cap and body cap, a neck strap, and a lens cleaning cloth.

It also features a DIGIC 8 image processor with a touchable 3-inch large display.

The time-lapse videos are provided in 4k quality with 4k video recording.

Also, the dual-pixel autofocus focuses on the subject and blurs out the back, which looks like high-quality video. 

WiFi Connectivity/Scene Modes: 

WiFi allows me to share images and movies when linked to mobile phones.

The Bluetooth connectivity will enable me to connect to a smartphone to share photos between devices quickly.

On the other hand, the scene modes include portrait, soft skin, group pictures, landscape, sports, HDR backlight control, and more to give high-performance images and videos. 


This camera is the best for time-lapse videos.

It’s a lightweight and compact DSLR that can be taken anywhere.

It’s simple with adequate controls.

The screen is touchable and convenient to use.

However, the body is a little thicker than mirrorless cameras. 


Brand Canon
Measurements of the product 4.82 x 2.75 x 3.65 Inches
Mass of product 1.05 Pounds
Product Model number Canon EOS 250D /Rebel SL3
Batteries A lithium-ion battery required  
Reasons To Buy
  • Lightweight and portable as a DSLR.
  • Excellent quick autofocus response.
  • Vari angle touchable display.
  • Easy but speedy controls.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Only nine autofocus points in viewfinder shooting.
  • Healthier body than a mirrorless camera.
  • The Four-way pad is relatively small.

8. Sony a7 III |Best Full-frame Mirrorless  Camera with 3-Inch LCD

Last year I bought this Sony a7 III mirrorless camera for time-lapse videos.

Its unique features make sure to get a high-quality image and video.

It stays overheated when I use it for long-time-lapse videos like other cameras.

The advanced image sensor has an illuminated back that helps me record videos even at night.

However, it’s tricky to track faces while using an external recorder. 


Advanced Image Sensor/Dynamic Range:

It has an advanced 24.2 megapixels image sensor for full frame with 1.8x readout speed.

It also has a back-illuminated 24.2-megapixel full-frame image.

This camera also has 15 15-stop dynamic range with a 14-bit uncompressed RAW that features ISO 50 to 204,800, for around ten fps silent and mechanical shutter with autofocus tracking. 

Phase Detection/Sensor Type: 

This incredible camera has 693 phase detection with 425 contrast autofocus points.

It gives me 93% image coverage in high quality.

This package includes all the accessories required for the use of a camera.

The type of sensor used is full frame with Exmor R CMOS sensor. 


In conclusion, this camera is the best for time-lapse videos.

Its recording abilities of dual cards make it a perfect match for time-lapse videos.

It does not get overheated like other cameras.

Also, it has a bright and beautiful monitor to show everything perfectly done. 


Brand Sony
Measurements of the product 5 x 3.88 x 3 Inches
Mass of product 1.44 Pounds
Product Model number Is ILCE7M3K/B
Batteries A lithium-ion required   
Reasons To Buy
  • Dual card recording ability, dual writing ability.
  • HLG colour space, no overheating.
  • Bright and Beautiful monitor, focus peaking, customizable buttons, uncompressed RAW photo capability.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • The EVF is not calibrated color-wise to match the display screen on the back of the camera.
  • No face tracking while using an external recorder AND recording in Camera.

Buying Guide: 

Low Light Performance:

Time-lapse at night can create exciting videos and images, especially when you integrate stars and the trails they leave as they move across the sky in front of an open camera shutter.

Recording in the dark also adds a fantastic effect, and choosing a low-light body performs.

You don’t have to buy a camera with maximum ISO.

You must get a camera with clean and soft noise images at reasonable rates. 

Battery Timing:

Time-lapse shooting is challenging on a camera’s battery life.

Your battery must last long to cover your entire shoot.

At the same time, many cameras get power through USB, so you can’t rely on setting them from a power bank or other source. 


Do you need a special camera for time-lapse video? 

You don’t have to purchase a significant camera for time lapses.

You can use any device you have. Even mobile phones have this feature.

However, your camera type can affect how you record videos. 

Is a go pro good for time-lapse? 

Consider using these GoPro time-lapse settings if you add cool visual effects to your videos.

Time-lapse photography and videography can create a unique and exciting look for your footage.

It’s easy to shoot with a GoPro. 

What are your thoughts on them?

Are there any cameras you used for time-lapse that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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