Best 4k Cameras Under $500: (2024 Reviews & Buying Guide)

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Photography is a career opted for by different photographers.

Joseph Nicephore Niepce captured the best photographs and was the first-ever photographer.

The best 4k cameras under $500 are worth the hype as they give the best quality results.

If you want to turn your boring videos into trendy and good-quality ones, you have landed at the right spot.

If you need clarification on what a 4k camera is, it provides us with the best quality videos.

The 4k quality provides the best quality for videos that leaves the videos in wondrous motion.

For you, we have fetched the most suitable ones that are a piece of art, so let’s dive into the article to learn more about budget-friendly cameras.

Which are the Best 4k Cameras Under $500?

Here Are The Top Picks | Best 4k Cameras Under $500 

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1. LUMIX G7KS |Best Mirrorless Camera Under $500

I opened a photography training center near my house.

As a beginner, to start my business, I needed tools while staying within my budget.

So I decided to get a camera of good quality and budget-friendly.

I went to the market and found the best option for me.

This camera fits my budget perfectly.

It also features 4k technology to enhance the picture quality.

The quality of the images was so professional and worth every penny.

The memory, however, was less for me, but I managed with it after buying a new memory card.


Next-Generation Mirrorless Camera:

I capture pictures in this Panasonic Lumix built on a new generation of mirrorless cameras.

It has a compact and lightweight design.

I produce excellent-quality images and videos with a 16-megapixel image processor. 

4k Photos/4k Recording: 

Its fast shutter helps me capture my special moments with 4k photo technology.

I pause the videos with 4k video technology whenever I have to stop the video, and it lets me extra a picture from the video.

Moreover, four times more pixels are provided by 4k video technology for fantastic video capturing when I capture a full HD video.

The videos captured with this camera provide me with high-quality definitions and sharp details compared to an ordinary camcorder. 

4k Modes/Intuitive Controls: 

I have got three modes for 4k technology.

The 4k burst is for capturing images in continuous motion with continuous shooting.

The 4k burst helps me start and stop the burst while I’m capturing the view.

On the other hand, its intuitive controls make this product unique.

I can easily hold this camera as it is smaller and lightweight.

However, it still gave me easy and intuitive access to standard settings.

It lets me easily control the rear and front dials’ opening and closing settings.  


Its unique features, including compatibility, easy use, OLED display, and intuitive button for convenient operation, make this camera a perfect pick for beginners. 


Brand Panasonic
Product Measurements  4.92 x 3.03 x 3.39 Inches
Product Mass 14.4 Ounces
Product Model Number DMC-G7KS 
Batteries  1 Lithium ion required 
Reasons To Buy
  • Intuitive buttons for easy operation.
  • 16-megapixel sensor to produce high-quality images.
  • 4k video technology for high-definition and crisp images.
  • Compatible with all types of lenses.
  • Easy to use and operate.
  • 3 inches OLED display for a clear view.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Difficult to change the shutter speed.
  • No memory card included. 

2. DJI |Best Waterproof Action Camera

Last year I started vlogging on YouTube.

I started using my mobile phone, but later it stopped capturing good-quality videos.

One of my friends suggested that I get a 4k camera.

At that time, I did not have much to get a camera.

So I started scrolling on social media and came across this DJI OSMO camera.

This camera turned out to be so perfect.

It makes sure to provide me with smooth and incredible top-quality videos.

However, the image quality of this camera must be improved, but the video quality is excellent.

Also, the audio provided is outstanding.

It’s the best budget-friendly 4k camera. 


Top-Level Images/Soft, Incredible:

With this incredible camera, I enjoy a detailed 4k clarity and vast 155 degrees that help me capture every screen perfectly.

Also, I use this camera when I’m skydiving or cycling on bumpy terrain.

Its unique feature horizon steadily helps me keep things soft and leveled to capture images and videos even in these wild rides. 

Battery Life/Vertical Mounting:

Its battery is mind-blowing, with a life of 160 minutes.

It can also last 150 minutes when I continuously record videos at -0.4.

However, action 3 helps me use this camera anywhere I want to without worrying.

Moreover, it lets me mount action 3, ensuring protection with a quick-release mounting design.

It can either be used vertically. 

Diving/Touch Screen: 

The action three feature is waterproof, and I can dive for up to 52.2 ft without any extra accessories.

It lets me dive profoundly and explore underwater easily.

Also, its double touch screen has a hydrophobic coating that helps me blog easily, capture selfies, and enjoy clear and sharp images even if my hands are wet. 


Its 360 horizon rotation makes it a unique product for vlogging.

The audio quality it provides is outstanding.

However, the videos must be captured in more light to avoid inconvenience.


Product Measurements  2.78 x 1.74 x 1.29 Inches
Product’s Weight 3.87 ounces
The Model Number of The Product AC00 
Batteries  1 Lithium Polymer Required 
Resolution For Video 4k
Lens Type Zoom
Reasons To Buy
  • Quick release monitoring.
  • 360-horizon leveling.
  • Amazing audio quality. 
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Image quality has to be improved.
  • Not good image quality in less light. 

3. Ricoh Theta |Best 360 Camera with 4k Video

I started using a Ricoh Theta 4k camera last year as I was on a budget.

I never thought it would produce such fantastic quality images and videos.

I started using this camera when I started my photography career, and it did an excellent job.

4k films and 4k image technology help me capture the images and videos in cinematic quality.

The pictures it captures are stabilized and clear.

I was looking for a budget-friendly camera, so It’s the best 4k camera under $500. 


High-Quality Images/4k Films:

I record still images and videos in 360-degree rotation with high resolution and precise image detailing.

It helps me capture 4k videos at 360-degree angles.

Its stabilization technology captures stabilized images. 

Night Vision/Lens Exposure:

Its preset modes help me record incredible night views with less noise in a wide dynamic range.

I use face detection features for beautiful portraits.

Its new preset mode helps me control AE and AWB independently for front and rear cameras with extreme differences. 

Speedy Data Transferring/Design:

Compared to this camera’s previous model, the speed for transferring data has been drastically improving.

Moreover, the compact design of this camera helps me hold this camera easily.

It comes in four colors with a thin, light body that optimizes internal components with an optical system. 


This 4k camera is the best budget-friendly camera under $500.

The life of this incredible camera is long, and it’s easy to use with a versatile design.

It’s a little pricey for some people, but people with a low budget would love to buy it.

For such an affordable price, it provides high-quality images and videos. 


Brand Ricoh 
Product Measurements  5.14 x 0.9 x 1.78 Inches
Product’s Weight 3.52 ounces 
Products Model Number THETA SC2 – WHITE
Batteries  1 Lithium Polymer Required 
Video Resolution 1080p,4k 
Types Of Lens Fish’s Eye
Reasons To Buy
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Pretty durable.
  • Easy to use and versatile.
  • Capture clear images.
  • Great hardware.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Hard to use without a tripod.

4. Insta360 X3 |Best Action Camera Under $500

As I love to capture nature, I needed a budget-friendly camera.

I tried to find many options but finally got this incredible camera.

This was the best option for capturing nature.

The AI tools in this camera help me capture the birds in the sky in high quality.

I can even capture stars seen in the images at night.

Its stabilization mode helps me capture the stars or birds moving. For such a fantastic price, this camera has incredible quality. 


AI Tools/Dual Sensors:

This fantastic camera helps me capture active videos in HDR so that I never miss any action or event.

It lets me choose my favorite angle with easy reframing tools in AI-powered Insta 360 applications.

Furthermore, this camera packs more pixels for a clear image or video, even in less light.

I can capture 72-megapixel photos, 8K time intervals, and more. 

Lens Functions/Stabilization:

It helps me select a lens to capture wide-angle images and videos as a one-lens camera.

I capture with the highest resolution in 4K30fps or a vast 170-degree view with 2.7 thousand MaxView.

My first-person images never look that good.

Also, it offers me smooth and clear images with flow state stabilization and horizon leveling algorithms that come together. 

Impossible Third-Person View: 

It never ruins my eyes with an ordinary selfie stick.

Its rotating lens completely disappears selfie sticks from my shots for impossible images that are the same as drones or third-party perspectives. 


It’s the best 4k action camera for under $500.

The images it provides are of high quality with excellent stabilization.

The videos and images are captured in stabilized motion.

It provides the user with high resolution.

Though the lens can easily damage the camera’s settings, it does not matter if you keep checking it. 


Brand Insta360 
Product Measurements  4.49 x 0.91 x 1.81 Inches
Product’s Weight 6.3 ounces
Products Model Number CINSAAQ/B
Batteries  1 Lithium Polymer Required 
Reasons To Buy
  • Amazing quality pictures.
  • Great stabilization.
  • The software is easy to use.
  • Reasonable price.
  • Nice resolution. 
Reasons Not To Buy
  • The lens is easy to damage the settings of the camera.
  • Tech support is not great. 

5. Panasonic ZS80 |Best 4k Digital Camera for Videos 

I used this Lumix ZS80 for my client’s shoot.

It was my first time shooting with a 4k camera.

It’s not heavy on the pocket and provides the best quality images and videos.

The image stabilization feature helps me capture the portraits clearly with sharp pixels.

For this small amount, it’s not a wrong choice.

Its large display lets me see everything clearly and improves my visualization. 


Large Sensor/VARIO-ELMAR Lens:

It helps me capture a high-resolution 3-megapixel MOS sensor that improves less-light performance by quickly enlarging the view light angle, ensuring uniformity, and providing high-quality images.

It has a 0.945 30-times wide-angle telephoto lens. 

Image Stabilization/4k Video/Large Screen:

This incredible camera has an optical image stabilizer that effectively distributes hand vibration to lessen blur during telephoto camera capturing with my LUMIX camera.

Moreover, it helps me capture images using 4k photo mode to capture shooting opportunities at 30 fps as still photos.

It has a large 0.21-inch viewer and a 180-degree tilting touch control detector. 


Its unique features, including stabilization, high-resolution sensor, large display, and sharp wide-angle lens, help the user capture the picture according to their needs.

The quality of the images and videos is mind-blowing.

Its battery life is a little less, but you can manage with it. 


Brand Panasonic
Product Measurements  1.64 x 4.41 x 2.71 Inches
Mass Of The Product 1 pound
Products Model Number DC-ZS80K
Batteries  1 Lithium Required 
Reasons To Buy
  • MOS high-resolution sensor offering good low-light images.
  • 3-inch large display.
  • It comes with a sharp wide, angle 30x telephoto lens.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Less battery life. 

6. Insta360 |Best Affordable Waterproof 4k Camera

For a long time, I needed to update my camera as my clients started complaining about the low quality of the pictures.

But I needed a lighter budget to buy an expensive camera.

I got so tense about this problem as my clients started to leave for another photographer.

While walking, I came across this Insta360 RS twin addition.

This camera did an excellent job.

My clients were delighted with the quality of the images.

It has a compact size so that I can carry it anywhere.

It’s the best budget-friendly camera. 


4k Boost Lens/Flow State Stabilization:

I get two-in-one cameras in a single Insta360, one for Rs.

It lets me change between the updated 4k boost lens for amazingly detailed videos at wide angles, and the 360 lenses for endless unique possibilities.

Moreover, it offers smooth image stabilization, and the lens does not matter.

The RS core delivers flow state stabilization in the camera when I pair it with wide-angle lenses.

It does not need editing.   

Widescreen Videos/Invisible Selfie Stick:

Its new sensor helps me capture crisp 48 megapixels images with detailed 6k comprehensive display videos and short HDR action videos.

It never lets me worsen the view with a selfie stick.

Also, its 360-rotating lens makes the selfie stick invisible, disappearing from the images captured for impossible drone-like videos and third-party perspectives. 


It can be easily operated with a great touch screen.

The pictures are captured with excellent stabilization.

Also, its compact design makes it easier to carry. 


Brand Insta360
Product Measurements  3.11 x 1.85 x 2.2 Inches
Mass Of The Product 5.7 ounces
Model Number CINRSGP/A
Batteries  1 Lithium Required 
Unique Features 6k wide display mode, active HDR, flow state image stabilization, time-lapse 
Reasons To Buy
  • Multi-lens compatible.
  • Compact size.
  • Outstanding stabilization.
  • Easy to use.
  • Nice touch screen.
  • The unique case design is easily carried inside and out.
  • Great for editing.
  • No memory card error.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Low resolution 360 exported.
  • 4k lens is not replaceable. 

7. Tough TG-6 |Best Underwater Camera for photos

My clients needed 4k quality images and videos, so I had to get this.

Its excellent resolution and battery life make this worthwhile.

It provided me with high-quality pictures and videos for such an affordable price.

Though it does not have a touch screen, it’s easy to operate and captures the best pictures. 



I use this fantastic camera underwater as it’s water resistant for 49.2 ft, dustproof, shockproof for 6.9 ft, crush, freeze, and anti-fog.

Also, it has a high-resolution F2.0 lens with a maximum 8x zoom to capture a perfect detailed picture.

The CMOS image sensor has an illuminated back that helps me see even in the dark. 

Modes/Battery Life: 

Its variable macrosystem has four macro shooting functions to extend shooting up to 1 centimeter from the end of the lens.

Also, it has five shooting modes for underwater, including an underwater microscope with three underwater white balance modes so that I can use it underwater too.

Furthermore, I can record 4k videos with high-speed HD movies.

The battery life lets me capture 340 images in around 50 minutes. 


In summary, it’s the best 4k Cheap camera for under $500.

It provides the user with WiFi connectivity and a waterproof body that can be used anywhere.

For this affordable price, it provides the best quality images and videos.


Brand Olympus
Product Measurements  2.6 x 4.4 x 1.3 Inches
Mass Of The Product 9 Ounces
Model Number Olympus TG-6 Red
Batteries  1 Lithium Required 
Reasons To Buy
  • Rough, waterproof construction.
  • Additional lenses with macro lights.
  • Clear rear display.
  • Wide aperture lens.
  • 4k video.
  • WiFi connectivity. 
Reasons Not To Buy
  • No touch display.
  • LCDs can get scrapes and scratches.
  • Video features lag behind action cameras.
  • WiFi app gives spammy notifications. 

8. SX740 |Best Compact Camera for Beginners 

One of my friends gifted me this Canon PowerShot digital camera on my birthday.

I never expected such good results from this camera.

Its optical zoom helps me capture videos and images from a distance.

The 4k and 4k images help me capture the videos in perfect motion.

Also, it has WiFi technology and an image processor that lets me capture videos and can be transferred anywhere.

It’s the best 4k digital camera on a budget.  


Optical Zoom/Focus Ranges:

Its powerful optical zoom of 40 times and visual image stabilization helps me capture images and videos with perfect details.

It also offers zoom frame assistance that zooms the view as I want. 

It also has a 4k video and a 4k time-lapse to capture the video in perfect motion. 

WiFi Technology/Image Processor: 

This incredible camera also has WiFi technology and Bluetooth, so I transfer my pictures onto my mobile phone whenever I want to.

Also, its 20.3 megapixels CMOS sensor helps me get a unique style picture.

The DIGIC image processor and Tiltable large 3.0-inch display get amazing pictures for me.

Its continuous shooting feature captures videos at 7.4 fps with a function assistant. 


Its Tiltable LCD screen, 4k video, image stabilization, and manual exposure controls help the user capture a perfect video and picture.

If you are on a budget, this is the best camera. 


Brand Canon
Product Measurements  7.46 x 5.47 x 5.26 Inches
Mass Of The Product 10.5 Ounces
Model Number SX740
Batteries  1 Lithium Required 
Reasons To Buy
  • 40x zoom image stabilisation.
  • Automatic and manual exposure controls.
  • 180 degrees Tiltable LCD.
  • 4k video.
Reasons Not To Buy
  • No viewfinder.
  • Limited low light performance/ISO.
  • Results could be better at the longest points of the lens. 

9. HERO11 |Best Action Camera with Ultra HD Video

I have been using this GoPro waterproof camera for capturing videos and images.

It helps me get high-quality images for such an affordable price.

The images and videos are produced in high resolution.

However, it’s a little pricier than its rivals but gives its best output. 


Image Sensor/Incredible Image Quality:

I get a comprehensive view with this hero camera.

It gives me a vast display to capture my creativity of the sky and horizon in every shot.

Also, I can zoom, crop my pictures, replace digital lenses, maintain aspect ratios, and much more while maintaining the images’ beautiful texture and clarity.

Thanks to its 5.3k technology, that helps me achieve 91% more resolution than 4k.

It also helps me capture sharp detailing in cinematic quality. 

High Resolution/HyperSmooth Stabilization: 

Its new image sensor boosts the resolution of my pictures to 27 megapixels with 5.3K video.

It gives a smooth and stunning picture in 24.7 megapixels.

Additionally, it records the movies in 2.7k240 that can be played in 8x slomo and can not be seen at an average speed.

Moreover, the HyperSmooth stabilization incredibly fluid my images with software.

Its new image sensor and auto boost help me get maximum stabilization with image clipping. 


This is the best 4k waterproof action camera under budget.

It makes sure to capture images and videos with perfect stabilization.

Also, the image sensor boosts maximum stabilization with image flipping. 

However, it’s tricky to capture in low light, but for good light, it’s the best camera.


Brand GoPro
Product Measurements  2.64 x 1.34 x 1.85 Inches
Mass Of The Product 1 Pound
Model Number CHDHX – 111 – CN
Batteries  1 Lithium Polymer Required 
Reasons To Buy
  • Larger 8:7 image sensor.
  • Amazing stabilization.
  • 360-degree horizon lock. 
Reasons Not To Buy
  • Not good in low light.

10. SX540 |Best Cheap 4k Camera for Photography 

I did not expect much from this camera, but its unique features gave me the best results.

The stabilization feature makes sure to capture stabilized videos and images.

My clients love the result of this camera as it does not damage the pixels.

It’s the best 4k camera. 


Optical Stabilization Sensor/Hybrid Auto:

Its powerful 50x optical zoom has an image stabilizer for mind-blowing optical performance.

I get images in 20.3 megapixels with the DIGIC 6 image processor that improves the quality of the images even if the light is too low.

Moreover, the hybrid auto allows me to record the video for four seconds before I capture every image.

It automatically combines each clip and gives a quick summary of the day. 

WiFi Connectivity/Large Display:

The integrated WiFi and NFC allow me to share and transfer my images or videos anywhere quickly.

It also helps me capture spectacular HD videos from 1080p to 60p.

On the other hand, its zoom framing assistance has a lock button option to quickly and accurately recognize the subject.

It has a large 3-inch LCD screen that improves my visualization even from a large angle. 


In conclusion, it’s the best 4k camera for under $500.

The wireless WiFi and NFC technology give a unique and sharp picture.

It does not have a touch screen, but it’s easy to operate.

Also, the videos it provides are in full HD.


Brand Canon
Product Measurements  1.85 x 4.7 x 3.2 Inches
Mass Of The Product 15.6 Ounces
Model Number 1067C001 
Batteries  1 Lithium Required 
Reasons To Buy
  • Wireless WiFi.
  • NFC connectivity.
  • Image stabilization.
  • Full HD video.
  • Face detection.
  • High-resolution sensor.
  • Manual exposure. 
Reasons Not To Buy
  • No articulating screen.
  • No external flash shoe.
  • No touch screen. 

Buying Guide: 

Here are some of the things that you must keep in mind while purchasing the camera for under $500. 


The design of the camera is an essential thing when selecting.

Some cameras have a more attractive design than others.

The type of picture you are capturing will be a factor for the camera you purchase.

If you have to take portraits with cameras, the camera must have a longer lens, allowing you to shoot in low light without overexposing the images. 

Sensor Size:

The camera sensor size is the essential factor in determining the quality of the image.

There are many sizes; 10x and 16x are the most popular.

The image sensor must be large enough to produce suitable light. 

Video Quality: 

If the video quality is something you think about when buying a camera, then you must think about the resolution and frame rate of the video.

The frame rate determines whether your video looks choppy or not while the resolution is clear it is.

High resolution is essential if you plan to do video recording with your camera. 

Is 4k good for a camera? 

You will get sharp and detailed videos in 4k.

There’s no loss of detail while zooming or copping 4k media.

It gives excellent and flexible editing.

4k video looks crisp and detailed when screenshotted so that you can get high-quality photos from your video feed.  

Is a 4k camera better than a 2k? 

In general, the higher the resolution, the better the quality of the image.

4k cameras offer high-quality images compared to 2k cameras.

These cameras are the very high end of surveillance video quality with high resolution. 

Are any 4k cameras under $500 used that I haven’t highlighted in this article?

Kindly drop your comments below.

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